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  1. Hauling a 756

    Anything with rubber tires has a certain amount of movement so unless you are chaining it so tight you are down to the rims its going to bounce. So yes leave the park lock unlocked , chains on all 4 corners and cross them unless impossible.
  2. Not the usual oil discussion

    It must work your the only one that uses it. Our dealer doesn't stock it, so there must be a lot of catastrophic engine failures around the area just waiting to happen. Maybe you need to come this way and listen to all the pumps rattling and low oil pressure clattering.
  3. 1256 Lost All Hydraulics

    Do as GT&T said and you will probably see cuttings laying on that cover inside, you may have to look close but when the splines finally let go the cuttings are usually visable in there somewhere. Atleast that is what I have seen.
  4. 766 engine needing attention, swap or fix?

    766 and 966 fuel tank both sits in cradle. Completely different tanks the a 10,14 or 1566.
  5. 6788 for sale

    And on the 67 it only has 6 speeds.
  6. 6788 for sale

    6x88's don't have a TA handle it shifts with a micro switch on the 1 through 8 shifter (speed shift lever).
  7. Engine swap starter blues......

    I already told him that.
  8. Decal Removal

    Depending on how big your stripe is you can go to your body shop supply store and get what is called an eraser wheel. It looks like a rubber type material that you run with your drill as long as it will go fast enough. It removes the stripe and glue with no residue. The ones I get are made by 3M.
  9. install rear rims

    Just before you tighten your wedges tight for the last time around put a block beside the tire so it touches and spin the wheel. If it moves the block out look at your wedges and you will see when you tighten the nuts it actually moves the rim in or out can't remember right but doesn't matter just figure that out and tighten accordingly you may even have to loosen one side or the other to get them true. Keep using your block as a guide till you are satisfied right up to your final torque.
  10. Weird Fact In Ram Truck Ad

    I really had no idea I know very little about Dodge other than I will never own one. Just a coincidence I guess.
  11. Weird Fact In Ram Truck Ad

    Question for all the billy goat lovers, why is it that the 6.7 litre in the CASEIH tractors get referred to as an Iveco and the Dodge trucks get called Cummins? I have compared the 2 side by side and the look the same. Is it just a marketing ploy, how many Cummins fans would buy it if it had Iveco or Fiat on the fender.
  12. head gasket leak after rebuild

    Make sure its not the water manifold as CIHTECH said. I had a 310 that did that and it took a couple of heat and cooling cycles and tightening carefully each time before it stopped leaking.
  13. An Unusual Square Baler

    Can you imagine baling red clover after its been rained on with that sitting right beside the plunger, makes me itchy all over just thinking about it.
  14. Interesting 4586

    A lot different. A 671 is only 426 cubic inch and 238 hp. I drove a tandem dump truck with a 466 in and thought it was a joke so I guess it doesn't matter what breed it is when they are wore out they are all gutless wonders.
  15. Interesting 4586

    I would and have. I don't know about a tractor but there is nothing better than a well tuned 8v92 and a 13 speed.
  16. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    I thought that had to be you. That sale was right directly the first place to the east of me. I didn't bother going though. We are one of the very few non amish farms left on this road. Its to bad I didn't know you were there or I might have been able to come up with a free beer.
  17. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Carl, did you attend an amish auction last week? I swear I met that scout out in front of my place while I was turning in the yard.
  18. Which Aluminum Paint for Head Gasket

    If you really think it is necessary to put something on your head gasket use copper coat. I just pulled the head off a 436 that someone did that silver paint trick to and what a mess, that paint was like snot you could scrape it off with your finger nail and roll it up in a ball. Unless it is hi heat how well do you think it will hold up? There is no lower quality than rattle can paint let alone in those conditions with heat and cool cycles. Use a good quality head gasket torque it properly and retorque after it has been warm and forget about it.
  19. Need Idea's

    Are you going wider or narrow? I have good luck using a screw type chain binder and heat. Just wrap your chain all the way around the top of the axle and start tightening the binder then heat when you are as tight as you can go and give a few good swats. Be sure you use a good chain, I busted a 3/8's chain once doing this.
  20. Farmall 856 Custom factory T/A delete

    A running 407 is worth $2000 all day long not including the rest of the tractor.
  21. New way to split a johnny popper

    I had to chuckle when I seen that picture. Two weeks ago I pulled against a G Looked just like that only this one had weld wheels on the front, had the same huge pressed steel on the rear it was supposed to be bored and stroked (much like the owners ego) electronic ignition the whole nine yards. He was even burning race fuel or something that smelled good. It sounded impressive and shook the ground sitting still running. He was quite disappointed when my almost stock, pump gas burning 400 beat him by a lot. TWICE!!
  22. How rare is this?

    SDman I know of one 3588 here that's ta delete I was at the auction where it sold and know where it went. I know it was factory as it had no slot for the handle as it should have.
  23. Opinions on next tractor

    Exactly and when you pull the shaft the hole is dry unlike deere where you get a bath in oil.
  24. Opinions on next tractor

    If there are a lot of cases in your area then there must some good case mechanics in your area and lots of salvage units. That being said I would take the 2290 any day especially with those hours. Drive it make sure the powershift shifts hard and crisp. The 504 is a torque monster compared to the 436.