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  1. Sure did with this blue turd. Had that thing for 2 years and tried and tried to convince myself it was a good truck but it was the poorest driving, worst quality tin can I ever owned. Went into a wobble on me about 60mph and within a week it was gone. The only thing good about was the cummins but went back to gasser and life is good again.
  2. CDN 400

    Who did it?

    I never read the joke thread but I take it that it got political? So it got poofed. There have been a number of posts that went sideways and ended up with a bunch of bible thumpers on a tirade preaching to others what they should or shouldn't believe just to justify in their own mind they are right and others are wrong. Some people really don't come here for sunday school, more than once I looked up the rules here and thought I missed something but no. So in short don't insult any political party but c'mon up and get behind the pulpit ……..
  3. Thanks fellas. So far my day has been cutting wood to keep everyone warm.
  4. The only time one of those out house cabs would quieter is when the 1466 was shut off. Don't tell me different I own one of each right now.
  5. It is not leather its vinyl. I had for a vey short time a 2008 2500 Laramie with heated leather seats that had a wear hole throw it so I called an upholstery lady to fix it first thing she did was laugh a "dodge with real leather seats..no" Any how she fixed it looked perfect.
  6. Do the TA now, you are well on your way and if it is slow to lock up its on its way out and will only get worse. You will kick yourself later if you don't.
  7. Contact injpumped on here and he will fix you up. He owns and operates Guenther Heritage diesel so that's all he does. He will walk you through whatever you are wanting to build. He has done some work for me and was more than happy with it and he won't blow smoke up your ass like some try. I know he is not real close to you but its just shipping ,not big deal after all I'm in Canada and he is in Illinois.
  8. I don't know where you are but I hope you are lucky enough not to have the rules and regulations we have. I can tell by the pics it is essentially barnyard runoff and here if you were squealed on or the government were to catch it you would be in for heavy fines and possible reconstruction before any livestock back on the premises. Now don't get me wrong I am not criticizing you in any way but I would never post a pic of that here or let very few see what I done. We have far too many people here in this province that are concerned with WHAT I DO.
  9. I guess if you have a chain drive man purse the size of his maybe you need 3 guns.
  10. I think he has the cow bell hanging in the wrong place.🤣
  11. I tried one ,never again . You still have to remove all the old foam and glue and the don't fit 100%. Like acem said just pull the old one out lay down and glue in the new foam.
  12. If I saw someone beating a tank with a hammer to make it fit I would politely ask them for the hammer and hit em in the nuts with it. It only takes a bit longer to do it right. I had to shorten this whole thing 6" and work tractor or not I don't care. I hate cobblers.
  13. I always tell the guy running the cart to get centered under the auger set their speed a 4 mph and let me load the cart nothing worse than trying to catch the cart or running 2 mph.
  14. Why bother? Our 7120 still has the original under the hood muffler.
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