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  1. With older stuff such as listed we have gotten reman parts through Fleet Pride or similar. The center section is basically on road. The outer portions are a little different but still off the shelf pieces used in multiple applications from the manufacturer. Hopefully the build tag is still there and readable, you should be able to figure out the supplier part numbers and open up far more parts options.
  2. Don't have one, but gotta say they're one of the best looking tractors of all time.
  3. Yes, very lucky. Guy who was living with a coworker didn't make it, came over a hill & rear ended a loaded gravity wagon. It was a closed casket funeral. Sport bikes are amazing and fun, but you're taking your life in your hands every time you get on one. Sold mine and bought a Corvette, probably one of the wisest decisions I ever made.
  4. If the guy is a JO as you say, gotta find a way to be just as big a prick. Take pictures and document the loss, expenses for legal purposes. Hire the most expensive custom baling guy you can to remove said debris. Send the jack-wagon the baling bill and also claim fodder is worthless... after settlement, sell bales and brag about it. OR, crap happens. With a little work it's extra free organic material for your ground. Plow it in and consider it free fertilizer.
  5. My buddy is in residential construction, told me he was quoted $16 each for stud length 2x6 earlier this week... at his wholesale price.
  6. It's a very good idea. Yes, lexan will scratch and it will haze, especially if the tractor spends all its life outdoors. But it could literally save your life if something of sufficient size were to get kicked back at ya. Newer Massey tractors have a mower tractor cab option that replaces the rear windows and right side door with lexan. Hint for minor scratches and hazing, I have had relatively good results with a rotary buffer and automotive rubbing compound for cleaning them up. Key is to keep the area wet and not get too aggressive with the buffer.
  7. You will need to decide what kind of vacation you want to have.... What kind of weather, what kind of scenery, what kind of people and how many people per square mile.... how much do you want to spend? If you haven't been here, the first thing you will be amazed by is how BIG the US is. Next will be how diverse in geography, culture, economy, weather. I've been to 30 of the 50 states and can recommend all sorts of things to do and see, but in my 44 years I have only seen a small fraction of what this country has to offer. You're coming for 3 weeks, so just plan to come back for 3 weeks every yr for the next decade or two and you will start to see some of the country. I recommend you divide us by time zone, work North/South in each one.... 3-4 weeks for each zone. Travel by car, most states have more road mileage than England has in total. Let us RPF folks know what area you're in and we'll help you out with stuff to see. If I get the 40 acres I wrote about in another thread you will be welcome to rough it out my way in Northern Minnesota.
  8. During the summer, a guy I know leaves grain & salt licks between the 2 apple trees that strangely just popped up about 75' outside his kitchen window. Of course he doesn't feed them those last couple weeks before season begins, but the apples always seem to fall off the tree just a few days before opener. And the kitchen window screen always seems to need cleaning or repair about that time of yr.
  9. The land is in Two Harbors area. I reside near St. Cloud.
  10. I just assumed everybody does it & no one would notice.
  11. After analyzing the finances, with a little discipline, creativity and luck, I'm thinking I can have both... will be heading down south to look at places too. This land is pretty much falling into my lap and far too good to walk away from. Thus the low budget tractor. For now, thinking I need to stay under $10k. I have local access to a couple old HD5 Allis, both a dozer and a loader. Another acquaintance has a small Cat excavator. There are existing roads that just haven't been maintained, very little dirt work is going to need to be done. A skidloader would be great, but I think a majority of the work I'll need to do involves PTO driven attachments... mower, snowblower, etc. And something big enough to pull some healthy sized timber, so a compact is probably out. I was thinking something like a 986/1086, wheel weights & chains, put a loader on it. A 5120 MFWD or equivalent would be sweet but is out of $$$ question.
