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  1. Weapon

    3pt seal removal

    Been there. If your talkin the torque tube then yes you need to spread tires and try to separate the left side from the tube and draft link/shaft. If so yes drain rearend and go at it. The internal draft linkage is connected to the draft tube so take note of the positioning also replace both quad rings which seal that shaft’. If your talkin the upper rock shaft then whole different ball game johny
  2. Weapon

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    Ya my ground here (brookston clay) dry with the 5 shank 690 at 10” with disc set at 4-5 inches takes all of 285-300 horsepower. Moving at 4-5 mph. John
  3. Weapon

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    Don’t turn on the mfd and you’ll see a big difference. Anyone says mfd makes no difference hasn’t driven one. You’ll also notice at road speed if you forget to turn it off. Some say they kick out after a certain speed but I’ve yet to drive one. Best of luck with the 140, John
  4. Weapon

    86 series seat

    17 pins 5 to 3. 7 fits in the notch of 5 and 3 slips thru. 7 would need to be in the rite position to spring back 3 after seat adjustment. John
  5. Weapon

    We got off easy… tornado hit the area!

    **** of a way to get firewood for the winter. Glad you fared well with no major damage. John
  6. Weapon


    I’d pull the valve cover and look for a valve stuck down. John
  7. Weapon

    international 14++ series window glare

    I always wondered why at nite harvesting seemed to go faster. Now I know it’s cause the head grows at nite. Feel your pain always seen two right dividers at nite one in side window and one in front. John
  8. Weapon

    international 14++ series window glare

    I use cheap windshield washer antifreeze in a pail and a squeegee. Cleans good and doesn’t catch dust. Also light adjustment and/or lites in header as GT&T suggests will help John
  9. Weapon

    Cant be too safe these days

    Well at least he’s got safety eyeware on. Can you say “CITYIT” John
  10. Weapon

    Mx 240 project today, pics

    Nice gotta do my two. Ones faded and the other is almost to black plastic. John
  11. Weapon

    Aftermarket Starter recommendations

    X2 on hy capacity or A&I. John
  12. Weapon

    Supply Management for Milk

    Walmart across the border $0.98 er gallon. Here in Ontario $5.25 for 4 litres. Supply Management 👍👍👍 John
  13. Weapon

    Found in back yard

    Id say mink also. Looks like the ones I us to raise as a kid. Likely a female or a juvenile. John
  14. Weapon

    Sawyer Auction, yesterday

    Had an 806 gas dad had a 1066 diesel. I was pullin 4 bottoms he 5. Both running same speed not sure of what gear. End of day we both took same amount of fuel but diesel was cheaper than gas but different today with diesel at par or more expensive than gas. John
  15. Weapon

    wish I had a huge shed

    Bows easy too if you get caught in the mud and try to turn. LOL John