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  1. I lost interest in Force racing when FORD dropped him. Now it is just another poobox chebby with a HEMI engine in it.
  2. As good a tractor as you will find for light loader and PTO work. Once you bale with one you will never go back to a gear or powershift transmission. I just installed a HERR machine reman hydrostat in a neighbors Diesel 656, The owner has had it for 30 years and will not use a gear tractor for bailing.
  3. I spent a couple winters at the Madison Wisconsin, attended the AG short course. I loved the AG engineering course. Learned a lot about animal nutrition. I learned that State Street had lots of bars that were open late. I also learned that you do not have to spend every night in your dorm room.
  4. Hope everyone of them get healthy, thanks for posting updates. I get tired of people downplaying COVID and trying to make it purely political. This stuff is real, be safe out there guys.
  5. Does anyone think that this is just a kidnapping? Murder would have been the end goal. The radical fringe is getting more emboldened, this will not end well for any of us. US
  6. I had made a couple drifts and pinch bars from steering sector shafts. Great steel (I assume that they are not all the same) In Nevada I scrounged some rock drill rod, this too is good steel for forging.
  7. My best drill set is a Norseman Magnum, USA built (in St Paul) http://norsemandrill.com/Mechanic-Length-Drills.php https://www.amazon.com/Viking-Drill-Tool-66820-Mechanical/dp/B001CZH2SK/ref=sr_1_1?crid=37ZXD74W0CA07&dchild=1&keywords=norseman+magnum+drill+bits&qid=1602113035&sprefix=Norseman+mag%2Caps%2C292&sr=8-1
  8. I had a 1914 Murray 25# hammer. When I quit smithing I let it go. Still have 2 good gas forges and a nice anvil.
  9. Just watch him play the guitar, Very unusual method and a sound that very few have duplicated. Rolling Stone ranks Eddie as #8 in the top 100 ..
  10. NICE JOB!! I used to forge lots of decorative iron. Always wanted to do some damascus blades but never got that far. Keep posting your projects. Have you dealt with these guys? https://www.centaurforge.com/Tool-for-Farriers/departments/481/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=LVG_Farrier&utm_adgroup=(LVG) Farrier Supplies&utm_keyword=farriers supplies&msclkid=2e5e3578e24d1897bc726a0411418dd3
  11. I used to process some of my "mistakes" on the farm. It is really not that difficult, just cut off the parts that you would not put in your mouth. A bit of freezer paper and a good freezer. Sad really that even farm raised people have forgotten how to feed themselves.
  12. Unfortunate for US that we went from independent small processing plants to just a couple mega plants. We used to have a built in safety of smaller plants with fewer workers. We may have to reassess how our food is processed.
  13. I am old enough to retain a fear of Russia, They have a long term plan to topple US from the top of world power. They know that they cannot do this when we are united. All they have had to do is (by social media) insert points of contention that divides our citizens. Along with that they would like nothing more than to see NATO go away. The Russians have been seeding doubt-hate for NATO for dacades. (for more than 70 years we have contained the communists) When we stop supporting NATO the dominos will start to fall.
  14. Elkhorn used to be just before Tomah. Then NTPA put out contracts to Elkhorn and Tomah. Elkhorn lost because the fair board would not allow a beer tent.
  15. However if you look at the 08-09 bailouts remember that GM and Boeing have been producing national Defense items. Should we have let them go broke and then have China or Japan make defense products?
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