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  1. An older couple where out for a evening meal at a semi romantic restaurant. All the time around them younger couples could be heard talking expressing their love. Pass the sugar, sugar Pass the honey, honey The old girl hearing all this says to her husband why don’t you talk to me like that anymore. The old boy listens and says sorry I’ll try better and they continued their meal. He finally figures it’s time to bust a move so he clears his throat and “Can you pass the tea, BAG” John
  2. When your ready shot me a pm and a number Thanks,John
  3. Weapon

    820 head

    May not have to move much. A lot of the electrical heads still had the mechanical parts our atleast a portion of them. John
  4. Confucius say woman who puts man in doghouse soon find him in cathouse. John
  5. Confucius also say woman who fly plane upside down have crack up. John
  6. The boy’s as useful as a screen door on a submarine. John
  7. In god we trust all others pay cash. John
  8. As for the cylinder you should still be able to disassemble and replace everything from the piston end even though the yoke is welded on. Have rebuilt a few 496’s and they’ve always been a challenge but good disks in the rite soil types. In my heavy clay they were hit and miss. Best I found was the kongskill vertical till serated disks, enough weight to put it in the ground yet enough tires to keep it out Ymmv, John
  9. If you are going to convert it I might be interested in the engine John
  10. If filter is full of fuel then it’s plugged. Had 300 Cummins diesels that where like that. Your stumbling is likely due to carb or tuning. Ymmv, John
  11. Weapon

    83 5088

    $0.74 of your dollars would cover one of ours. John
  12. Prime rib Friday with tatters and roasted root veggies. Of course oysters, cheese and raw veggies for appetizers. Won’t mention desert. John
  13. Merry Christmas and all your crops be off. With hopes of a better New Year. John
  14. My grandma made quilts for all the grandkids. I watched as everyone got the standard 4-6 quilt. My issue was I was 6-3 and I asked her if she could make me a longer one and she did it’s still my best blanket ever after 40 years. Don’t come out much John
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