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  1. Didn't Mike have a line on those too? Triple R.
  2. I guess I should ask while I'm at it... anyone using Windows 11 yet? Is it a PIA as is every other update with Windows?
  3. Anyone use Mozilla for their e-mail? How do you solve this problem?
  4. Anyone know roughly what a 6 row and 12 row 950 or 955 would weight? 3pth model. And 5000 or 6000 series coulter cart as well? Is this combination a ridiculous set up to run, long and cumbersome to get around? Or are they decent combination.
  5. Nice save, its in good shape too by looks of it. 👍
  6. I had an Onan in my 982 when I bought it - when it ran, great motor, lots of power and surprisingly quiet I found. Then it started developing issues from fuel problems, surging, carb messing up. Any parts I had to buy, hang on cause its gonna hurt when you get to the cash! I finally swapped it out for a Mag 20. It has its issues too, although very minor compared to the Onan. Hopefully you have better luck with this one in the 782. But if your Bolens has one - you are used to how they work. That's a plus for you. My opinion, you can't beat the style of the 82 series. Good luck on this possible purchase, hope it works out for you. Oh, and you do know - pictures ARE REQUIRED if the deal goes through! 😁
  7. That's pretty neat, using your head for more than a hat rack! I see you have trash whippers on it too - you able to no-till with it and have enough down pressure? Or are you planting conventional with it only? Looks like you have the regular two spring set up for the row units, no additional springs added? You running the system off your tractor hyd or you have a pto pump on it?
  8. Other than the weight, anything you would like to change or wish you could change? Would you build another one some day if needed or would change to a different style?
  9. I guess the only way to help solve the seed placement on start up would be to drop the planter while still on the headland to give it a running start by the time it got to where the rows needed to start - IF you could figure out roughly how much of a head start it needed? Not a lot could be done with the lifting of the planter and still hope to get the seed left in tubes into the soil. Good info to have. Never thought of the seeds still in tubes when being lifted or them NOT being there immediately when planter was dropped. I don't think I would like the end transport, it looks like it could be a PIA?
  10. Well thats crappy! That is one thing if I end up building one, transport width will be big thing as most of my fields I need to travel to get to.
  11. Anything you did not like about the 900's bitty? I think it is nice that most guys seem to be able to use without no-till coulters in light ground, getting good seed placement and coverage. I wouldn't use it a lot in no-till, but having the ability is a plus. It would be a big job but buying a 12 row and splitting rows would be good. Even if a new main beam was built and dropped to size needed. Lots of stuff to work with. I am curious about the 8 row planters, see some for sale, but they only have one seed tank. Wonder what the seed placement is like?
  12. Todd, Thank you for the link to your site. I'll have a read of it. So far looks good. I may have questions for you in the future. Overall, are you happy with the conversion? Anything you realized afterwards you should have or could have done to make it work better for you? 2 + 2 looks great working!
  13. Wow, that's a lot of green bins! The cat walk looks so high up, must have been a PIA to fill? Almost crawl around on your knees?
  14. I now know why some of us can't find any weights! You bought them all. That should pack things down!
  15. Is there any advantages/disadvantages to using a 900 or 955 3pth on a cart vs a regular set up with its own tongue? Too much weight, too long, too many hydraulics, etc.??? I've seen a few around now with either a BluJet or CIH cart. Seems to be a lot more 3pth models out there. Especially if going for a 12 row. I really can't imagine carting one of these around on the back of a tractor. Guys that do it must have a heck of a rack of weights on the front! Yeah, the width is what is concerning me. I have one gate at a rental property that is 18' wide. I'm thinking its going to need to be widened eventually just to be safe? Only problem is its his front road gate. I'll need to rebuild a board fence for him if I do! Thinking if I could find a 12 row planter, use the extra row units to split a 6 row width. That is if I can't find a 6 row already split.
  16. Sure if you can. What Brahamfireman says above would sound about right, but hey why not have more numbers! 😁 So when you go to the 12 row units that fold up vertically at either end (wide or narrow row) they would likely be around the 18' mark as well I'm guessing or are they that much wider too? Thoughts on this build? Hopefully its okay to link other sites here? The Perfect Soybean Planter – implements – Soil-Man Forum Cyclo 900 Bean Planter – implements – Soil-Man Forum This guy seems to have thought the project through a fair bit. I'd like to know what you guys think of his fabricating designs - will they stand up, are they over kill or not heavy enough. Those of you who use these planters and know where the stress points are, things you find are wearing out quicker than they should, etc. What is the "rated" hp to run a 12 row 900/955 vs a 6 row? What would a 12 row vs a 6 row weigh loaded with beans?
  17. Ha! Found this one.... Other than being an old model - the concept and parts have not changed much? I forgot to ask earlier - the 800, 900, and 955 planters - all the parts are still available? Nothing is discontinued as far as anyone knows?
  18. What is the max number of row units does one supply tank and drum supply? I'm guessing 8 rows, then they add another supply tank and drum? Is the manifold for a 4, 6, and 8 all the same, do they plug holes on a 4 row or use totally different manifold? How does seed move from tank to drum, is it a spill action or vacuum/air flow pushing it into the drum? Sorry just trying to picture how seed moves in the system.
  19. Anyone seen a video from IH explaining the cyclo system on their planters? I have never been around to watch one work, be interested in seeing the explanation of things. I like the one they put out about the early riser row units. Looking at building a bean planter - so looking to see what all is involved with these planters and ease of use. Trying to weigh the options of a CIH cyclo vs a JD 7000.
  20. I'm interested in this project...did it ever end up progressing? Did you add another seed hopper or did you split the tubes? Anyone know of any videos around explaining how a cyclo planter works? I'd be interested in seeing it. I understand the concept of them but I've never been around one to see it work.
  21. Very cool stuff. Great selection of IH pails and the two signs are VERY COOL! 😎 I can see you turning your shed into a man cave in the near future if you keep finding that kinda bling! Nice job on the trailer, certainly don't see those around every day!
  22. I was going to make one for the rear of the 982, but I'd rather build a box blade or straight blade for the back of it for use in the winter as well as to add weight in the winter. I stole the wheel weights off the 782 to put on the 982 this year for snow removal duty. I am finding the older I get the lighter my a$$ is on the seat and well, I don't have the weight I used to have to add to the back end all winter long! 😁 Yeah, Kraig had a nice Allis, seen pictures of it once. I was thinking of painting my carry all black and red. I'm like you if I paint it white I won't want to use it. My #4 trailer is the same way, needs a paint job but I use it ALL the time, so it would certainly not be a show piece. I have "working tractors", I hate it when they do get a scuff or something crazy like that, but its life.
  23. Didn't have much to do yesterday.... so I figured I'd try to be productive. Didn't get to finish it yet, ran outta time and had to start to bbq and have a beer. Need to put "wings" on it so the stuff won't slide off the sides. For some reason I didn't take a picture of it folded up? DUH! Pull the pins and stand it up and insert pins again.
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