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  1. Working on the 5140. Drained the hytran and when I pulled the plug on the pto case this fell out. Looks like a connecting shaft from between two yokes. M10 or abit smaller 6 inches long. Any ideas. 

    Thanks, John 



  2. I purchased a 2208 on auction time a few years back fo 4500. Replaced knives and added stainless patches where the ears hit on poly for $2000 and have a good head with hydraulic deck plates the old 883 was wore out. The poly dividers will wear thin where the corn ears hit and crack out the poly in time. 


  3. On my 5240 the forward solenoid was partially shorted out and melted the fuse block. Use a digital ohm  meter and check the resistance of the forward and reverse solenoids and you’ll know which is bad. 


  4. Location location location. In the more colder and more hotter climates I’d say you’d be adjusting tension by season if your fairly moderate no so much. 

    But I’ve been drinking 


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  5. As for the cylinder you should still be able to disassemble and replace everything from the piston end even though the yoke is welded on. 

    Have rebuilt a few 496’s and they’ve always been a challenge but good disks in the rite soil types. In my heavy clay they were hit and miss.  Best I found was the kongskill vertical till  serated disks, enough weight to put it in the ground yet enough tires to keep it out  

    Ymmv, John 

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