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  1. Is the dryer tank that far away? Sometimes drying propane is cheaper than heating. John
  2. Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John
  3. quick bit of searching but Grainger has this which seems to be what you want. It’s pricy but what isn’t these days. https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/GRAPHITE-DRY-FILM-LUBRICANT%2CCAN%2C1-GAL-/p/DXGSLIP1-4X1GCN# Good luck,John
  4. I was there and bought something. Can’t remember now what but I’m sure it’s still here and awaiting use, rebuild or dormant for my auction. The boys here will do a big cleanup but I beat them this year as scrap was up in April and I cashed in on about 14k not tons. John
  5. Are you painting it now or is already done. If done you’ll need to wet sand to apply a clear coat. If your going over existing old finish wet sand and apply but you may sand thru old. Best is as your painting. Two coats finish then last coat clear or clear and finish combined. I do two coats of finish and two of clear. Like said you need to check compatibly. John
  6. My wife has one. 40000 miles and no issues. It’s a all wheel drive and is good in snow and rain. In today’s market 20k seems rite. John
  7. Last coat (3rd) mix your colour with your clear 50/50. I like to follow with a full clear coat. John
  8. Been listening to not and not having enough info but I think I had a similar problem.Yes it would not rotate bolted to the exhaust manifold. In your situation you need to get everything in a similar alignment before you bolt the centre section down then align intake , exhaust and tighten. Since your installation is tight a won’t pass b(turbo in take arc) without enough clearance in the arc to clear c ( the fixed intake manifold arc), thus holding up your interference. nust my thoughts, John
  9. I’ve been told that the new wire insulation is being made from soybean oil. They like soybeans so it makes the insulation even more delicious. John
  10. Had a boat once with an in-line 6. Would not start as long as you were cranking it, would start as you let off the switch. Starter solenoid when cranking would bypass the coil resistor but the contacts where bad and caused the no start issue. John
  11. Search fastenal or Amazon for a 7/8” car or bridge reamer. Will run wth a drill or impact wrench. I’ve got different sizes to make various jobs a lot easier. No grabbing and breaking yourself or equipment. John
  12. Great looking restoration as only you can orchestrate. Love to see it In person. Might have to make a trip by when in Arizona next winter on way to northern Cali and Oregon. John
  13. Bump. How’d you make out. John
  14. Thanks, did some testing and believe it’s the high clutch pack. 13-18 slips with brakes applied at speed on road. 1-12 will kil tractor if you apply brakes while moving. Thanks, John
  15. The 13 th gear is slipping in my MX240 and I’d like to know the the clutch paks incolved with the different gear combinations. I know the book has a reference page but I don’t have access to the manual. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
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