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  1. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers for you and your little fella from Augusta GA. Can’t imagine what your family is going through.
  2. Pop up Hay Loader

    Ok. Thanks again !
  3. Pop up Hay Loader

    Thanks Brent, here’s a pic of one with the hitch that’s the same as the one I’m looking at. If you attach this to a flatbed, is there a piece missing?
  4. Pop up Hay Loader

    Anyone on here familiar with pop up hay loaders? I can’t seem to find a pic of how you hitch it to the side of a trailer. Also, it there a certain point you need to hitch it so it will turn/track right? Thanks!
  5. Interesting From Down South

    Not mine. Just saw it looking at tractors on craigslist. https://greenville.craigslist.org/grd/d/international-3388/6449400978.html
  6. Case 8455 Round Baler

    Quick sanity check, please. When you close the tailgate and tension the bailer, should the gauge stay at the set tension pressure or, does it build back up once you start feeding hay?
  7. Case 8455 Round Baler

    Was it the relief valve on the back of the valve? That's the one I haven't been able to check yet.
  8. Case 8455 Round Baler

    Well, just finished leak testing all the cylinders. Thought I lucked out and found a leaker but it turned out the bottom cylinder on the left side of the baler has a hose coming off the main valve. After removing the hose, determined it's leaking back through the main valve block. I checked the o rings on the dump valve and the pressure adjustment valve and they all look good. There's one other tension pressure relief valve on the back side of the valve that I couldn't get to. Am I heading in the right direction? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  9. Case 8455 Round Baler

    Thanks for the replies. So to check the cylinders do you just remove one hose at a time and operate the remote and see if its leaking by?
  10. Case 8455 Round Baler

    Yes, the dump valve on the right is closed and the tension valve to the left of is screwed in.
  11. Case 8455 Round Baler

    I am trying out a 8455 baler and cannot get the baler to hold tension. The baler is in really good condition and the price is good but I'm having trouble finding mechanics near me that are familiar with this baler. It had a loose hydraulic hose fitting that I tightened and it held tension. But, after I released the tension using the dump valve, it won't hold tension. To eliminate a tractor issue, I pressured it up and quickly disconnected the hoses...pressure gauges still drop like a rock. Any ideas on troubleshooting or anyone had a similar experience? thanks in advance.
  12. 966 injector pump leak

    Danny, changed out the o-rings and fuel line. No more leaks. I hope I can return the favor to you one day. If you ever need anything from down south, let me know. Thanks for your help! Kerry
  13. 966 injector pump leak

    Thanks Danny, the hose is definitely not a case IH hose. Looks like a hydraulic hose to me. Someone must have changed it out before I bought the tractor. I'll get the correct hose. Is there anything I need to do before removing the tab and changing the washer? Is this a case-IH part? If the housing is cracked would it be under the tab? If it's the head o rings can they be replaced without pulling the pump? And I'm scared to ask if it's a cracked housing....
  14. 966 injector pump leak

    My 966 has pretty good injector pump leak. Read on here where some have changed copper washers under the flat head screw. Any chance I might be that lucky? Thanks in advance.