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  1. I run OTR for a dozen or so years and that tells me a lot about the jack ass that owns it without even seeing him.
  2. It has John Deere wheatland fenders for one.
  3. Take the 2 bolts out and yes out it come from the bottom but its not a nice spot to work depending on how your wheels are set.
  4. Whatever floats your boat I guess but if your not even going to fix dents and imperfections ..might as well use a roller.
  5. There is No good paint in rattle cans, none. As for getting paint mixed and put in rattle cans that's a waste of money, just buy a pint or quart and spray it on with a gun. There is nothing that looks worse than rattle can paint or brush marks. And yes I do a lot of painting and no I don't use iron guard on tractors PPG only.
  6. It ain't that bad ,used to do it 6 times a week when I was running GM in Janesville Wi.
  7. I put a new set of 30.5 radials on my combine about 4 years ago and they are holding up well. Lots of road travel good in the mud ,100% more tire than the firestones I replaced which weren't wore out but the bead split and blew out.
  8. Against my better judgment I just put a set of 18.4x42 on my 4650. I bought a set of the new 23 degree radials a few years back and hated them, they were the ugliest, most useless thing in the mud I had ever owned. I wanted Mitas or BKT which I already have and work well but my tire guy sold me these for the same money and if I don't like them I can trade them back in for the same money. The tread is deeper and are curved, time will tell.
  9. I have repowered probably half dozen or so with combine engines with the combine injection pumps and the ones I did were for more responsive than the tractor pump. One example that really shocked me was hauling poop with our 195 new Holland spreader on a 1066 ,the spreader was backed down in a hole way overloaded hi 2nd bout 1600 rpm out she came never dropped a lick. Had a friend of mine drive a couple and he couldn't believe what an improvement they were over the original tractor pump.
  10. Did you make sure all the clevis pins on the pedal linkage was free and not seized up? Got a 766 here right now that unless you got off and pushed hard on the valves the brakes would drag. I had to heat with the torch to get the pins out.
  11. CDN 400

    Tear jerker

    My son spent a month in the sick kids hospital this past fall with problems of our own and yes it is a very sad place but the worst is the little kids there that no one comes to see them for days even weeks at a time. Every day we would see the nurses walking and spending time with them... that's sad.
  12. That there is that high speed super seal duct tape impregnated with Flex seal. LOL!!
  13. Looks a lot like the 931b track loader I have.
  14. The 236,282 and 301 were a poor excuse for a diesel. Its like IH needed diesel so they stuck injectors in a gas engine and said good enough. I don't even like the gas versions cold blooded fuel drinking turds. How they could have an engine as good as the 361 and then as poor as a 282 is ridiculous they should have stopped using them with the 560. That's just my opinion after working on them.
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