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  1. I am lining the blower fan housing with some HMVW plastic sheeting. Will try to post some pix later. Hope that this helps reduce HP usage .
  2. Sorry for the misinformation it is actually a 45" two stage snowblower.
  3. I have a 45" snowblower that come on my 782. Is there new parts available? I am looking a new fan (or fan splined drive sleeve) and the splined shaft that the fan rides on.
  4. I have a British IH tractor in the shop now. A customers that he got at an auction has lots of issues and parts have been a NIGHTMARE to get. This is the last Brit tractor that will ever come into my shop.
  5. One of our neighbors in Wisconsin bought a new 1466 and a 1468. Soon after they turboed the 68 to try to make it pull as good as the 66 did. After installing the turbo kit on the 68 the pan and block "windowed". That seemed to be a common problem with the V-8s.
  6. I have 5-6 boxes of 30-30, sold my gun.   If you are interested. 

  7. There are plenty of turbo manifolds-complete setups in wrecking yards around the country. Set the fuel at 125 horse, You will not be disappointed with the results. And that is very safe power for the 986. P.S. I have seen 966s and 986s run reliably in the field at 140-150 hp for years.
  8. Several years ago I was driving my buddies 69 Dart to the race track for him. I stopped at the crossing station and the gal asked where I was going. Obvious to anyone else that the car was going to the drags. She would not let me enter Canada because I did not have a written note from the owner saying it was OK for me to do that. I called the car owner and waited for him, when he got there with paperwork 1/2 hour later I drove the car to the next station away from the gal that turned me around. The guy at that station asked if I was going to the drags, (did not ask for any paperwork) then asked how quick the car was and waved me through saying "Have fun, hope you win!! Some agents have a better attitude than others.
  9. She will still be with you every day. She will walk with angels. RIP sweet lady.
  10. I miss being able to go to Canada. The Mission BC drag strip is maybe 15 miles from my shop. On a quiet day I can hear the cars blast down the track. I hope the border opens soon.
  11. Thanks for posting the pix Beautiful build, I assume that it will run as good as it looks.
  12. They must have changed When I did the swap everything fit like a glove, the instructions were informative. I did not have to try customer service.
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