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  1. Thx guys. I’ll open it up and see if anything else is wrong. Will report back John
  2. Yes black end is plastic looks like the remnants of a tie rod end or yoke. John
  3. Working on the 5140. Drained the hytran and when I pulled the plug on the pto case this fell out. Looks like a connecting shaft from between two yokes. M10 or abit smaller 6 inches long. Any ideas. Thanks, John
  4. I purchased a 2208 on auction time a few years back fo 4500. Replaced knives and added stainless patches where the ears hit on poly for $2000 and have a good head with hydraulic deck plates the old 883 was wore out. The poly dividers will wear thin where the corn ears hit and crack out the poly in time. John
  5. On my 5240 the forward solenoid was partially shorted out and melted the fuse block. Use a digital ohm meter and check the resistance of the forward and reverse solenoids and you’ll know which is bad. John
  6. You’d think it was the zombie virus not something simple like corona. I’m stocking up on 12ga shells just in case. John
  7. Hey just gotta remember that marriage is a wonderful institution. But then again so was Alcatraz. J
  8. Gee j get all over the general site. J
  9. Location location location. In the more colder and more hotter climates I’d say you’d be adjusting tension by season if your fairly moderate no so much. But I’ve been drinking John
  10. Had a buddy for years used two hay wagons as deck out the patio doors of his house. Crude but functional John
  11. Great work. Like myself you gotta love those DeWalt 20 volt tools. Best of luck with the surgery John
  12. If your in that deep replace the fuel line from sender to lift pump. They are known to crack and cause issues along with the screen. John
  13. When your ready shot me a pm and a number Thanks,John
  14. Weapon

    820 head

    May not have to move much. A lot of the electrical heads still had the mechanical parts our atleast a portion of them. John
  15. Confucius say woman who puts man in doghouse soon find him in cathouse. John
  16. Confucius also say woman who fly plane upside down have crack up. John
  17. The boy’s as useful as a screen door on a submarine. John
  18. In god we trust all others pay cash. John
  19. As for the cylinder you should still be able to disassemble and replace everything from the piston end even though the yoke is welded on. Have rebuilt a few 496’s and they’ve always been a challenge but good disks in the rite soil types. In my heavy clay they were hit and miss. Best I found was the kongskill vertical till serated disks, enough weight to put it in the ground yet enough tires to keep it out Ymmv, John
  20. If you are going to convert it I might be interested in the engine John
  21. If filter is full of fuel then it’s plugged. Had 300 Cummins diesels that where like that. Your stumbling is likely due to carb or tuning. Ymmv, John
  22. Weapon

    83 5088

    $0.74 of your dollars would cover one of ours. John
  23. Prime rib Friday with tatters and roasted root veggies. Of course oysters, cheese and raw veggies for appetizers. Won’t mention desert. John
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