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  1. By any chance does it have a parking brake drum on the back of the transmission? Company I worked for had a truck like yours with the same engine and transmission, and the same problem--turned out the parking brake drum was off balance.
  2. Treadwell carb repair----Treadwell, NY
  3. Southern tier of New York --here Elmira near by
  4. I brought this home from Viet Nam
  5. Saw this IH 500 at a consignment auction today
  6. This is an anvil that I bought at a yard sale 40 years ago. Think I paid 50 bucks for it. The iron stand I made for it. If I can find some chalk I will try to find some markings, looks like there might be some letters/numbers on one side. If I find anything I will post
  7. I can't tell you what is the best system----but I can show you a resident that works. Several years ago I spent some time with my BIL in Heber Az----he had a friend in the area that had a "summer home" near by. This property was completely surrounded by Apache/Segraves natural forest---the only connection they had with the outside world was a cell phone. This property was an sheep ranch a 100 yr ago. It has been refurbused and moderized for todays life styles. There is a large main house, a small guest cabin and a modern house trailer for the caretaker----all powered by solor pan
  8. Here are some pics I took at an auction in upstate New York a few years ago---
  9. Shop built 20 years ago by Amish-----and some pics of signs I have collected
  10. Was raised on a small dairy farm in the southern tier of NY. Started doing a mans work at age 10. Went to a tech school for 2 years, uncle sam sent me a letter--spent a year in Viet Nam. Got a job with a whoesale Hdwe distributer as a stock clerk, worked my up to being the warehouse manager, at one time I had 120 people working for me. Retired when I was 70. I don't post on here very much because I don't have the knowledge that most of you do. However I check in every night to learn some thing new. I have gained more knowledge here on Red Power than I ever learned in school.
  11. From a May 2 1942 Rural New Yorker farm paper. I thought it was a good place to post it.
  12. I think it was in a couple of days-----took it out --washed in running water---rubbed it with a small wire brush---put back in for a day ---washed again ---and it came out as you see it
  13. Probably a lot of you know about this----but in case you don't----I will post. My buddy put me on to this----wish I had known about it 50 years ago. First pic is before----- after soaking in common white distilled vinegar. Be sure to wash in water after removing -----then put a primer on quick or it will rust pretty fast. I use phosphoric acid
  14. Southern tier ----Elmira area. That poor old Mc Cormick Deering has been sitting in the hedge row for a long time. Many years ago I used to ride on the fender while dad drove.
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