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  1. I used it because I knew it would be sitting a while and didn't want it creeping down. My grandfather used it with a 1940 Mack, don't know if it came with the truck, it's quite heavy. There are supposed to be ball bearings that would sit in a raceway below the turntable but I think they fell out years ago, wonder if they could be replaced? Does anyone know who made this gear for IH? Would there be an Electric Wheel equivalent model?
  2. I have what I think is an IH #310 wagon gear. The ID plate is badly corroded and the lettering if off the axles. It is from the 70's>>80's and has 4 lug 15 inch wheels, so light-duty. Some parts connecting the tie rod to the kingpin got bent up on the right side. Apparently the bolt attaching the tie rod bracket to the king pin flange had gotten a little loose and both pieces got bent; the nut on the tie rod was tight. Also the kingpin was/is extremely difficult to turn even though when I grease the zerk it goes in easily and excess comes out at the top. Could it be that there is water/rust at the bottom end of the kingpin that is causing the problem? The funny thing is this all happened with no load on the wagon, just making a shallow turn in some soft dirt with the empty wagon. How does this come apart so I can repair or replace? Just try to remove that bolt/cap at the top of the pin and drive it out? Is it a separate bolt or part of the top-cap? I will have to straighten things out and maybe reinforce with weld where its started to crack and fill in the wallowed out bolt holes. Any parts diagram for this assembly showing the pieces? Thanks for helping.
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