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  1. Weapon

    magnum front 3 point hitch

    Got one for a MX240 setting in the shed that I’d part with if it would fit. No experience using one. John
  2. Weapon

    China back in the soybean market

    Living close to two ports here in Ontario and talking to a trucker the other day who was saying that beans are being moved from the USA into Canada and sold to China tariff free. He doesn’t usually lead me astray and also mentioned that he’s pulling beans currently that usually don’t move till next spring to summer. John
  3. Weapon

    Keep going or stop in tracks?

    Looked at a combine once guy thought it would increase the value by giving it a diesel fuel wax job. Went up top to look at the motor and grain bin slipped and almost fell off. Got down and walked away. Shiny paint was all that was good about that machine. John
  4. Weapon

    M&W P-2000 dyno’s

    Check your spam or junk folder. I’ve had lots of peoples email go there first time around. John
  5. Weapon

    Which hitch is bit.... hmmm....

    The older cat I pins where shorter in the beginning and it wasn’t unusual to see notches cut in side of ball to fit lynch pin into hitch pin. John
  6. Weapon

    Don't brush S#!t in to the wind

    Holy wet hoody competition. LOL Likely didn’t know how to raise the sweeper off the ground and once got going couldn’t see to shut it down. John
  7. Weapon

    Anyone smart on air compressors?

    Had the same issue with a pancake compressor and it was a small pin prick in the hose from the compressor to the tank. Couldn’t hear it but after pulling one’s hair out you find this simple stuff by feeling it. John
  8. Weapon

    Tip for car mechanics

    Meant to say that back in the day you could stash 2 cases of beer and 40 oz’er under the hood and still have room for mix. Alcohol not me offis’iser!! Just sayin. John
  9. Weapon

    Why can't I find a job?

    How does he shave??????
  10. Weapon

    Updated seat/supports in a 1480?

    Ladders are sometimes hard to find as they are usually removed to ship the machine but are out there. John
  11. Weapon

    Updated seat/supports in a 1480?

    Converted my 1480 years ago for the same reason. Yes it will all bolt in. Just got to get all the parts off the 16 and convert away. There may of been one piece I had to cut but can’t remember. The floor mat will also fit and is an improvement also. One other thing is the16 ladder will bolt over also. The steps are closer together and make climbing in and out easier John
  12. Weapon

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    Nothing wrong with the 9. Just the electronic shift and fwd makes a lesser horse tractor work like a bull. Just my exp John
  13. Weapon

    2208 corn head vs 1083

    I have a 2208 on a 2388 and really like it compared to my old 883. Didn’t have water pump bearings but greased it a couple times a day with no issue. The tin was starting to rust out, always hated the automotive hood hinge opening system and having to chase oil seal leaks on the gearboxes. You have high and low speed reducers on the 2208. Always run in high and travel 3.5 mph in 150-200 bu corn. John
  14. Weapon

    Cooling hose help

    Just checked and IH dealership and that part number seems to be good. Roughly 22.00 bucks. John
  15. Weapon

    3pt seal removal

    Been there. If your talkin the torque tube then yes you need to spread tires and try to separate the left side from the tube and draft link/shaft. If so yes drain rearend and go at it. The internal draft linkage is connected to the draft tube so take note of the positioning also replace both quad rings which seal that shaft’. If your talkin the upper rock shaft then whole different ball game johny