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  1. Nice! Always wished I had a Big Red, thought they were great little machines, light as a feather too. Yours looks to be in good shape too.
  2. Ohhjj, do we get to see the trike too? 😁
  3. I didn't fill it to the capacity as the field was a bit rough and would dump seed out the front when lifted up. Seeded just over an acre total throughout 12 acres in different low areas, took 3 fills. Yeah for a market garden planter, it tackled the field pretty good.
  4. Crops doing ok in Eastern Ontario, given the amount of rain we have had over the past 3 weeks. Did some replanting in water holes on Saturday. weather sucked, froze my a$$ off at 10*C.
  5. 👍 Welcome to the addiction! Glad to see ya chose wisely.....no GREEN 🙃
  6. Junk yard for cubs. Someone who parts them out instead of selling as scrap steel
  7. Was able to track down some Falken Wildpeaks for the truck, got them installed yesterday. Mechani who did them was surprised I got 110k out of my Duratracs, said most of the ones he has seen were trashed with way less miles on them. So far, Falkens are nice, no road noise at all I find. See how they wear, hope I get 100k out of them. Nice lugs.
  8. Yeah, not gonna do the used tire thing... don't have the time to run to have them mounted all the time or worry one will crap out.
  9. I got a price for the 8 ply's 275/60R20 in the Wildpeaks - $1800.00 installed. Really thinking about going with the 8 ply and hoping I'll get another 100k out of these tires? You find they are decent in mud/snow? Yard at the farm gets kinda snotty in the spring, need something that will clean out good. Even in the fields its a bit dicey sometimes, like to know I have some tread that will get through with little or no trouble. Certainly not out mud'n with them - but when not running black top or gravel - I'm in the fields.
  10. Have to remember we get hosed on a lot of things on Canada!
  11. Got a price on these yesterday, installed 4 of them, $1,600.00 Canadian.... didnt think it was too bad of a price? 6 ply. Anyone else running these in a stock set up for their 1/2 ton? Most other tires seem to be out of stock in my area or an absolute ridiculous price. Its only rubber! When can we start growing rubber trees in North America?
  12. What did you use for your rad hoses, just stock hose from auto parts store? Was changing fan position a PIA? I'm slowly working on the same idea in one of my builds. Its stalled right now with work and spring field work. Nice job!
  13. Likely 10 to 12 I'm thinking. Once the planter is loaded I'm sure I'll need them all????
  14. So dumb question - which is considered the return line that should be put into the single port? When I look at the "kit" they install on these planters, there is two hoses going into a square block with an adjuster knob to control the pressure (gauge acts as read out) then there are two looped hoses, two other valves (one locks both front and back up in transport) and then two hoses to the cylinders. I'm guessing I put the one hose in the top hole with the picture showing the rod being pushed out of the cylinder, then the other in the single port ?
  15. Perfect! Thanks! LOL, yeah its a 3688 - but its dirty now, not really photogenic at the moment! Other ones I have of it. Not really sure why the red paint shows up as a big blotch under stack - only picks it up when the picture was taken!??? ODD. This was the day it came home... the fancy grill bling had to go.
  16. Just a question - running the inside lever (closest to the seat) in the locked forward position with the slide rod to run this drill is okay? Manual says it needs to be constantly pumping in order to maintain needed pressure when drilling. Its my understanding I do not use the float position on this lever as it doesn't work the same. We finally got the pressure gauge on the planter set to stay in the green area as per manual. I always wondered what that extra hydraulic port was for on the left side at the rear. Its all by itself, I thought it was for running a TMR or something constantly pumping? Should I be using it for this application? IF so, how do I hook it up properly? We've never owned a drill like this before or had the requirements of an implement needing constant pumping to be operated. Just want to make sure I don't burn out hyd pump. I can't use the outside lever as I can't lock it out and still be able to raise and lower the markers.
  17. Thank you for the pictures guys and the part numbers. This is the rack I have, looks to be the same as the one Nate has on his tractor, so that's great! I see that Nate's angle is down lower than the end hole of the rack - so you need to drill the rack to bolt that angle in? I figured it would have been tall enough to reach the pre-drilled hole?
  18. Both i guess, will give me multiple options i hope. Not easy to find
  19. I believe there is 2 different styles that fit the front rack of the 88 series? Anyone have pictures and part numbers of those that fit??
  20. How many suit case weights ya need to hold front down and be able to steer?? The 3688 can handle pulling it, lifting it, backing up - but when comes to going forward and turning, its a bit of feat! 12 weights on the front, will they hold it down enough to be able to steer? Normal suitcase weights are 100lbs for these tractors right? Which styles will fit a 3688? Think there was 2 different styles or are there more?
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