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  1. Its been a few years-----but I think it goes like this with the lever in towards the center of the tractor------low range is to the front and high to the back to get into standard operating range----put the lever half way between low and high----you should be able to push it to the left----then pull it back in to gear hope this helps ----doing this from memory
  2. Just went through this------couldn't hear all the BS with my buddies at the coffee shop---had to do something-----went to a hearing center in the local hospital-------doctor checked my ears, and gave me hearing test [paid for by medicare]-----explained what the problem is-and what had to be done to correct it------took a wax impression of my ear and ordered a custom fit hearing aid for me---------$2000--love it
  3. Our local field and stream was sold to sportsman warehouse------a much better retailer
  4. My neighbor was a draft horse guy. Th e team was used mostly for light farming operations -----parades etc. As they got older the were mostly pets. One day when he came home from work one of the team was missing. He found him on a hill in the pasture laying under a large tree. He got his backhoe and buried him their. One year to the day the other horse was missing. He found him laying on the grave of his deceased partner.-----A true story----I still get teared up when I tell of it.
  5. I had a 1956 Ford two door sedan that had the 312 in it.-------only by the grace of God I am still alive
  6. My wife's uncle was a John Deere dealer-----he had one just like it
  7. Our local high schools have this program-----The team in Troy Pa have been one of the tops in the Us several times. The competitions for the US title are held in New Mexico and Mansfield Pa on alternating years.
  8. Check these video's out-------these guys are from Assaria, Kansas petersonfarmbrothers.com
  9. Yes----can't remember all the details----but it has something to do with how the valves are placed in the head
  10. I drove over the interstate 80 bridge that crosses the Susquehanna river during the 72 flood. There was water from one side of the valley to the other----the only thing showing was the top of a silo. I will never forget that sight.
  11. Was there today------a lot of trailers being unloaded
  12. Go to Dann Auctioneers for pics----a lot of older collector tractors
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