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  1. There is no head gasket it's got o-rings and if I had to guess you have a cracked head. They are as tough as nails but don't get them hot.
  2. I realize there is difference in our money but it's still cheaper then here, we are in the $30-50000 an acre here with the majority in the higher end.
  3. You are very welcome ,glad you got it figured out. Mine was like that when I bought it and took me quite a few hours to get it figured out.
  4. Check the bolts on the belt guide of the big pulley. My 06 2388 was doing the same thing and when the bolts finally fell out the auger fully engaged going across the field full of beans. Not a happy camper.
  5. Make sure to dry fit everything first just to be sure it fits the way you want. Once you lay the adhesive down its a one shot deal ,take your time and shut your phone off when you start.
  6. Any ppg product is 71310 either omni or delfleet.
  7. I was under the impression that you guys could still get regular old iron gard? A couple years ago they started with a environmentally friendly Low voc up here and like I said it is pure garbage.
  8. Yes you are right ,that new low VOC paint from Case Ih is junk. The old Acrylic enamel could be thinned with actual reducer and good hardener added this new stuff turns to jelly when you add decent product to it. Do not try and clear over it if you have used the new iron gard already it will turn to jelly and wrinkle.
  9. What are you using for paint? I have yet to see clear that does not peel that is applied to anything besides base as it was designed for. It may take a couple years but it will start then you are into repainting. If you want it to look good use a single stage urethane on it. Whatever you do don't try to clear over that crap you buy from CaseIH up here its garbage.
  10. Its not just a bolt in and go. The timing cover has to be changed along with the backing plate so that means the cam needs to come out, manifold needs to be changed. You basically strip it right down to a long block and reassemble with your ag parts. You will have a ton of hours and a bunch of gaskets in to it. I replaced a 466 in 2+2 with a truck engine for a guy and wouldn't do it again should have rebuilt the original . Doing a 360 is going to be exactly the same.
  11. Guy has a 915 combine that he says has a 407 in it but not sure now because he also has a 715 that he says has a chrysler gas in it and I know thats not right. I need the 407 if it really is one.
  12. Anyone on here near Langham Saskatchewan? I was hoping someone could put eyes on something for me.
  13. I too have bought a half dozen or so from Agri-Services always excellent quality. Correct colors, oem connectors ,proper length with excellent instructions. I am getting ready to order harnesses for an 806,1456 and 2255 White. And if you want anything changed or modified no problem ,very good people.
  14. They were just cleaning themselves up after eating all the coating off your wiring harness.
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