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  1. I have made more than a few passes in a 66 Belvedere Great cars, with a classic tough car look.
  2. gonzo 1066

    ss question

    I started drawing at 62, No regrets yet, it is sad to think that a few elected officials want to eliminate this program. As far as making your assets last, I started a program of alcohol and hookers, If my math is correct my money and life should run out at about the same time. 😂
  3. I used HyTran in our new 1206 and still use it in all of my customers tractors. I have seen some ugly oil come out of a few tractors, by far the worst is the Cenex brand green hydraulic oil. It does not hold water in suspension and that in itself causes major issues.
  4. I have one overhead door on the end of the shop. I would have at least one more on the side placed at least 2/3rds the way down the length
  5. My shop is 36x72 More than large enough to have 3 tractors scattered all over and still get my pickup truck in. (and the quad, lawn tractors, cutting table, collectables, junk microwave and beer refrigerator) The only thing I would change is the door placement.
  6. I have updated quite a few 966s to the 14" flywheel and clutch assembly.
  7. I have been torqueing the countershaft nut to 600 ft lb for the last 20 years. I use a Snapon 250 ft # torque wrench with a 18" multiplier on it. You should know that the nut does not really "Come loose" The countershaft actually flexes under load, this causes a small amount of wear on the spacers and gears, this causes the tension on the countershaft to lessen, eventually the nut comes loose. When you look at the hollow countershaft and understand that it is under constant gear pressure, you will understand how the failure happens. In extreme cases you can install a countershaft support, (tractor pullers have used these for years) and this will virtually eliminate the shaft flex issue.
  8. There is an O ring between the diff housing and the transmission. It has a tube spacer that holds it in place, make sure to install a now O ring in that spot. I always turn the MCV valves on the lathe and polish them with a bit of fine emery cloth . On reassembly make sure to get the countershaft nut VERY tight. I used to always drill the nut and shaft in several places and install roll pins to make sure the nut does not come loose. Now I just spot weld in 3 spots, have not had one come loose yet. Use a rubber band around the bearing that goes into the trans output drum, this makes the instal much easier.
  9. It broke my heart when I sold my cows a long time ago. I kept having recurring dreams of getting back into it. SO GLAD I DID NOT! I feel for those dairy farmers that are trying to hang on, with little or no bright light in the future. All I can say is that there is a life after cows. you may have to dig deep to find your hidden talents. But there are options out there.
  10. Better take 2-3 5 gallon buckets just to be safe. Make sure to replace the O-ring on the shaft when you reassemble the unit.
  11. Take my word, You do NOT want to get shingles!! The worst pain I have ever experienced by far, MUCH worse than childbirth!
  12. Wow!! after reading the comments on what to do (or spend) to make that 6.0 a good engine. I am sure if I had to have a Ford truck it would be a gasser.
  13. My Moms family made hay in the Swiss alps.
  14. I used to be a big fan of NASCAR, the loss of almost all independent teams and the huge cost have made me apathetic about this "sport"
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