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  1. Looking at a '01 MX 240

    Yea when the u-joints or shaft let go they flail around and do a lot of damage. There is a hole on either side of the housing that you can look in with a bore scope to assess the condition of these items occasionally. John
  2. Take that Canada!

    We’ll get ya next time. John
  3. Looking at a '01 MX 240

    X2 on the oil pan gasket update. Have two with 4200 hours each and both need oil pan gaskets. Parts & labour to do gasket seals and u-joints flex plate is about $4K cdn. Other than that the air can be abit of a issue and somewhat of a pain to work on since condenser and blower is under the seat. Other than normal maintenance they are good quiet tractors with good power distribution, visibility and no emissions devices. John
  4. TD-15C pilot valve

    What about one from aTD-20C. Previous thread was looking to part one out. John
  5. Thx guys got two showing there age and didn’t want to spend a bunch on OEM if aftermarket worked as good. John.
  6. Just looking for comments on the looks and if satisfied. Thanks, John
  7. mx 240 question

    Well I’d sell you my setup off my MX but I’m in Arizona for six weeks and won’t be back in Ontario till early March and not sure how difficult it would be to switch out. I’ve got a European hydraulic hitch and front 3pt to move also. John
  8. mx 240 question

    On my MX240 the brake connection is to the right of the lighting plug. I think the outlets you are describing are power beyond and sensing. X2 on obtaining a owners manual. John
  9. Canadians don`t eat enough soup

    Trudeau’s a azz but the other liberal Orville Redenbacher our provincial PM is the one that’s driving up the cost of power so bad that we in Ontario may all have to leave to afford to power our homes and businesses. Ones no better than the other and they all get in by promising the sewers like Toronto and Ottawa the world like mass transit payed for by selling off the power system that’s making you money but once it gone there’s no more revenue to continue paying bills. It all needs to change but now the better prospect we had just became a victim of the “Me Too” movement and was castrated before he had a chance for a day in court or 10 mins in the media. Of course it’s a great day for the other two parties and the victims of the world. Sorry I don’t usually get involved in politics. But H@LL John
  10. Hydro drive up by engine how big of a job

    Sometimes you can get by with just the coupling. Use to change two couplings to every one shaft on the 14 series. If your going to the trouble and your in the shop anyway be sure to drill the housing to allow you to get in with a grease gun and lube the coupler splines if it isn’t already done. I made up a 6 inch 1/8 nipple with a zerk and a coupler on each end, you can move the shaft and get this on the coupler zerk and then connect the gun whip on it. Find it tough to get the rubber whip connected thru that 1 1/2 inch hole. John
  11. Not sure about yours but some of the other MX’s simply require removing or reinstalling a fuse to change from kilometres to miles. Usually laid out in the owners manual. John
  12. How much was that??

    Mx240 fan jack shaft two bearings at bearing shop 50 bucks at dealer no longer available needed to replace with 700 dollar replacement. Don’t be afraid to dig in and find replacements your self. John
  13. Forbidden

    Just read this. https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/manitoba-woman-charged-after-man-stabbed-house-lit-on-fire-1.3768554 Maybe he has a new girlfriend and she doesn't like Cats. How often you think news like this happens in Lynn Lake. John.
  14. what are they called

    The way the lamps are attached to those arms are sorta Mickey Mouse. Easily knocked off by branches or mud slung from the tires. I've repaired mine a few times which is likely why they cut them off. If your handy you could take some rectangular tubing and make your own with some commercially available lites. Just mt thinkin, John
  15. What's your favorite snack

    Anything sweet,salty,vinegary or savoury. Pickled herring, pickled pigs feet or pickled beef tongue. Crackers optional. After that sardines or kippered herring. Then there's always raw oysters. John