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  1. Chevy Avalanche

    I am not sure that I would want my daughter driving a car named after a natural disaster....
  2. Mopar guys

    FLY FLY FLY FLY I just wish for wings that work...
  3. I wonder what the removal procedure is for this

    I knew I should not have used a rubber!!!
  4. Tariff ,Chess

    I bought 25 sheets of 16ga 4x8 cold rolled sheet the day after the tariff was announced.. Holy @#%$**** and H3!!... that made a big dent in my bottom line.. I was trying to imagine how much the price of a new Cat D11 went up overnight????
  5. Albums that really turn you on

    Dark Side of the moon....................... Bat out of ****..
  6. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    If the truck has had the stock engine mounted electric fuel pump replaced with the dealer installed tank pump, check for proper flow. I have been replacing the stock engine mount fuel pump with the FASS https://www.fassride.com/shop/product-category/diesel-fuel-pumps/dodge-replacement/ lift pump.. This has worked really well to end run problems with the stock pump
  7. Really neat picture from the 1970s at a tractor pull

    That is what I thought...
  8. Ground Hog day

    I have found over the years Jimmy Dean makes a good "Ground Hog" LOL
  9. Injection pump identification

    I have a couple of those pumps on the shelf.. Not much value here
  10. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    I am a NO cab guy for those older tractors. If you do a cab kit for the interior the IH cab is not too bad for the operator.
  11. Hot pressure washer questions.

    I got a new Landa today.. 2000psi electric motor and diesel heat. Will give a test tomorrow on a 1066 TA job.. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the advise guys.. I wound up at a dealership that only sells pressure washers.. Good outfit.
  12. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    WOW! What a mess..
  13. Hot pressure washer questions.

    In the market for a hot pressure washer. 220v and diesel heat. I had a Karcher but the burner coil broke. What is working well for you guys?
  14. Transmission pictures.

    There are a couple of manufacturers that are making a 20.8X38 just for pulling. https://www.propullertires.com/home.html
  15. What USED to sell newspapers?

    I stopped getting our local newspapers almost a decade ago. Too much garbage reporting by penny loafer shod college grads. Unfortunate for all of us, in the climate of unchecked facts we all suffer.