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  1. Coolant hose sealant

    HiTack formagasket works for me. Clean up the tube and spray on the tube or inside the hose. Slip together and tighten hose clamp. John
  2. I H 574 hydraulic problems

    I believe you need to run the tractor for say 10 mins and shutdown then check level. Something to do with oil retention in one of the areas. John
  3. Cheap combines 7088

    I’d say 1/2 price or better here in Ontario. George2 may have a better handle or thought on this. John
  4. IH Construction Equipment Salvage Yards

    There’s a pinned post in the construction forum with a list of bone yards. May have some excavators listed. John
  5. Flywheel bolt torque

    Thanks CIHTECH
  6. Flywheel bolt torque

    Would anyone offhand know the flywheel bolt torque for the 8.3 Cummins in my MX240. Got to late to call the service manager. Got all the other numbers just not them and my engine book leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks, John
  7. A question of weight

    Need to do the oil pan and rear seal on my MX240 and need to lift out the 8.3 Cummins. Would anyone know the aprox. weight of the engine so I use the appropriate lifting equipment. Thanks in advance, John
  8. A question of weight

    Thanks John
  9. mx magnum software updates

    Not sure where you are but in Ontario I had EcoTune come on farm and programmed my MX240 to a MX285. Ended up with 295 pto hp. Cost about 1500.00 cdn. John
  10. 1680 valve stack leak

    Brother has a1688 that had the same problem. He rebuilt the valve sections and still had the problem. Ended up buying a new valve section (the one that was leaking) and that cured both the drift and leak. If you do tear into it the valve sections are specific and need to be put back in the same place as removed. John
  11. 3950 disc vs 496 disc

    Can’t speak to the difference in disc but a 9” will cut better than 7.5 because of the surface area differences in contact points just the same as size of blade does (smaller blade means greater angle slicing soil). The 9” will not finish as well as a 7.5. In my heavy clay we’d use the 9 to open up and the 7.5 to finish dragging hatrows and cultipacker. Use to pull 14-16 ft with 100 hp. FWIW I pull a 25 ft kongskill vertical till and packer now and get beautiful results. Disc is heavy enough to cut in the tough hard spots and enough tire to hold it up in the softer spots, blades are serated to cut trash and get into the dirt YMMV, John
  12. rod weeder

    We have that grass in Ontario. Was told it was blue grass. Roundup kills it but the seeds in the ground just keep it coming up. We have to use a fairly expensive residual spray (can’t remember name) to control it and keep it at bay. John
  13. Tillage questions

    If your lucky you can use roundup ready beans and corn for a couple years and get a handle on the previous op’s mistakes. Roundup isn’t great to begin wiyh on giant rag but add some supplements that your local ag people will suggest that will tame it pretty quick. As said previously use an outside applicator and watch and independly record the day of what, when and weather conditions of the appplication as he should also be doing. That should help later if two people have the same notes independently. Especially if the day in question they say the winds from the west yet you and the op’s notes it was from the east. Due deligence, due deligence, John
  14. Tillage questions

    I farm some acreage organically and it’s all about working the ground and planting later. Then cultivate cultivate or scuffle scuffle scuffle depending where you’re located. Depending on what your planting and when and what your planting into in relation to what you need for weed or pest control makes your operation viable or disastrous. Using a outside operator to spray may take all or some of the burden off of you but if this guy is tied to a lawyer then you’ll be named in the suit also and when the custom guys money runs out yours makes up the difference. John
  15. Tillage questions

    So what you planning to plant and what would be the the timing as to you spraying weeds and him spraying fungicide or wilt spray. Lawyer “A” against lawyer “B” is always interesting. John
  16. TD-15C pilot valve

    Did you not correspond with DWF?? Said he had part. John
  17. Tractor Supply Co.

    In Canada the two TSC’s that are near me the managers are real cowgirl want a bees. Whatever you want they ain’t got and you might as well go somewhere else. I had the chance to shop a Rural King in Ohio and would drive back in a minute to shop again. John
  18. Toilet in the shop.

    Had one like MTO’s but we had the itsy bitsy yellow pocko dot bikini girl hung in it. Quite the thrill back then. LOL john
  19. Quick question

    Not sure what your doing. Pex that I’ve worked with uses either an internal fitting and a crimped ring that holds it together or the tiger jaw or sharks tooth fittings that push on and hold on by a gripper ring. I know of no glue that will let ya meld pex to pvc but I was born to be corrected. John
  20. Odd bearing sources

    Hard to believe you can’t just change out to a 2-3 or 4 bolt flange bearing even if you have to do use some spacers to make it work and hold things in place. Just a case of workin outside da box/packer. John
  21. Ok have had a couple. If you can’t find a cap cut a piece of window screen to fit in bottom. Add a chunk of fiberglass or whatever ventilation material above that and then a piece of 6mil plastic held over the opening with a clamp or bungee and your good to go till you find something better. Some measurements or a pic with a ruler involved could help in trying to visualize what ya need john
  22. Will I be happy with these

    Why not get the real adapters shorter and less leverage to take out o-rings and seals. Otherwise switch over to the IH ends on everything and live with it. Or go all hog and just switch out couplers to pioneer and couple to everything but JD of which who cares. John
  23. Looking at a '01 MX 240

    Yea when the u-joints or shaft let go they flail around and do a lot of damage. There is a hole on either side of the housing that you can look in with a bore scope to assess the condition of these items occasionally. John
  24. Take that Canada!

    We’ll get ya next time. John
  25. Looking at a '01 MX 240

    X2 on the oil pan gasket update. Have two with 4200 hours each and both need oil pan gaskets. Parts & labour to do gasket seals and u-joints flex plate is about $4K cdn. Other than that the air can be abit of a issue and somewhat of a pain to work on since condenser and blower is under the seat. Other than normal maintenance they are good quiet tractors with good power distribution, visibility and no emissions devices. John