  12. Possibly going to get 40 wooded acres with a lake view.... Really Nice! Tallest hill for miles, building site has a grade to get up but the 360' view will be worth it. There's a few overgrown trails/roads. Going to need a HD brush mower and will have to address snow removal, 3-5' annual snowfall in the general area. Budget is going to be tight. Thinking a tractor will be the best starting point for equipment... lets see some ideas.
  13. preignition and detonation Do remember, these new turbo gas engines are using direct injection like a diesel. That's how the NA 3.3 v6 in my Kia can make 290 hp. They have what would have been an unattainable compression ratio on anything less than race gas, but can inject good ol 87 oct. at TDC thus avoiding preignition.
  14. I completely agree with you, but you have to admit for the average sheeple out there it was a wise chunk of advertising, which was my intended point. And the fact they are building a 350k sqft facility shows it must work.
  15. Something tells me the acre or more claim was a bit optimistic.
  16. Goes to show what smart advertising can do. Anyone who watches onelonelyfarmer on YouTube may remember when he got his first Krone baler. It had been demo'd and showed up a mess. After they seen his video, the whole sales team showed up with catered lunch, washed & waxed the baler and made some custom decals of his channel logo that they installed on the sides. Have to admit I was impressed.
  17. Not to hijack the thread, but I wonder how the Coyote 5.0L would hold up with an EcoBoost style induction..... Super Duty EB V8.... I wonder why Ford hasn't tried it yet.
  18. I think the EB is one of those "no middle road" stories. Either you have nothing but good luck or nothing but bad. We have tons of them at work running just fine well past 200k, yet a buddy of mine was on his 3rd engine at 120k. It's probably all in the useage and maintenance. I heard a good EB description a while back, you can have Eco or you can have Boost, but the two don't ever happen at the same time. My fear of the things is repair cost. You could buy 3-4 Chev LS long blocks for the price of a 3.5 EB.
  19. If it's $150 for a keg, I'd say that's not too bad.... it was $120 20 yrs ago. My buddy bought a kegerator a few months back. He keeps it stocked with Bent Paddle out of Duluth and claims he saves 75% over buying bottles. IIRC, he said it's $180 a keg.
  20. All is new, I had the tank off and steamed it out, put a new petcock on it before I reinstalled. New fuel lines and fuel pump. The carb has been off a 2nd time to verify I didn't miss anything. I put in a new needle and seat the 2nd time to be sure. I have full fuel flow by gravity and even more cranking. I put in another new sparkplug to verify I didn't somehow hurt the 1rst one. When I run it, the enrich (choke) circuit/valve doesn't change the way it runs. I know these machines have a rev limiter in the ignition system. It is acting like it is hitting the rev limiter well below the rpm it should, unless it were in PNR. If I can verify this is the issue by unplugging a wire, it becomes easy, but I need to know what wires to unhook.
  21. There is a white wire and a white wire with a red stripe going into the CDI box, the others appear to be the exciter and pulse wires, can anyone determine if these are for the rev limiter? I need to remove the limiter circuit to verify the problem isn't in the CDI or coil.
  22. That's fine, I don't get outta work until 1am anyway.
  23. Wondering if anyone has a PDF shop manual that covers a 2008 Sportsman 500 HO carb or at least a wiring diagram. Got one I was getting fixed up to sell. Seems to be having a rev limiter issue that is kicking my arse. Doesn't want to rev over 5100 RPM. Carb is clean 2x and filled with new parts, tank steamed out and has new petcock, fuel lines and pump new too. Ran great for a few miles. Then washed off and installed plastic. I have to have gotten something wet, but not seeing it yet.
  24. Cattech

    The verdict

    It's a tough one for me to judge. I know a pair of young sheriff deputies out to prove themselves that could use a little lesson in humility. They take their turns pulling over every vehicle they can, and tear around the town like teenagers with their first hot rod. I wouldn't mind in the least to see these little pricks get their wings clipped. But in this case, I believe a gross injustice has occurred. And I think every big city LEO ought to be turning in their badge today... before they become the next sacrificial goat on the alter.
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