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  1. Here is the last one of our old steel bridges------I am afraid it will soon be gone
  2. Back 60 years or so ago I was involved in a 4-H project with Cornell university. They had purchased several abandoned farms for a research project. Our 4-H club helped build a 10 foot high netwire fence around a one acre plot in the middle of a bare 10 acre field.------I had forgotten all about it until I was reminisceing with one of my former 4-H buddies. We made a road trip to check it out.------The one acre fence was still in tact. The ten acre field had grow up with small brush and trees----but in side the fence area was a small forest!!!!!!!!!!! White tall deer had kept the other 9 acres pretty well trimed.
  3. You can purchase a national membership at the show-----$15.00
  4. Steel cans--with aluminum tops!!!!!!!!!!!! that's a new one on me
  5. I have seen a lot of road graders using Farmall M for power----but this is the first with an I 12-----it must have been under powered. It was a neat little machine-----didn't look like it had much use
  6. Another piece of IH history. The ID tag said--International Harvester----I - 12.
  7. No need for bait in the jar------they just seem to crawl in the hole got 6 of them in one day
  8. You need to make a carpenter bee trap-----check it out on you tube also something new we have tried this year-----daughter saw this on face book-------take a grey plastic bag from walmart-----stuff it full of newspaper and hang it in the eves----Carpenter bees think it is a hornets nest and avoid the area----seems to be working
  9. Bitty----do they still have the rattle snake hunt in Morris?
  10. Same here----looking forward to seeing you at the roundup
  11. If you are planning on exhibiting at red power-----go to there webb site and down load the early registration form and mail it in----you will save your self a lot of time at the gate.
  12. Some pics for the cub cadet guys Ist pic-------- red tractor on the left that looks like a Wheel Horse-----put together buy IH engineers for approval by management-----they said no way red tractor on right----2nd try ---management said go for it yellow tractor in back---- serial number 508---preproduction used for testing pics----2,3, and 4------special cubs made for US military to move airplanes around hangers------take note of the industrial tires---front and rear wheel weights----the extra steel and hook on the back These cubs were brought up from Alabama by a gentleman for display at RPRU. There will be a tent set up in cub cadet area for them and he will be there to give all the details
  13. Found this at an estate sale today-----we are donating it to chapter 17's museum in Millville. Talked to Ben Tarpani and he said he had never seen an upright IH freezer before.
  14. And there is a IH truck on a Montana Farm
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