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  1. Any body that leaves a Case in reverse while doing stationary pto work deserves what happens, first off you can here them whine in reverse because that's what they do second you don't leave any other brand in reverse while doing pto work. After the introduction of the 66 series Case took over this area for years and there is still 6 within a mile of me and no one had any problems.
  2. I cut 6" out of everything. Yes you could use a 10 or 14 fuel tank but that would be waaaay to easy .This way its still mostly a 766.
  3. No that manifold is to short for the 400 series a 360 is about 4" shorter. You have to shorten the fuel tank and all related parts to make this work on a 360. I don't have any pics of the complete tractor forgot to take any yet. Got couple in the middle of painting.
  4. No the original 360.
  5. Thanks, sometime I'll get a pic of the whole tractor. No cooling jets on this either but never sees the field. Injpumped (Ed) helped ALOT with this project.
  6. This is a cummins manifold off a pickup truck turned upside down on my 766.
  7. I wished I didn't sell mine but I got an offer I couldn't turn down.
  8. He don't keep them, just a jockey that advertises what he has here in a very smooth way.
  9. CDN 400

    Stuck Engine

    If the water has been running in the exhaust pull the head now and have a look. I would guess you have liners that are full of rust and if that's the case I would put the brakes on now. If you need to overhaul that engine and you would with even the slightest of pitting otherwise you will have smokey oil burner. For what it would cost to overhaul that engine you could buy a decent looking runner.
  10. That spineless, sissy pos...his wife is more of a man than he is.😠
  11. Oh yes key stock grates will turn straw to dust without even putting the knives in the chopper. Couple lazy guys tried without switching and couldn't even pick the straw up.
  12. Dale, what about the grates? I always change mine to the slotted for wheat so it doesn't beat the straw up so bad.
  13. 2094 is a Case engine not Cummins. A 2096 is Cummins.
  14. Gloss is ok on the interior of the cab but does not look right on the outside ,looks very tacky. If you want to use any good single stage on the outside just pick out a black you like and your automotive paint store has a flattening agent to take the gloss away but mix up small batches because its a trial and error thing the first time you do it. Keep the ratio you use wrote down some where for the next time.
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