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  1. Eric V Bielke

    So Walmart is good for something.

    I think that is the Scout that won the BAJA 1000
  2. Eric V Bielke

    Barn pictures

    Yes always an armstrong unloader------last time it was used was in the 50's. A pic of the inside of the silo
  3. Eric V Bielke

    Barn pictures

    Some pics of the two barns left in the neighborhood---the rest were either torn down or burnt down [had a volunteer fireman that liked to watch barns burn--he went to jail]. As far as we can tell the were built around 1860. The timbers in the first barn amaze me. The barn is 60 feet long---the sill and the plate --and the beam at the hip in the roof go the full 60 feet. The sill and the plate beams are 18 in's square the one at the hip is 12 in's square. They have been saw'n in a mill. How in h---l did the get these timbers up there? The section to the right is a tobacco barn that was moved and attached to the main barn around 1900. The second pic is of another barn with a field stone silo that my dad helped build in 1915. It is 50 ft high---inside dia is 16 ft.---the walls are 18 in's thick. The rest of the barn is in pretty sad shape.
  4. Eric V Bielke

    Vintage Ads

    Thanks-----that is a lot of rail lines-----must have been fantastic service at that time.
  5. Eric V Bielke

    Vintage Ads

    Are the straight lines between the little red buildings rail roads?
  6. Eric V Bielke


  7. Eric V Bielke

    Handyman corner

    This is a handy little tool
  8. Eric V Bielke

    Handyman corner

    Great idea------I think I would like 1/2 and 9/16
  9. Eric V Bielke

    1206 serial number

    Seen this at the Goodrich auction today
  10. Eric V Bielke

    2018 pictures

    WOW!!!!!3 Farmall "A's" from the first day of production that have survived -----and 2 of them found in New York. Anyone know what was the first day of production?
  11. Eric V Bielke

    Water lines

    Same hear -------watched my buddy do it ----tried and it didn't work-------he took hold of my hands and the wires bent to the ground
  12. Eric V Bielke

    Vintage Ads

    I bought a 1972 Ford F100 4 X 4 360- 4 sp for 2400 in Jan 1972
  13. Eric V Bielke

    Re-completed My Inherited Wrench Set

    During my working career I was employed by a wholesale hardware distributor. They were a stocking distributor for S-K tools. They sold mostly to mom and pop hardware stores in the northeastern part of the US. They sold a lot of S-K tools, it was one of there better lines. During the 30+ years that I worked there I doubt that the amount of defective S-K tools that came back would fill a 12 qt pail. They are good tools.
  14. Eric V Bielke

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    An article in the International Harvester Farm magazine winter 1971
  15. Eric V Bielke

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    Maybe 2 years ago--------not sure