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  1. Eric V Bielke


    Back 50 years ago I worked in a warehouse that sold bulk asbestos to be used for insulation on steam boilers. It came to the warehouse in large drums[maybe 100 lbs]. As a young order filler I would dig this out of the drum and put in a paper bag to be shipped .As of today I do not have any effects from handling the asbestos. But who knows maybe in the future I will have problems.
  2. PA has been ding this for years
  3. Eric V Bielke

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    I don't remember sacks of flour with patterns-------we got our dairy feed in sacks with patterns printed on them. Very common for 4-H projects for the girls to make dresses out of them
  4. Eric V Bielke

    Pickup Glider Kit

    Here in New York state you can't get away with Sh--t. It is plugged into a computer and all info goes to Albany. Even if all dash lights [check engine] are off if the OBC is showing codes present it does not pass. They run this test first------ And then the give it a safety inspection. And don't try to cheat by plugging in an other vehicle----Albany checks to make sure the VIN matches the plugged in OBC. Don't ask me how I know.
  5. Eric V Bielke

    Your Christmas present might be late-----------

    And these idiots at the TV station are laughing about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Eric V Bielke


    Yes--- the owner would like to sell it whole
  7. Eric V Bielke


    Found a travelall in a junk yard in central Pa this weekend. 392---t34 5sp with overdrive--3.73 trac loc--4WD---10'000 Ramsey winch-------body shot I have no interest in it---if anyone does send a PM
  8. Eric V Bielke

    wrench turners please

  9. Eric V Bielke

    Surely you’ll agree

  10. Eric V Bielke

    Deere vs ih. Clear winner.

    Hope you have better luck than me----with 14" snow on the ground it is pretty slow going for an old man
  11. Eric V Bielke

    Fun things to do with your chain saw

    What kind of a tree was that cut from?
  12. Eric V Bielke

    First IH to join my collection

    Welcome from New York state---------looking forward for post from Queensland
  13. Eric V Bielke

    "God Bless our Veteran's"

    The vet banners were put up after the sign was.
  14. Eric V Bielke

    "God Bless our Veteran's"

    Main street Waverly, NY
  15. Eric V Bielke

    "God Bless our Veteran's"

    "Beckey's"-------a mom and pop restaurant in a small town in the southern tier of New York------Good food-----Good service------Reasonable price-------open from 6 am to 2 pm seven day's a week Their building is the first in a long row of building built in the 1870's. Their out side wall has a western exposure and the mortar in the bricks began to deteriorate, they hired a contractor to side it with red metal roofing------painted the front of the building red--white--and blue-----hung up an American flag. Asked for permission to put up a sign---"God Bless our Veteran's"------They were turned down. Their patrons and a lot of the town folks got wind of this. At the next town board meeting the room was packed.-----They got permission to put up their sign----it is illuminated in the evening hours. They have my business even though it is a 50 mile round trip when I go there for breakfast. A Vietnam Vet