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  1. Pull seat from suspension. Stand the control station in the front corner. Take the seat cushion off the base. Under it you’ll see a ring with skinny head bolts, remove the bolts and ring and seat should lift free from suspension. You’ll need to disconnect the air lines and wiring. Once seat is off be careful not to lose the balls that allow the seat to swivel on the suspension. The suspension can then be lifted out the door but be careful with no air in suspension it will flop around and can pinch fingers and even without the seat attached it’s still heavy. Been there done it a few times. . John
  2. Retired from my full time job in 2012. 35 years in water wastewater, started as an operator, then maintenance mechanic, supervisor, assistant manager, manager then area manager. Each promotion was 10-30 pounds around the middle all the while farming on the side keeping farm equipment and properties maintained. Being farming full time since I retired and am almost burnt out. Can’t figure how I got anything done when I was working. I’m now looking at 67 for a full time job again so I can go to work and take a day off John
  3. Looks like a pretty straight unit. John
  4. Just a thought but a heavy truck parts supply should be able to fix you up. John
  5. Marker finds it’s initial low point at beginning when it drops then when the other settles into place it raises the other one that’s supposed to be down. Put the remote in the down position not float and let it time out say at 10-15 seconds should float up and down on it’s own from there ymmv, John
  6. Weapon

    Beaver cloud

    Really needs some scaping and a bunch of wax to move up to today’s standards. LOL John
  7. Btdt many times. Most my days are god let it be over. LOL. John
  8. 10w is not 10w-30 or 40. Different beast. John
  9. Just as a side. GM’s have an issue with the clamps that secure the front brake lines swelling with rust and restricting the flex line enough to stop the caliper releasing. John
  10. I have had some AC shreider valves go bad and hate having to drain the system to replace. So after a search I purchased this tool and it works great. Made in China of course with the usual flaws. Looky looky change valve no loss of glass. LOL
  11. Oh ya the local utility said I’d be safe in bucket. LOL john
  12. a few years ago I was the one in the bucket with my young son in the tractor seat. We’re cutting the last one for the day but as luck would have it it shoved me outta the bucket and broke my pelvis in a couple places. Was that the loader or the logs fault, wouldn’ it let slide down the loader and catch him. NOtT a GOOD outlook i’m still alive john
  13. Great ending. Better than most John
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