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  1. What interior colors did they have? found a Johnnie reb but was curious when it had a red interior, most pictures I have found had black interiors
  2. galloway, I sent you a private message. Or can contact me at 402-851-0143
  3. fidopwfido

    IH Unistar

    Ok guys, first off this is not mine nor do I know the seller. I contacted him about the truck hoping I could pick up one of the rarest IH trucks built! unfortunately with my budget, shipping, and it missing the correct front axle, I am not going to be purchasing it. I wanted to share with the group in case someone has been looking for one of these. The book I have states only 19 were built. After a few email exchanges, sounds like he is somewhere around $4k. I know that this should probably go to the IH trucks category, but the rare stuff doesn't come up too often and would make one heck of a show stopper with some work and money! https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1971-international/6741162036.html
  4. 806 man, thank you very much. appreciate the information
  5. Just generally speaking, what kits this turbo belongs to.
  6. fidopwfido

    M&W Turbo

    Someone locally is selling an M&W turbo, doesn't know what it came from. Been searching all over the net but not coming up with much of anything with the same part #. Part number 12E-023-6, pic attached. Anyone have a book or manual that shows what this belongs on? Thanks, Tyler
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