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  1. Just an idea but did you lower the rear door under the seive? It will let it drop down so you can clear the hood. John
  2. WESnIL when’s a good time to call you. I’ve been trying but no answer. Thanks, John
  3. Not a trucker but those same tires on my wagons always seem to blow the furthest away from home or the latest time of nite. Happy birthday John
  4. Thanks I’ll contact you later today. John 519threethreethree8308
  5. Thanks Jass1660 I’ll pm him. John
  6. Sorry guys yes Onarga, Illinois. Between spellcheck and big fingers things get swayed quick. So anyone close I can work a deal with. Thanks, John
  7. I purchased some planter boxes and need them picked up and held till the border opens and I can pick them up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  8. My delta rt66 has a substantial miter gauge but in 30 years I’ve only used it a dozen times. Big sturdy and easy to move. I’d look for a delta replacement and go with it. John
  9. Sorry got side tracked on other jobs. Yes that area appears to be wore thru. The old wood bearings for those where made of hard maple and soaked in oil for a few days. Grease them often and they do last. Not sure if the wood bearing would break out thru that wear point or not. As stated a new shaft and flange bearings would be best but I’ve been there and done that in times when money or need was scarce. John
  10. The clamp on the end is meant to tighten the gang. Push them all tight together and loosen the bolts on the clamp slide it over tight to the wheels and tighten. If they’re loose they wear the wheels and the sprocket then runs to loose to do the job it was designed for. Those older cast wheels and sprockets don’t like rocks. Also those frame ends look to be the old wood bearing style and look worn beyond repair John
  11. Got one or two of each hytran and no.1 15-40 thirty gallon barrels if someone wants to give me 20 each there yours. I found the steal barrels liked to leak at the drum seal got plastic now and a lot easier to handle and no leaks although with upgrading the herd I’m using more oil and likely need to move to 55 gallon drums or 1000 litre totes. John
  12. Never owned a magnum have had 66, 86, 88 series then skipped over the magnums rite to the MX’s. My brother has a magnum and has always complained about the fender fuel fill being slow due to the length of hose from filler to tank. John
  13. Some replacement numbers for 248124A1 Replaces Mfg nos DONALDSON P550108, FLEETGUARD AF26119, WIX 49223 Baldwin PA5649 John
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