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  1. Farmall504#20

    Forum meeting today

    We didn't get there till Thursday morning and we were beat . Left Raleigh NC at 11pm Wednesday and drove through the night to Montgomery and arrived 7 Thursday morning . Anyway I found Bradyboy , BJ and Dirtboys and one or two more . Great meeting all of you again .
  2. Farmall504#20

    100,000th Farmall

    The two Photos I posted Is about all I have found on the tractor ( Original Photos ) . But there was a article in Red Power Magazine a few issues ago .
  3. Farmall504#20

    Forum meeting today

    Was this at Montgomery ? Hate I missed it we left Saturday about 12
  4. Farmall504#20

    Together again 39 Years later , 10 ser#'s apart

    Your welcome , I thought it would make for a nice photo and your right not often you get two tractors so close in serial numbers together . Both were sent to the state of Tennessee on opposite ends to their dealers .
  5. Farmall504#20

    100,000th Farmall

    Standing next to the 100,000th Farmall tractor . Cyrus McCormick III riding the 100,000th Farmall tractor off the Farmall Works assembly line. The tractor was painted silver to mark the occasion. At the front of the line is Superintendent E.H. Sohner.
  6. 10 Serial numbers separate these two Farmall 140 tractors . On the left 79 Farmall 140 Ser# 66896J and on the right 79 Farmall 140 Ser# 66886J . No doubt these two tractor were at the Louisville Ky factory on the same day 39 years ago . Taken at the 2018 Red Power Roundup in Montgomery Alabama . — with Matthew Holder and Gary Bell.
  7. Farmall504#20

    TX 187 Power Module for IH 2+2 tractor

    from Ken Updikes archives
  8. Farmall504#20

    TX 187 Power Module for IH 2+2 tractor

  9. Farmall504#20

    Who's ready for RPRU?

    Should be getting there Thursday morning
  11. Farmall504#20

    Low oil pressure ?

    Yeah it was the CIH 30W oil . Ok Thanks
  12. Farmall504#20

    Low oil pressure ?

    CIH No.1 engine oil 30W