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  1. Weapon

    Max line Shop air kits

    I used schedule 160 hdpe tube in my shop with brass fittings. Ran the line thru electrical pvc so it stayed straight and supported. Used 2ft of black iron on the drops with the two kwik couplers I use and a drain valve. 175 psi and no issues. John
  2. Weapon

    99 chevy 4 wheel drive problems

    Those electric shift trans cases where always finicky. If I was a betting man I’d say it’s the encoder motor on the tcase. I sat one day for five hours at a service shop while they put on 2 brand new ones from their local parts supplier and finally a third from another supplier before they got one to work. Seem to remember replacing them every 2-3 years and always when you need the 4 wheel. John
  3. Lot of 504’s built. You should be able to find a complete unit at a wrecking yard. Would imagine they interchange with other models also. John
  4. Weapon

    MX SERIES Weight Rack

    Got both brackets setting on the shop floor but I’m not home till Sunday and can get some pics for you with some reference points for you to fab up the new bracket. John
  5. Weapon

    Strobes on mx 200 mx 230 magnum 275

    Mine are on the left side so you can pull the strobe off if your going to be working around tree branches and stuff. John
  6. Weapon

    Westendorf Hitch and Go

    I’ve a European one off a MX240. 3pt moves it up and down, 1 outlet unlocks it and another makes the bar move in and out. John
  7. Weapon

    Tractor mounted on combine

    OSHA oh yes yes we have that to the south. Much water. J
  8. Weapon

    IH 5288 coolant loss

    After it sets for a week or two or longer loosen the oil pan plug enough to let out a little oil or water. If water likely your sleeve seals or oil cooler. Have had both issues John
  9. Weapon


    A little trick is to put in two bulbs in series they then run half voltage each and never burn out while still supplying the same heat. John
  10. Weapon

    New 80 acres

    Vinegar has been used in the past as an organic roundup. Needs to be used at a 2-5% acetic acid concentration and works well. We used it around water treatment plants and it worked well but does not kill the roots of some weeds. John
  11. Weapon

    IH 986 A/C problems

    I believe the light will come on for high pressure cutout as well as low pressure. John
  12. Weapon

    Cataract surgery

    A Detroit weather forecaster just took her life over the indescribable pain from eye surgery. Not to be taken lightly. John
  13. Weapon

    New 80 acres

    Have broken up pasture ground and went organic. If you can get it plowed or disc ripped then go with corn and cultivate cultivate cultivate. You can try to over plant with clover mid season with last cultivation and then work under after harvest and go beans the next year. Usually if it’s been in grass for a number of years the grass will of been suppressed and lessen the weed pressure. There are a number of organic fertilizers out there that will support the corn and soybean yields. You have more options in the USA than we have on other areas. John
  14. Weapon

    magnum front 3 point hitch

    Got one for a MX240 setting in the shed that I’d part with if it would fit. No experience using one. John
  15. Weapon

    China back in the soybean market

    Living close to two ports here in Ontario and talking to a trucker the other day who was saying that beans are being moved from the USA into Canada and sold to China tariff free. He doesn’t usually lead me astray and also mentioned that he’s pulling beans currently that usually don’t move till next spring to summer. John