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  1. On our 1770 each vac motor run off separate outlet with return tee’d to case drain. Each motor has its own vac gauge and have to flow control each differently depending on leakage and wear. John
  2. If you like the head go to Shoup parts and order the kit for your head. Will not be as good or the longevity of OEM but in smaller use is good. John
  3. He’s depriving some village of an idiot. If she flys upside down she have crackup. He has the speed of a disabled turtle. John
  4. Tighter than a fleas butt stretched across a rain barrel. He’s as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Fart in church and you set in your own phew. John
  5. I’ve got a ordinary drip coffee maker and for years tried making coffee that I could drink with our well water. Finally decided to try distilled water and holly s””t can make great coffee repeatedly every day. Even buying the distilled or demilitarized water and coffee it’s still half price of Tim Horton’s. Other benefit is I only vinegar clean the coffee maker once twice a year. YMMV, John
  6. Spider gears and bushings out of differential. Common problem. Update to 7120-40 rear dif setup. John
  7. Weapon

    8930 MFD

    I’ve painted with Oem with and without hardener. Both fade overtime without yearly waxing and care. Best job is ppg and clearcoat. The second best is to use oem with hardener and then 2 coats of clear over the fresh paint. Don’t let paint harden before clear coating or you’ll need to wet sand and then clear. Clearcoat is not that expensive and is available at any auto or auto paint supply. John
  8. Got my pump rebuilt at the diesel store. Goggle them and provide your pump number and they likely have an exchange unit. John
  9. X2. My thoughts exactly. John
  10. Weapon


    It is what it is and I didn’t do it John
  11. Buddy has his inside an enclosure in corner of shop. Hangs a light bulb next to the pump and seems to keep it warm enough to start with no issues and the enclosure cuts down the noise. John
  12. Had mine, same night had to respond to a watermain break. Needless to say next morning was not pleasant. John
  13. Heat the plate at point of contact with flywheel. Tap with hammer. Should fall apart like a GM brake rotor John
  14. Cooling off the hemroy. John
  15. Yes your right. I’m lucky enough to have a good relationship with my dealer and haven’t had an issue borrowing a tool from them. They also seem to realize I’m working on my own equipment and know when I’m over my head the piece of equipment will be in their shop in a heartbeat. Even still it’s a great tool to lift the cab with but it can be done with out it just not as handy or easy. John
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