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  1. You are spot on where the switch is. Should be a wire from a power source to the switch----wire from the switch to back up lights.
  2. This 1931 Pontiac is a true time capsule----the person in the pic is the 2nd owner. A history of the car---the original owner purchased it new in 1931, he drove it back and forth to work every day--a 30 mile trip. In 1970 he parked it in his barn and bought a new 1970 Plymouth. The new owner purchased it in 1975 for $200, he parked in his barn. In the early 80's his wife said do something with old truck or sell it. He put it on the road in 1985. He removed the spark plugs [check the condition of the plugs-- they were in it when he bought it] poured some AFT in the cylinders and used the hand crank to turn it over--every thing seem to be loose so he cleaned up the points and the carb hooked up a small gas tank, put in a battery and with a few turns over it started. The only thing he has done to the car is replace the tires[Coker] --the spark plug wires---the brakes needed to be relined --He found a local old time auto shop that still had a roll of the original material to repair the brake shoes, the brake operating system is all rods and levers. The only things missing from the day it was sold is a metal cap that goes over the voltage cut out on the generator and a piece broken off the rad cap. Word got out in the Pontiac club and people come from all over and spend hours taken pictures. These two vehicles are the reason I go to car shows. In the last pic notice that there is a gap between the cowl and the glass, that because the wind shield glass rolls up for ventilation !!!
  3. Some pics for OBG----taken at the local car show
  4. Good saws----you won't be disapointed
  5. Same here----soft mattress don't cut it for me. The last one I bought 2 years ago I told clerk I wanted the firmest he had, he said the only thing that would be harder was the floor.
  6. When I went to 4 H camp in the late 50's The Ithaca gun company put on a program that showed us skeet shooting. That was my first experience with shooting a shot gun. It installed a life long pleasure of hunting and enjoying trap and skeet.
  7. Couple of pics for OBG taken at a 4 of July car show
  8. Seen this at a car show yesterday----thought it was neat
  9. We just had a Generac system installed. It took nearly a year to get completed. Went through 3 dealers before I could get one to respond. A nasty email to Generac finally got one to respond. After I signed the contract it was 4 months before it was installed because the unit was on back order.
  10. I'm a Scout guy ---and there so many things wrong with your project that I can,t tell you where to start. That steering system is really scarey --- I would be afraid to drive it.
  11. I use to tell everybody that I wasn't getting old until I was 80---well-my next birthday I will be 82, and I don't consider my self old, but I have slowed down some [take a nap after dinner now]. Take a 2 mile walk every day, mow lawn[2 acres] do some brush hogging, work a couple hours a day in the shop restoring a Scout, go to car and tractor shows, go to breakfast with my car and tractor buddies, and of course check in to Red Power every night. So now I tell everybody that I am not getting old until I am 90.
  12. Pretty much like this --except the hole did not go all the way through and no top I just made a sheet metal bracket to fasten to the rafter. I found that they should be level with the bottom of the rafter and up against the wall. I placed some out in the center of the rafters and they did not catch any Bees.
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