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  1. gonzo 1066

    This is true Love

    BABY I would do almost anything for you
  2. gonzo 1066

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    Thanks for fixing the pix Wes
  3. gonzo 1066

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    sorry for the dark shot I wanted to show the mountain too.
  4. gonzo 1066

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    Just finished this 1066, one of my dairy neighbors bought it..
  5. gonzo 1066

    Airplane doing stuff

    Looks to me that he is about 10 inches from a hard landing!
  6. gonzo 1066

    Testing my SCUBA gear, Leaving on a trip soon

  7. gonzo 1066

    Good place to pick up a Oliver 1650 repair manual

    Try Korves brothers. Oliver gurus http://www.korvesoliver.com/parts.html
  8. gonzo 1066

    Trucker question

    You guys speculating on why the kids want to sit on the floor of a Peterbuilt...? I think that they are soap box derby guys, they know the lower the center of gravity the better the truck will corner........
  9. gonzo 1066

    I think the yellowstone may flood soon

    Wow that is a LOT of water.. I thought it was high 3-4 years ago when I was in Livingston over the 4th of July..
  10. gonzo 1066

    Chevy Avalanche

    I am not sure that I would want my daughter driving a car named after a natural disaster....
  11. gonzo 1066

    Mopar guys

    FLY FLY FLY FLY I just wish for wings that work...
  12. gonzo 1066

    I wonder what the removal procedure is for this

    I knew I should not have used a rubber!!!
  13. gonzo 1066

    Tariff ,Chess

    I bought 25 sheets of 16ga 4x8 cold rolled sheet the day after the tariff was announced.. Holy @#%$**** and H3!!... that made a big dent in my bottom line.. I was trying to imagine how much the price of a new Cat D11 went up overnight????
  14. gonzo 1066

    Albums that really turn you on

    Dark Side of the moon....................... Bat out of ****..