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  1. Welcome from Pine City NY
  2. I saw one of those number 10 spreaders sell at a consighment auction sell for $2600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for posting these------brings back a lot of memories
  4. Some stones not to far from Bitty------Troy Pa
  5. Looks like a scout traveler to me
  6. Sorry for your loss------went through the same thing 19 years ago-----she was 56------I think of her every day
  7. Here is a web sight for Knoebels amusement resort------free parking------free camping------free entertainment https://www.knoebels.com/ number one wooden roller coaster in the world
  8. That would work fine for what you want to do
  9. Knoebels amusement resort is only about 25 miles south of Bloomsburg -----a great place to take the kids google Knoebels
  10. Yes wood will work------There were people in the area that used wood to cook on-----It had to be extremely dry to give off a lot of heat.---it also took a lot of wood to keep the temp up. As I recall they use to cut a lot of small saplings and store them in a separate wood shed and they called it kitchen wood
  11. Both my grandmother and my mother cooked on coal fired kitchen ranges. The area just below the lids is the fire box, at the bottom of the fire box should be the grates. These rotate so that the ashes can be shaken out to fall in the ash pan below. The reason the chimney is in the back center of the stove is so the heat from the fire will flow over the oven to heat it before it exits the stove. The pipes inside the fire box are to heat water. They are usually connected to a large tank [100 gal or more] and it usually in another room, this way there is a place to store heated water and also heat the other room. To cook on a stove like this----just before cooking the grates would be shaken to get some of the ashes out----- a shovel of coal would be placed on the hot coals-----the drafts would be opened so there would be a very hot fire----much like OBG would do with his steam tractors. To regulate the cooking temperature ----the cooking pans would slid across the stove to the correct heat you would want to cook with. I don't remember how they regulated the oven temp----I sure it was a challenge to have baked goods come out perfect. As far as needing another stove for heat---my grandmother kitchen was 20 X 20 and it was usually about 80 deg there when she was cooking. As a side note when my grandmother was in her late 70's family members decided she should have an electric stove-----she never used it--put a towel over it and used it as counter space.
  12. I have a good buddy that restored that dozer for George. As I recall he found it sitting in the woods not to far from Williamsport. He convinced George to bring it to his shop for restoration. Next time you see it notice how little wear is on the tracks and the draw bar. Must not have been used to hard.
  13. Here are a couple of pics of one in action ---about 1965
  14. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=millville+pa+ih+prototype+building&view=detail&mid=8EAFA77B32445A1351718EAFA77B32445A135171&FORM=VIRE
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