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  1. Really neat picture from the 1970s at a tractor pull

    That is what I thought...
  2. Ground Hog day

    I have found over the years Jimmy Dean makes a good "Ground Hog" LOL
  3. Injection pump identification

    I have a couple of those pumps on the shelf.. Not much value here
  4. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    I am a NO cab guy for those older tractors. If you do a cab kit for the interior the IH cab is not too bad for the operator.
  5. Hot pressure washer questions.

    I got a new Landa today.. 2000psi electric motor and diesel heat. Will give a test tomorrow on a 1066 TA job.. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the advise guys.. I wound up at a dealership that only sells pressure washers.. Good outfit.
  6. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    WOW! What a mess..
  7. Hot pressure washer questions.

    In the market for a hot pressure washer. 220v and diesel heat. I had a Karcher but the burner coil broke. What is working well for you guys?
  8. Transmission pictures.

    There are a couple of manufacturers that are making a 20.8X38 just for pulling. https://www.propullertires.com/home.html
  9. What USED to sell newspapers?

    I stopped getting our local newspapers almost a decade ago. Too much garbage reporting by penny loafer shod college grads. Unfortunate for all of us, in the climate of unchecked facts we all suffer.
  10. Transmission pictures.

    On the antique pullers I use a 110v planer to sharpen tires. This tractor will wind up with pro double cut 20.8X38s , when it is done.
  11. Transmission pictures.

    This is being built for the BSTPA 466 class 3X3 charger
  12. Transmission pictures.

    Yes Robbie is cutting the cam.. He has such a cool shop, and a nice attitude.
  13. Transmission pictures.

    This will be a LONG term project, Dont know if I will finish in a year or 5.. Hope to take it to Wisconsin to hook with Badger State Tractor Pullers sometime before I am too old to do it. I am building a tube frame for it. Thinking of a coil over front end. The engine block is a late 468 big lifter block, I have custom pistons and special (green) rods for it. The 466 that is in the tractor is just for mockup..Someone forgot that water gets hard in the winter.(NOT ME)!! Getting a custom cam done in Wisconsin, roller lifters will be the stock truck units. Lemke tractor in Wisconsin made me some steel roller rockers and the aluminum front engine plate. . The flywheel and clutch assembly is a Hypermax 3 disc unit.
  14. Transmission pictures.

    The plan is to use my 5088 hood on it.. I have a fiberglass 1066 hood, but everyone has a 1066 puller.
  15. Transmission pictures.

    I had some large life changes.. Mostly doing the hermit thing for the last 2 years. Just now I have started to engage with people again.