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  1. Not sure if your rpm, pto is controlled by a wire off the alternator. Had issues with a MX and it was a bad pickup in the alt for the speed. John
  2. Would anyone know the difference in weight on these heads. Both are 30 ft only difference is the 2020 is dual knife drive as opposed to the 1020 single knife drive. Just wondering if the 2388 will lift it without the 3rd cylinder kit. Thanks in advance, John
  3. Spring loaded and detents are square. Give a shot of lub push up on the axis while giving a tug. Should move but they are stiff. Watch your footing when they move they move. John
  4. Yes Jimmy and Janis we’re hard to beat. As said hard to pick one. John
  5. Classic restoration as only you can do Tony. Looking excellent. John
  6. Ok to be a smart ass I’ll say put it in the way it came out. In your pic the end with the notch is down o-ring up. John
  7. Back in the day on the older machines guys would pump up the adjuster, measure the distance between idler yoke and piston cylinder, cut and split a section of pipe to fit over and clamp together. Not rite nor pretty but got them thru. Just my thoughts, John
  8. Had one. Clutches are big and heavy. Good dozer till a final drive went out. John
  9. Working on putting a new transom in my 18ft Crestliner. Two sheets 3/4” marine grade plywood $149.49 cdn each. 1/4” puckboard to make up last bit of the required thickness $92.90. John
  10. Had that happen on a 706. Steering pump was leaking at the steering shaft seal. John
  11. What fruit you using in the live traps. John
  12. Whether it’s rite or not. I pull 2x800 bu wagons 6 to 12 miles depending on location. I pull them with a MX240 with what we call pumpkins like the euro tractors, again like yourself to get thru the scales and elevator. No experience with a 4x4 but before I’d go looking for bigger wagons get a joe dog for your trailer cage the brakes and go down the road unless you need the truck to lift the load and even then you can either use the tractor or put together a pto or hyd pump to do the deed. John.
  13. Google that part # it turns up on a few sites including machinery trader. John
  14. Got a couple hytran and oil small oil drums here. Traded them out for plastic cause they all seeped at the bottom seal. John
  15. Would think mod # is on back of stove. If you think it was hit your homeowners ins should cover it possibly. John
  16. I’m see 7 per side. You may have to loosen one of the fenders to get it to lift out. Got the same job in the near future to do. John
  17. What Tom and Nebraska said. John
  18. Congratulations some great looking kids there. John
  19. The seat is heavy and awkward to remove. Some partially roll it out back window. I’ve had the best luck splitting the seat at the swivel point under the lower cushion. Four bolts remove a ring and pick out the steel balls. Easy to get out the door then. John
  20. If it’s just the front lines under cab you only need to lift the front, take nuts off the front cab mount center bolts and lift cab evenly on both front corners. Once you get it up 4-6 inches you have access to all the front hoses. While it’s up replace them all cause once you fix one you’ll be fixing the rest in short order. You’ll also likely need to replace the short hose on the side of the steering motor at some point which is a treat since you have to take the steering column apart and loosen the steering motor so you can move it forward to replace the line. The last thing is the 4 hydraulic lines to the 3pt cylinders you can get at them through the back after you remove the controller cover. You’ll need to buy a 1-3/16 wrench and cut it in half to get at some of the fittings. Have had to do both my MX240’s and a couple of the neighbors. Been lucky and have a good dealer that lets me use their lifting tool John
  21. 8-19/16 less 2-8/16 equals 6-11/16’s easy math. John
  22. A PDF manual is great since you can print out the pages involved with the specific repair, get them as dirty as you like and throw out reprint as necessary. But I still like to sit down after supper and read thru a manual and get a general idea of what I’m getting into before I walk out and tear into. YMMV, John
  23. Gets no power from the cluster. Heat creates the milli volt signal that the cluster senses and converts to a temp reading. I believe if you have an ohms reading from a or b to c the thermocouple is shorted out. John
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