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  1. There are plenty of turbo manifolds-complete setups in wrecking yards around the country. Set the fuel at 125 horse, You will not be disappointed with the results. And that is very safe power for the 986. P.S. I have seen 966s and 986s run reliably in the field at 140-150 hp for years.
  2. Several years ago I was driving my buddies 69 Dart to the race track for him. I stopped at the crossing station and the gal asked where I was going. Obvious to anyone else that the car was going to the drags. She would not let me enter Canada because I did not have a written note from the owner saying it was OK for me to do that. I called the car owner and waited for him, when he got there with paperwork 1/2 hour later I drove the car to the next station away from the gal that turned me around. The guy at that station asked if I was going to the drags, (did not ask for any paperwork) then asked how quick the car was and waved me through saying "Have fun, hope you win!! Some agents have a better attitude than others.
  3. She will still be with you every day. She will walk with angels. RIP sweet lady.
  4. I miss being able to go to Canada. The Mission BC drag strip is maybe 15 miles from my shop. On a quiet day I can hear the cars blast down the track. I hope the border opens soon.
  5. Thanks for posting the pix Beautiful build, I assume that it will run as good as it looks.
  6. They must have changed When I did the swap everything fit like a glove, the instructions were informative. I did not have to try customer service.
  7. I bought a 1572 a couple years ago. GREAT little tractor with one exception, cooling. Even with a clean radiator and tight belt if it is over 80 degrees when I mow the engine temp climbs high. I am running the orange antifreeze and the coolant additive that is supposed to maximize cooling. Has anyone fiddled with a different core for the radiator?
  8. I replaced the Kohler in my 782 with a 18hp Honda V twin about 15 years ago. Got it from small engine warehouse and it works great.
  9. I have had some major life obstacles in the last 4 years. Unfortunate for me I have become a bit more intolerant of those without social skills. I dont really have an axe to grind with any one person on RP. Even tho there are basic ground rules set out by the owners, some people ignore those rules and post political or religious agenda anyway. I used to take great joy in helping members with projects.
  10. One of the best tractors that IH ever built. Keep us posted on the progress please.
  11. Dad had a WD-45 on the dairy farm. M&W pistons, she was a snappy running tractor. Used it to pump manure (worked better than the 4010, and wheel track planted corn 4 rows. We tried it on the IH 6 row planter but that was a bit too much in the hills. Great tractors.
  12. NEED ABOUT 1000 CATS!!!!!!! Or 3 good Border Collies..
  13. In 43 years of marrage I only wore the wedding ring maybe a dozen times. I really did not have to be reminded that I was a married man, and the danger of being a mechanic with a ring was never lost on me.
  14. The act he does on TV is mostly for ratings. Tucker acts like a hysterical old woman most of the time.
  15. One of my neighbors put twins and supporting fuel on a relatives NEW Ram truck. The owner blew the stock transmission in one short day. He was showing off doing 4X4 burnouts. Do the math. New Diesel PU = upwards of $65,000 Engine modifications $15,000 New super built transmission $10,000. Seems that there could be a better way to go fast.
  16. As with anything if these pickups are left stock they have a LONG engine life. The early auto transmissions (pre 03) were troublesome if pushed too hard. I am on my 6th Ram with Cummins, almost all the miles on them are GVW at 25-27,000#. Being a ex hotrodder I played the power game with the ones previous to my current truck. All but one made it to 150,000 miles without any issues. My 2013 with the RFE Chrysler transmission has been flawless so far (100,000 towing miles) but it is near stock horsepower. I advise potential buyers to beware on anything with a power chip in it. Seen way too many kids tearing parts up by doubling the horsepower, then cry when it breaks. This goes for all of the pickup diesels. I had 3 Dodges with the NV 5600 6 speed transmissions. Never had a single issue with them in over 400,000 towing miles.
  17. I have had two pair of Whites boots (made in Spokane) not inexpensive but very well made custom fit boots.
  18. I found a 1206 transmission on a pull tractor that I bought.  I dont know anything about the rest of the tractor.

    1206 transmission 001.jpg

  19. I have had two of my friends die that were in good general health and NOT obese. I know that this is just two examples, but these two people are ones that I knew.
  20. So far my only side effect of the Covid Vaccination is that my libido has gone up. And up.. ?
  21. So far my only side effect of the Covid Vaccination is that my libido has gone up and up. ?
  22. So far my only side effect of the Covid Vaccination is that my libido has gone up. ?
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