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  1. 18x42 23 degree radial deep tread or something like that. I will say that the firestones seem to wear very well with road travel according to some of the custom big baling guys.
  2. Good tire and far better traction in the mud than firestone. Traction wise they are comparable to a Michelin agribib. Last fall my tire guy talked me into a set of 18x42 stones and I was skeptical but he promised me they were better than the older ones deeper lugs blah blah blah needless to say he is getting them back, useless in the wet clay they plug and won't clean. They are also an 1" to 1 1/2 narrower than the a BKT, Michelin or Mitas. We are trying to make a deal on BKT or Mitas. Oh you might consider Mitas as well they are a USA made tire. If you want a good field tire the Michelin are superior but pricey however the BKT and Mitas are a Close 2nd. I have had all that I mentioned and still have Michelin and Mitas. But the tractor with the BKT's is only a couple miles away and he is very happy with them and he does a lot of road running. Did I mention how much I hate those useless, narrow faced ugly firestones.🤣
  3. Don't know if you are referring to me or not but I was being sarcastic. There is only 2 transmissions 13 or 18 and I have never been a company driver.
  4. I've hauled logs into Wallingford Vt. ,NY and PA so yes I have been up and down in junk with half the hp mentioned oh and no jake brake to annoy people and my bed was a piece of plywood and a hunk of foam laid laid across the seats.
  5. Here's my opinion on trucks, if you think you need 600+ hp to pull a tandem or tridem trailer you are in idiot and don't know spec a truck or buy one spec'd proper. Most states with the exception of a few around the great lakes you can only gross 80-90000lbs right? Here we can pull real loads on 6 axle sleds and B-trains and there are lots around the 400 hp mark doing so. But I guess if you have a 100mph truck with a 9 or ten speed in it with the shifter that almost touches the ceiling and a small pecker you need 800hp.
  6. CDN 400

    Corona virus

    Just got word our schools are closing for 2 weeks for now and then who knows but at least my kids are old enough I can put them to work here doing things.
  7. I should have said I am doing a truck to 3588 not 706. Although the timing covers are different from a 2+2 compared to a regular tractor or combine the backing plates are the same so you don't have to pull the gear train off the front to change them. When I say backing plate I am not talking rear engine plate I am referring to the plate behind the timing cover.
  8. No the front covers are not the same , tractor to truck might work although there is no spot for the power steering pump but truck to tractor the cover and backing plate has to be changed. I am doing this right now and if I knew it was this much work I would have just told the guy to rebuild his old one or bring me a combine engine.
  9. Only time the fluids have to be drained is when going into sea cans. I was in the trucking industry a long time and still have friends in the business and you do not have to drain fluids to cross the border by land. All new cars and equipment are shipped full for example. If that story is true some body got a border agent having a bad day.
  10. CDN 400

    4bt conversions

    What good is a 100hp M? No live pto, no live hydraulics so you have a wagon hauler? The 400 in my avatar only use is taking up shed space.
  11. No duty or taxes unless things have changed but make sure it is spotless clean no dirt anywhere or you will be sent back. I take it you are doing this yourself? Make sure you have a customs broker lined up. I have bought 2 combines and 2 headers all at different times and I hired Floyd Gibbons trucking to haul them back for me and they did everything all the paperwork, set up a broker for me all I had to do is sit and wait. Personally I would hire a good carrier sit back and wait for delivery.
  12. I have used Agri Services harnesses a number of times and the price and quality is excellent.
  13. Sure did with this blue turd. Had that thing for 2 years and tried and tried to convince myself it was a good truck but it was the poorest driving, worst quality tin can I ever owned. Went into a wobble on me about 60mph and within a week it was gone. The only thing good about was the cummins but went back to gasser and life is good again.
  14. CDN 400

    Who did it?

    I never read the joke thread but I take it that it got political? So it got poofed. There have been a number of posts that went sideways and ended up with a bunch of bible thumpers on a tirade preaching to others what they should or shouldn't believe just to justify in their own mind they are right and others are wrong. Some people really don't come here for sunday school, more than once I looked up the rules here and thought I missed something but no. So in short don't insult any political party but c'mon up and get behind the pulpit ……..
  15. Thanks fellas. So far my day has been cutting wood to keep everyone warm.
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