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  1. Way back when I was a kid the guy that farmed next door was a Sherman tank driver in WWII He told just a few stories The one that stuck with me is how rough the ride was.
  2. The front half of the transmission has to be completely disassembled to remove the input shaft. I have disassembled a small frame hydro and it is not a simple process.
  3. I talked to the owner yesterday, I think I have him convinced to "Fix it right" and send the transmission to Herrs.
  4. I have a Utility 656 HYDRO that stopped moving. I split it and the drive hub AND the input shaft are both worn almost smooth. Would it be possible to weld new splines on the input shaft and have it work? I know that this would be very time consuming and heat to the shaft could make it brittle. Has anyone done any barnyard fix like this?
  5. Do you think burning old glory is on the same level as displaying the confederate flag?
  6. When I lived in Wisconsin my next door neighbor had a Hitler tribute park-monument behind his barn. He served as a SS officer during WW II. He often told me what a great man Hitler was,how he fixed all of the financial woes of Germany and that the holocaust was just a made up story by the news media. If you google Ted Junker you will be able to read about my neighbor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Junker The memorial was not far from large Jewish communities in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin and caused quite a stir.
  7. As I said "Empathy for other people" Its easy to be egocentric and just tell everyone to F--- off if you dont agree with ME..
  8. It stuns me how many people have no empathy for others feelings. To me the idiocy of flying a flag that represented a VERY anti American time in our history baffles me. OK lets fly the flag of the side that LOST a bloody war, fly the flag that represents the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Its long past time to move on from that part of our past. IMHO
  9. I am happy to know that you are doing better Ed. You telling of your experience is helping me understand that this virus is NOT a scam or a hoax.
  10. I think that you should buy the welder you want. Don't let those of us with practical knowledge influence you. BUT My first wire welder was a Century china built unit. It welded OK when everything was new and perfect. As it got some age (6 months old) it started to show poor welding results that were unacceptable. One of the worst was the wire spiraling out of the tip. I found out later this was caused by the very small drive wheel that put a bend in the wire. When I bought my Miller 250 the quality of my welds improved dramatically. I have since bought another Miller 185 MIG and a Lincoln TIG machine. The Lincoln has been a very nice little machine that works on lighter fabrication. One of the things that switched me to Lincoln was a video that showed where they were built, the people that build them and the owner. Two of the best days of my fabrication life were when I got my first wire welder (cheep foreign built) AND when I sold that same welder.
  11. The perception of ANY group of people can be spoiled by 1 or 2 bad actors. I have seen it in antique tractor clubs, schools, churches and sporting events. Obviously there are a few bad actors in some police squads also. Those that have little or no self control or empathy should consider a different line of work.
  12. I have a really good local owned welding supply shop. I like to support them rather than send my money to ebay (or Harbor fright) only to benefit China.
  13. I have a couple of sea kayaks, went out on the western shore of Vancouver island and in the San Juan islands.. Although my boats do not have guns on them.
  14. 88 series tractors, 06s and 66 series tractors.
  15. Even with a valid complaint the mass gatherings embolden the fringe to act out with no fear. Just a few punks causing chaos and harming society.
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