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  1. gonzo 1066

    5,000,000 th International produced.

    I rode in the cab of the 5mil 1066 two years ago in Ft Benton Montana.
  2. gonzo 1066

    RIP Senator - Captain John S. McCain

    Exactly.. Its too sad the vitriol between the parties. Its a poor commentary of a mans character if he denigrates someone that has passed.
  3. gonzo 1066

    Got yank over on the road on the 966

    I was on the 1206 with the 12 row cyclo behind, Instead of going down main street (Delavan Wisconsin) I took a side street. At a stop sign with a no left turn sign, I turned left to go back to the highway. A city cop stopped me on State Highway 11. I pulled up on the curb as far as I could. Still I was blocking one entire lane. He came to the tractor and asked for my drivers licence, I replied that I did not need a drivers licence to drive tractor. After calling in to the office, he came back to me and said I sure stirred up a hornets nest. "Just get out of here. Idiot.
  4. gonzo 1066

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    We all have to understand that the symptoms of deep depression are not alway easy to spot, even to those very close to the one that is depressed. I did not know that my wife of 43 years had contemplated suicide very early in life. This fact was given to me by family members after she was gone.. She suffered a VERY abusive childhood at the hands of her father.. And never got over it.. I would tell you, GET your wife into a health professional as soon as you can!! The national suicide hotline is a fantastic resource to tap into. You do NOT want to feel the guilt that many survivors have..
  5. gonzo 1066

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    One of the misconceptions of depression is that you "Just make up your mind to feel better" Or "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" However because many depressed people have a chemical imbalance that changes the thought process, this does NOT work. There are many avenues one can take to get help, from the Suicide hotline, clergy the medical profession and law inforcement to local help groups. It is a matter of asking and then accepting help. After becoming very very angry over my wifes suicide my therapist asked "Would you be this mad if she died of cancer?" I thought that was a stupid question, till I thought about the nature of mental health. Our grasp of reality can change because of changes in our brain that we dont recognize .
  6. gonzo 1066

    life in our corner

    Nice looking 1939 M in the photo...
  7. gonzo 1066

    This is true Love

    BABY I would do almost anything for you
  8. gonzo 1066

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    Thanks for fixing the pix Wes
  9. gonzo 1066

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    sorry for the dark shot I wanted to show the mountain too.
  10. gonzo 1066

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    Just finished this 1066, one of my dairy neighbors bought it..
  11. gonzo 1066

    Airplane doing stuff

    Looks to me that he is about 10 inches from a hard landing!
  12. gonzo 1066

    Testing my SCUBA gear, Leaving on a trip soon

  13. gonzo 1066

    Good place to pick up a Oliver 1650 repair manual

    Try Korves brothers. Oliver gurus http://www.korvesoliver.com/parts.html
  14. gonzo 1066

    Trucker question

    You guys speculating on why the kids want to sit on the floor of a Peterbuilt...? I think that they are soap box derby guys, they know the lower the center of gravity the better the truck will corner........