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  1. Southern tier ----Elmira area. That poor old Mc Cormick Deering has been sitting in the hedge row for a long time. Many years ago I used to ride on the fender while dad drove.
  2. Some pics around the area
  3. They still deliver my coal with a truck like this-
  4. Went through this many years ago with an old house. previous owners had painted over beautiful chestnut wood moulding. Found a shop that refinished furniture and took the moulding to them. They had a large vat that they dipped the moulding in. Worked out very well and it wasn't that expensive.
  5. Thanks to everyone who took these amazing pictures. And a big shout out to all the folks in South Dakota that made this show happen-----even with all of the covid 19 crap going on. A job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the info------makes since
  7. Spent the day their----nice show--good flea --market ---lots of putt putt engines---small local tractor pull-----good food--some pics Anyone know what the small generator is for on the electrall never seen a case like this one--maybe a vinyard tractor
  8. Many years ago we had a 3 strand barb wire fence [wood post]------lighting hit the top strand and popped the staples off of about 1/2 mile of the fence.
  9. Local news here-----4 guys putting up a metal tree stand in an electrical storm----2 dead other 2 in hospital
  10. I have a coon problem here---I also have bunch of barn cats. I found glazed doughnuts work very well----I crumble them up and put in a small dish in the back of the trap.
  11. Two local mom and pop stores here-----One say no more ground beef avialable-----other priced at $7.49 a pound------------------
  12. What's the story on the Scout?
  13. On the subject dowsing-------My buddy and I were discussing this a while ago. He is a dowser----took a branch off of a willow tree and walked around the yard in a few minuets the branch dove to the ground. He told me to try it-----walked the same place he did nothing happened. He then took my hands and we walked around again-----when we came to the 'spot' I could not keep the branch from diveing to the ground. So it must be something in a persons body that causes the dowsing effect.
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