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  1. There are plenty of turbo manifolds-complete setups in wrecking yards around the country. Set the fuel at 125 horse, You will not be disappointed with the results. And that is very safe power for the 986. P.S. I have seen 966s and 986s run reliably in the field at 140-150 hp for years.
  2. They must have changed When I did the swap everything fit like a glove, the instructions were informative. I did not have to try customer service.
  3. I bought a 1572 a couple years ago. GREAT little tractor with one exception, cooling. Even with a clean radiator and tight belt if it is over 80 degrees when I mow the engine temp climbs high. I am running the orange antifreeze and the coolant additive that is supposed to maximize cooling. Has anyone fiddled with a different core for the radiator?
  4. I replaced the Kohler in my 782 with a 18hp Honda V twin about 15 years ago. Got it from small engine warehouse and it works great.
  5. One of the best tractors that IH ever built. Keep us posted on the progress please.
  6. I found a 1206 transmission on a pull tractor that I bought.  I dont know anything about the rest of the tractor.

    1206 transmission 001.jpg

  7. Make sure to check the cable to lever point (on the firewall) for free movement. I just did a 886 with a broken cable end because of rust
  8. I built my own, A 90 Degree gearbox and some rectangle and pipe. I side attatch the 466 engines and have a fixture for the IH 4 speed tractor transmission.
  9. I have been installing HyCapacity mcv pumps for over 15 years. No issues yet.
  10. One of my Canadian buddies has a 4BT twin charger in a early Ford Bronco. Near 400 hp and great fuel use. We have to remember the CIH Maxxum tractors with the 6 and 6BT engines in them. More than a few made it to 20000 hours without an overhaul.
  11. I like both the 66 series and the 88 series tractors.
  12. I assumed that this is a Torque-turn engine. Thanks for the help
  13. Thanks for the help, That is what I find nice about this RP page. You can ask a question and someone will have the answer and gladly share without the snide comments of some sites.
  14. I am overhauling a 826 with the 359 diesel engine Does anyone have the engine bolt torque specs?
  15. Anyone know what the Hydrostatic oil capacity is for a I 656?
  16. The front half of the transmission has to be completely disassembled to remove the input shaft. I have disassembled a small frame hydro and it is not a simple process.
  17. I talked to the owner yesterday, I think I have him convinced to "Fix it right" and send the transmission to Herrs.
  18. I have a Utility 656 HYDRO that stopped moving. I split it and the drive hub AND the input shaft are both worn almost smooth. Would it be possible to weld new splines on the input shaft and have it work? I know that this would be very time consuming and heat to the shaft could make it brittle. Has anyone done any barnyard fix like this?
  19. 88 series tractors, 06s and 66 series tractors.
  20. On any 400 engine that runs more than stock horsepower I retorque after a warm up run on the dyno.
  21. I would NOT use ARP studs over the original Binder head bolts. Rod bolts is where I use ARPs.
  22. I have built at least a dozen 400 series IH engines. Most of them field tractors, a couple in the 300 to 500HP range. Used the original head bolts on all of them. The big HP 466 got torqued to 180 and never had an issue. That old steel is really good stuff IMHO.
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