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  1. Search fastenal or Amazon for a 7/8” car or bridge reamer. Will run wth a drill or impact wrench. I’ve got different sizes to make various jobs a lot easier. No grabbing and breaking yourself or equipment. John
  2. Great looking restoration as only you can orchestrate. Love to see it In person. Might have to make a trip by when in Arizona next winter on way to northern Cali and Oregon. John
  3. Bump. How’d you make out. John
  4. Thanks, did some testing and believe it’s the high clutch pack. 13-18 slips with brakes applied at speed on road. 1-12 will kil tractor if you apply brakes while moving. Thanks, John
  5. The 13 th gear is slipping in my MX240 and I’d like to know the the clutch paks incolved with the different gear combinations. I know the book has a reference page but I don’t have access to the manual. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  6. Maybe I’m not reading rite but shouldn’t the engine on a 1086 be set at 18 degrees and then tighten down the gear. John
  7. Isn’t just a 7/8 12 point 3/4 drive socket? Others may know better. John
  8. We have an issue with the trucks. The rubber lines pass thru a steel hold down and it will rust expand and act like a check valve in the brake line. Loosen the hold down or replace and all is good again. John
  9. Mike at Triple R sells new ones John
  10. If you have a pair of front tractor weights hang them on the disc tongue. They weigh it down and help stop the sway. Be careful, John
  11. Don’t forget to replace the 3pt lift cylinder hoses. They like to fail also about a week or two after you fix the rest and you dump another 20 gallon of hytran on ground. Don’t forget that short little hose on the steering pump that you got to disassemble the steering column and steering pump mounting to replace. John
  12. I could be wrong but I believe you use the washer to press in on that ring on the fitting which will release the internal lock ring and the hose will pull out of the fitting. You’ll likely need to clean the crude out from under an around the ring to give it room to move. John
  13. Sounds like you’ve lost your ground to those lights. Yes there is a connector under the fuel tank and near impossible to get to. John
  14. Use the grease to obtain a good seal John
  15. Does that machine have a rock trap? 159 is a rock trap machine. 873:2161 is a non rock trap machine makes a difference on my 2388. Ommv, John
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