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  1. Weapon

    1480 head

    You may need a third lift cylinder for a 30ft if you don’t have one. John
  2. Weapon

    Dresser TD7E universal joint help

    I’d take it to a local heavy truck parts supplier. They can measure it and likely supply a replacement. Have done this with the u-joints on a mx tractor and saved 2/3’rds the dealer cost and ended up with a greasable joint. John
  3. Weapon

    5240 maxxam issues

    Mid production no neutral. I’m leaning towards it being the shuttle switch also. 12K hours on machine so I guess it’s time for some new parts. Thanks again, John
  4. Weapon

    5240 maxxam issues

    The 5240 is given me some new issues. Last fall and thru the winter it occasionally would not start and sometimes flipping the f/r lever would sometimes get it working. This spring it started to occasionally not want to move forward when shifted in to forward and flipping the lever or shifting gears and it would start moving. Yesterday it wouldn’t start flipped the lever back and forth several times got it to start and it moved forward. Shifted to reverse and back to forward and it would only go reverse while shifted in to forward and when shifted to reverse the yellow warning light flashes and nothing happens. Any suggestions as to what the problem maybe would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, John
  5. Weapon

    6588 ac compressor?

    You going for stock or cooling. If you want cool retrofit a sandem replace the receiver dryer, expansion valve and unless you have current issues with your switches leave them be. Evacuate and see if you hold vacuum then charge with 4#’s 134a and 12oz 100 viscosity oil. YMMV, John
  6. Weapon


    Also don’t put anything on the gasket or cover. I tried once using dope and all the gasket wanted to do was squish out from under the cover. John
  7. Weapon

    Baby buzzard

    On the one property we have there was a hallow bam tree that apparently they liked as a nesting area. I bumped into it whit the bush hog and next thing I knew there’s a couple dead offspring laying there. Scared crapless of the MNR or some species at risk gustopo I clear the evidence and moved on. Yes they are a bit cuter than mom or dad but not much. Both smell like what the eat. John
  8. Weapon

    Issue with clamp ons

    Don’t care snake possum raccoon rat mouse. Hate them all. The groundhog that caught my eye today eatin old wheat seed didn’t like the 22-250 round I managed to lay down. Thank you mister Savage. John
  9. Weapon

    Newest addition at the Proving Grounds

    Always liked the stylings and colour scheme of the T5’s. Great find. John
  10. Weapon

    Ok enuf Rain

    Southwestern Ontario is gettin dry. Ploughed or ripped ground is still mush can hardy work it and non tilled ground is hard and can hardy get planter into. Crazy year. Trace of rain today not enough to give me a day off or any relief. John
  11. Weapon

    Flow rater? Can you buy one still?

    Not to defend but even the dealers back in the day used those pipe fittings on lift cylinders and such with no issue. Although today with the higher pressure and flow systems on the newer tractors I’d be scared. John
  12. Weapon

    Sku# to find parts?

    Part # 1809964C92 I believe. John
  13. Weapon

    MX180 vs. Puma 155 opinions

    I’m with gafarm49. The first time I seen a puma with those hydraulic levers way over there I told the salesman who the h•ll wants to go back in time. Get it on the armrest or fugetta bout it. I’ll need to up grade from my maxxam’s here shortly and thinking a MX 150-180 would fit the bill I have a sprayer currently that likes to wag the Maxxam’s tail and need a bit more weigh of a tractor Was told that the MXM’s may not be supported as well as the MX’s cause of the engine they picked and now don’t have John
  14. Weapon

    Carlisle r1 radials

    Sorry meant wouldn’t. Big fingers little phone. John
  15. Weapon

    Carlisle r1 radials

    I have 14.9-46’s on my 5140 and they are standing up well. Have smaller ones on front mfd and they are worn good. Would be afraid to buy another set for rears. John