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  1. The Engine was a joint venture between General Motors and Fiat (EM motouri) . It was supposed to go into the smaller GM cars for the Europe market.
  2. One of my Nevada buddies put 250000 miles on his 1/2 ton ram diesel. At 180000 miles he deleted the EPA stuff due to failure. It has been a really good truck for him.
  3. More than 30 years ago the county in Wisconsin I grew up and farmed tried to pass legislation to curtail the Germans from buying farmland. This stuff has been goin on for decades. I think there should be a cap on how much farmland is held by foreign hands.
  4. Gee tony Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? All I am saying is that there are RULES on this page. Simply put I get weary of people deciding that rules are only there to take away some "Rights" they assume that they have. If the rules on RP (decided on by the owners) are that there are off limits areas I will gladly abide by them so I can participate.
  5. I agree with this sentiment MOSTLY. I would rather not know your religion, political views, sexual orientation or how much you need guns. I need to know about your love of machinery, your knowledge of engines and the tractors that interest you. (this seems to be the mission statement of RP) Politics discussions ONLY drive a wedge, they do not change minds. There are enough places to madden each other. IMHO
  6. Interesting replies. My original post does not mean I am apolitical, But it does mean that Red Power has been a place that I can enjoy without the negative. I understand many of us have other passions than Red Tractors, but there are areas that should be (in my opinion) off limits for civil discourse.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to the person that sweeps the political garbage out the door of this site. There are plenty of other sites on the internet to holler at people.
  8. I am re engineering the cage mount from how I bought it. It was welded to a flat 1/8" plate. Looked very sketchy to me. So I am going to make it adjustable front to back and have the seat fixed in place. Keeping me as far back in the cage as possible. The discs on this tractor are from Atlas, I cut discs out for the Massey 55 V-8 tractor And have built a couple of hitches for friends. My Torchmate cutting table will handle 5'X10' sheets of steel. I have a gas torch head and have cut 1 1/2" steel for weights.
  9. I have a 5 speed + reverse twin countershaft transmission that eliminates all of the stock transmission gears it drives directly to the pinion shaft.. Built by Atlas Tractor and very durable. Axle bearings are not a wear item on these tractors. Pack them with a good synthetic grease a new seal and all is good. The hitch on the tractor is from ACE chassis.
  10. I will try a different method for posting pix. I got a new Phone apparently I my O/S is not compatible with the phone O/S.
  11. I am dedicating New Year to Jan 7th for only working on the Puller tractor.
  12. THANKS!!!! Today I can start positioning the cage. Can you get me a measurement from the center of the rear axle to the lower corner of the grill?
  13. I would appreciate it, Trying to place the cage and seat close to the right spot, that will tell me where to mount the hood.
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