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  1. The negative numbers in most of agriculture SHOULD have all americans very worried. But sadly those numbers dont even register with most people.
  2. I had shingles once,, Painful VERY painful, I would rather have steel. IMHO
  3. I think that you spelled God backwards..
  4. I only have 90,000 miles on my 2013 Ram Cummins, So far I am very happy with reliability and performance, It has spent most of its miles towing our horse trailer usually in the 28,000# combined area. Fuel is in the 10 to 11 mph loaded towing in the mountains. (I suffer "Heavy Footitis")
  5. As the father of a beautiful daughter I hope this POS and his cronies suffer in the 7th level of HEII for all eternity. I would bet that ANYONE that flew on the "Lolita Express" should be VERY afraid. The russians have ways of making people commit suicide involuntarily. Just sayin.
  6. Wow! Looks like I cannot argue with reason. Sorry for having an opinion.
  7. There is always a larger bore gun out there. Remember ruby ridge? Last I looked there have NOT been anybody using a tractor puller to kill anyone.
  8. I agree, How much firepower does anyone need to defend his or her home? There has to be a limit somewhere, Maybe we should allow rocket launchers? Would that be enough to placate the fragile male ego?
  9. It says to me,, " I think I will not allow myself to fall asleep in this room. "
  10. Falling falling for my new dog
  11. I own a late model Challenger, I love the car, fun to drive, a great long distance touring style ride. BUT if I had to haul older passengers on a longer trip the Charger with 4 doors would be on the top of the list.
  12. I have owned 3 4020s, In the day they were a handy tractor, but underpowered ( a really good manure spreader tractor). Any 966 will eat the 4020s lunch in real field work. IMHO
  13. We named her Brandi Rose. I picked her up on Tuesday the 6th. In Spokane wa Then drove to Wisconsin she is a traveler
  14. We took the plunge. Got a border Aussie cross female
  15. I will try not to drag this on for too long a time.
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