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  1. IH 215 plow , serial plate

    Picked up this IH 215 plow the other day that looks to be in original condition. I've seen ih plows with serial plates before but I was wondering could you tell about what time frame this plow is ?. I know it's got to be mid to late 70s . Any help thanks Matt .
  2. A Fast 140 ? But no JKK

    Pretty much figured out by doing some research and talking to a few people that by the end of the 140 production they had just started using up parts and putting what they had left and apparently there was a high demand for the high speed 140's so that's what they had to use up in the last parts of 1979.
  3. A Fast 140 ? But no JKK

  4. A Fast 140 ? But no JKK

    Ok , Ive got a 1979 Farmall 140 serial # 66701J and for the first time since I've owned it Ive taken it to two Christmas Parades this year and the gearing is noticeably faster than any other 140. In both parades I was beside a late 60s 140 and I could not match his speed neither time. I used to own a 1969 140 with the prefix ( JKK ) higher speed gearing and it was just as fast as the one I have now also I passed a Super C like it was sitting still. So what I want to ask is it possible some of the tractors made it out the door with the high speed rear end ? Why does mine have it and its not marked on the serial plate . This tractor has not been into at all other than the valve cover gasket and radiator hoses I put on myself . Completely 100% original from one end to the other . Thanks for the help . I will include photos below . Matt added a Factory R.O.P.S about a month ago Serial plate
  5. Farmall 140 R.O.P.S Finished

  6. R.O.P.S that came with the IH 140 tractor

    There are two tabs welded behind the seat on the Rops that the seat belt attaches to . Chuck got me a IH seatbelt to put on it .
  7. Late model Farmall 140 steering wheel replacement ?

    Ive wondered that too why they used this wheel when nothing to my knowledge in the IH lineup used this wheel . Talking to a friend of mine today and he was telling me that B&S in Wilson NC could order this particular wheel for the 140 tractor . Im going to call sometime this week and see if its true .
  8. I was told today that you could still get the padded steering wheels for the Late model 79 Farmall 140 tractors from CIH . Do they still offer the replacement ? The one below is the one I need to replace .
  9. Farmall 140 R.O.P.S Finished

    Finally finished with the R.O.P.S on the 79 Farmall 140 . Not as easy as it looked to put on but its on and done . just driving around its not as top heavy as you would think and drives great . Its definitely getting some attention at the NC state Fair . Most everyone thinks its home made but its 100% factory . Hope to have some more video on it soon .