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  1. We named her Brandi Rose. I picked her up on Tuesday the 6th. In Spokane wa Then drove to Wisconsin she is a traveler
  2. We took the plunge. Got a border Aussie cross female
  3. I will try not to drag this on for too long a time.
  4. Thanks guys This has been a VERY hard couple of days. I have had her for over 14 years, and seldom was she out of my sight. Thick and thin she helped me through some very tough times. RIP Gypsy
  5. Had to take my Border Collie Gypsy Rose to the vet for the last time Sunday. It is so hard being as close as we get to our pets.
  6. I am not much of a Ford fan, I assume that there will be NO carryover heritage (other than the name) in this vehicle. Another sad legacy to a great company.
  7. I was a bit bored in the shop today. My man cave needed light.
  8. Thanks guys.,.. This is one of those projects that keeps kicking my a55 every step of the way.
  9. I am working on a 1466, On the fuel filter to fuel pump steel lines there are rubber seals that go under the brass jam nut. I am having difficulty finding them. Anyone out there know a good place to get them?
  10. I have been satisfied with the Supercar tires on my little car. But I agree, more launch bite would be nice. I always run Michelin tires on my truck, I dont know if they have a good Z rated tire.
  11. I had a Miller 2050 that worked OK Then a HYpertherm 45 that worked much better Now I have a Hypertherm 85 MUCH better. The Hypertherm company is worker owned, this means a lot to me. After buying both machines I got a call from them thanking me, asked if there were any questions. And sent a consumable pack.
  12. gonzo 1066


    Jesus "sermon on the mount' may differ from your view.
  13. gonzo 1066


    There is also such a thing as respect for the norms of other religions (or cultures). sadly many people have a lack of simple respect.
  14. Longacre makes some accurate LP gauges http://www.longacreracing.com/products.aspx?itemid=1716&prodid=7333&pagetitle=Deluxe-2-½”-GID-Tire-Gauge-0-15-by-¼-lb I find it imparitive that I run the correct tire pressure. As you pull out of the hole at the end of the track look at the ruts you leave. If they are cupped in in the center you need more air pressure. If they are bowl shaped in the center. drop your air pressure.
  15. Those tires are made for pulling on a side hill 😎
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