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  1. By any chance does it have a parking brake drum on the back of the transmission? Company I worked for had a truck like yours with the same engine and transmission, and the same problem--turned out the parking brake drum was off balance.
  2. Treadwell carb repair----Treadwell, NY
  3. Southern tier of New York --here Elmira near by
  4. I brought this home from Viet Nam
  5. Saw this IH 500 at a consignment auction today
  6. This is an anvil that I bought at a yard sale 40 years ago. Think I paid 50 bucks for it. The iron stand I made for it. If I can find some chalk I will try to find some markings, looks like there might be some letters/numbers on one side. If I find anything I will post
  7. I can't tell you what is the best system----but I can show you a resident that works. Several years ago I spent some time with my BIL in Heber Az----he had a friend in the area that had a "summer home" near by. This property was completely surrounded by Apache/Segraves natural forest---the only connection they had with the outside world was a cell phone. This property was an sheep ranch a 100 yr ago. It has been refurbused and moderized for todays life styles. There is a large main house, a small guest cabin and a modern house trailer for the caretaker----all powered by solor panels. For their water system ther is a large storage tank on a hill above the main house---once a week a diesel powered pump is started to fill the tank. Of course this is in Az so there is no shortage of sun to power the panels.
  8. Here are some pics I took at an auction in upstate New York a few years ago---
  9. Shop built 20 years ago by Amish-----and some pics of signs I have collected
  10. Was raised on a small dairy farm in the southern tier of NY. Started doing a mans work at age 10. Went to a tech school for 2 years, uncle sam sent me a letter--spent a year in Viet Nam. Got a job with a whoesale Hdwe distributer as a stock clerk, worked my up to being the warehouse manager, at one time I had 120 people working for me. Retired when I was 70. I don't post on here very much because I don't have the knowledge that most of you do. However I check in every night to learn some thing new. I have gained more knowledge here on Red Power than I ever learned in school.
  11. From a May 2 1942 Rural New Yorker farm paper. I thought it was a good place to post it.
  12. I think it was in a couple of days-----took it out --washed in running water---rubbed it with a small wire brush---put back in for a day ---washed again ---and it came out as you see it
  13. Probably a lot of you know about this----but in case you don't----I will post. My buddy put me on to this----wish I had known about it 50 years ago. First pic is before----- after soaking in common white distilled vinegar. Be sure to wash in water after removing -----then put a primer on quick or it will rust pretty fast. I use phosphoric acid
  14. Southern tier ----Elmira area. That poor old Mc Cormick Deering has been sitting in the hedge row for a long time. Many years ago I used to ride on the fender while dad drove.
  15. They still deliver my coal with a truck like this-
  16. Went through this many years ago with an old house. previous owners had painted over beautiful chestnut wood moulding. Found a shop that refinished furniture and took the moulding to them. They had a large vat that they dipped the moulding in. Worked out very well and it wasn't that expensive.
  17. Thanks to everyone who took these amazing pictures. And a big shout out to all the folks in South Dakota that made this show happen-----even with all of the covid 19 crap going on. A job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Thanks for the info------makes since
  19. Spent the day their----nice show--good flea --market ---lots of putt putt engines---small local tractor pull-----good food--some pics Anyone know what the small generator is for on the electrall never seen a case like this one--maybe a vinyard tractor
  20. Many years ago we had a 3 strand barb wire fence [wood post]------lighting hit the top strand and popped the staples off of about 1/2 mile of the fence.
  21. Local news here-----4 guys putting up a metal tree stand in an electrical storm----2 dead other 2 in hospital
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