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  1. You can only be a scaredy cat so long and then you’ll have to go to the dark side. I took the plunge and yes it’s been **** but comfort and power seems to ease the pain. John
  2. Yea yea that’s them. John
  3. Use to buy them at the dealership. Used them especially when plowing as the trash off times would pull out the lynch pin and you’d have a h*ll of a time getting the plow back on the 3pt. John
  4. Weapon

    Gas Dozer

    JD 1010 and 2010 could be bought with gas engines. John
  5. Thanks everyone unit is back up and running. Now just got to fix the other one. Thx again,John
  6. Thanks SDman. Have one located headed to pick up. This one is toast. John
  7. Not electronic for sure. Thx John
  8. I have 2 CIH mx240’s. Why I’m not sure today we’re planting wheat and mx242 (since my wife gives them girly names that we can’t follow and was second to purchase) starts running hot but not that negligible till we needed to fill. Filled 1890 CCS Deere with no issue and moved it out of way and left it to idle with planter fan on. Tractor went to 250 deg and shutdown and blew lower rad tank. We move it out of way and put on 241 which works for awhile but it too overheats and doesn’t shutdown but son says it rises in temp engine running lowers with engine off and fan spins with just wind blowing
  9. If it’s like the 2388 you tighten them and check the torque required to slip. Seem to recall 600ft/lbs. John
  10. I was talking cdn dollars so for 200 more you got 3 pts of surveillance. John
  11. My brother spent 500 on repairs to his sensor and still had issues with missed warnings. I spent 500 on a Cab Cam camera system. One in bin, one on end of auger and one out back for reversing. Auger one lets you see in wagon and if you see daylight at bottom you better get out and close the door also gives you an idea of your load and if your going over the far side. The one in the bin lets you monitor level and with mine when you cover the camera you got 30-50 feet left before secondary roof alarm goes off. John
  12. Just a thought but you may want to install hotter spark plugs to help with the fouling especially if it’s lightly used and not run under a decent load. John
  13. Your new motor does have some issues. Oil filter is bent and you’ll need to install a turbo or block off that oil supply. Never seen a oil cooler delete like that. Does it turn over by hand? Best of luck, John
  14. Heads could be just abit off when jigged and welded. I’d try leveling the feederhouse. John
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