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  1. Weapon

    Where`d he go?

    My plan is to be carried by six. Two tall 4 short. Guess who’ll carry the weight and be my least best buds. John
  2. But is a snowmobile engine really built for summer temps. John
  3. JMech just can’t help himself. John
  4. I was as a young child told that the offsets where because the surveyor took a nip and staggered off line. John
  5. Diatomaceous Earth is an allowable additive to grain for preservation in an organic regime. John
  6. Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into it closer. John
  7. My 5240 seems to be making oil. The crankcase is over full and it is not diesel or antifreeze. Could I be getting trans oil in by way of a bad engine seal. Any ideas would be appreciated John
  8. I’m not gonna ride it all day long. John
  9. Weapon

    What is it

    I thought it’s shoting sticks. Set your height lay the barrel in the v and let happen captain. But according to my family I’m a kinder gun crazy guy. John-I’m Jim. LOL
  10. Be careful using the high speed pulley setup. My 1020 had it, didn’t realize it and pretty near vibrated the head to death. When I talked to the dealer about my head issues after spending a bunch of money in repairs they said “oh you got the high speed pulley they’re known to do damage”. Gee thanks for the info. John
  11. If you where to go the drill press route just by a good bimetal holesaw for the larger dia hole then drill the second hole to the sensor size. John
  12. Anybody got the part number for those seals. Got some on a shelf but not sure what they fit. John
  13. Reaching for his conceal carrier weapon. John
  14. Shoot shovel shut up quickly before someone can start recording. So where’s the don’t kill whitey protests. John
  15. Weapon


    Not to be cheeky. But wait till you got to get into the internals. Looks like a worthy project. John
  16. Two things. Diesel shop has rebuilds in stock in USA. Go on website or call. You’ll need your part number off the pump and at same time replace your lift pump. Did my 240 totally different machine. E me if you need more help. John
  17. As far I’m concerned those side lights are to show where you been or where your going on MFD. Set them almost 90 deg out each side. Mount two lights on the weight bracket at 45 deg if your going LED you won’t have to run a separate circuit just branch into to your front lights. That’s how mine swings John
  18. To bad. I’ve a set of front and rear tires on rim setting in the shed. Came off my 5140 to switch out to 14.9-46. If it wasn’t for covid-19 I’d load and hop the border and deliver to you. John
  19. Seems some will go to the duplicate post chose edit and delete the text. They then will type sorry duplicate and resave. I believe only the moderator can delete or move posts. John
  20. If you can see that well in to the cylinder bore look at the top of the pistons. Mine said 0.030 which is the max over bore for those blocks. John
  21. Had some 490’s and one would cut deep in the centre and one cut lite. Found that the lite one needed weight in the centre cause the wings cutting would push the centre up. Could never get the linkage set right to make it cut even. Added 600 lbs to middle and things worked out great. John
  22. The old dozers and other equipment had what was called 3 man seats. The construction crews would ride in to the job site with the operator and ride out at end of shift. So I’ve been told, John
  23. I had one years ago. Just put a 3ft mast in the ctr of the cult and put a boat winch at the top, could hook one side and winch up an then switch and winch up the other. Once the wing was over ctr it fell into place. Unfold was easy just grab and push over. John
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