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  1. Here are some from the southern tier of NY
  2. You cut the belt so that is square on both pieces------then use belt lacing kits to splice it back togetuer wish I had a pic----it would explain it much better
  3. This model "T" was at a car show saturday
  4. As far as I know it is still burning----and I think the name of the town is Centrilla ?
  5. Yes----$10.00----and if I had waited a day it would have been---get this $5.00----but I didn't want to chance someone else snapping it up
  6. I was supervisor for a 4am to 11am shift in a local warehouse. It was always problem on who was not going to show up at starting time. One morning one of my best employees [who was never late] didn't show up---I was concerned that something had happened to him. He came in a half hour late--looking like he had been in a war zone. His story--- He was driving down a country road when a buck deer jumped off of a bank---through his side window and into the back seat of his car. He stopped the car and let the deer out and it went on it's way. I had to go check his car out. Sure enough the driver's side window was broken out----the back seat of his car was trashed---blood and deer hair all over----it was a mess.
  7. Bought this at an estate sale today
  8. Several years ago the wife and I were traveling the beltway around Washington DC----I was in the middle lane of a 3 lane highway---a car was passing in the lane on my left-----a car directly in front of me in the lane I was in lost a muffler---it flew out from under the car and into the lane on my left---mr speedy in the next lane ran over it----the muffler came from under his car directly across our hood-----it was less than 3 inches from going through our windshield-------we took the very next exit and drove two lane highways the rest of the way home
  9. What everyone else has said------+10
  10. If you can't find one someplace else-----it's yours
  11. The stone fork I have --I haven't used in 20 or more years---and at my age I probably will never use it. If you want to pay shipping charges--I will give you the fork
  12. The one I have is made by AMES-----model 16-733. I have had it for years and it has been a good fork
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