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  1. I won't buy another cheap puller. I have a selection of both good & bad. There is no comparison; 2 pullers - 1 OTC, 1 china, look identical, even same threads on push bolt.... same flywheel.... china puller cranked down as tight as my impact would get it & no go, OTC; impact barely rattles, flywheel off. Couple theories on why... closer tolerances and better metal - the cheap puller distorts and pinches the push bolt.... and a better ratio on dis-similar hardnesses - two metals of the same hardness will gall together under severe load. I have bought most of my OTC tools through Amazon. I go to the OTC website, find the P/N of what I'm looking for and paste it on Google, then find the best price.
  2. If someone comes up with a real way to store electricity, EV vehicles will take over in a heartbeat. We are surrounded by electricity, a single lighting bolt could power a city for days if we had a way to capture and store it. As I said in another thread a few days ago, the entity who figures this out will be some sort of rich. That said, IMO, Elon and his Tesla are a fraud, sucking up subsidies and tax breaks, selling an inferior and even dangerous product to niaeve people who have more money than brains. That "truck" is definitely ugly, and I loved the bullet proof window demonstration! Pretty much sums up my opinion on Tesla..... failing promises.
  3. First off how fast is the engine turning at low idle? The CVT is just like that used on a snowmobile, there are flyweights trying to fling outwards due to centrifugal force being held back by a spring. If the engine is spinning a little too fast, it will try to engage the belt. As stated above, something may be sticking in the drive clutch, or the spring may have broke. I would have to look at the clutch to tell if it is rebuildable or one you just replace.
  4. Lots of good stories and examples. The thing I was thinking about, is you didn't have a choice but to buy local for the most part, and isn't it amazing how much we take it for granted today. Go back to say 1990, and you need part X for your car. It didn't matter where you bought it in town, you had no idea whether it was high or low quality beyond the price paid and the reputation of the place you bought it. You had no idea if a store or dealer the next town over sold it for less. You probably wouldn't know if there was an improved or updated part available. The resource of info just wasn't there. It really hit me researching parts for my buddy's 1974 Ford L 800 log truck. The previous owner had parked it saying parts aren't available. A little digging and most everything is available, just not at an acceptable price. But a little more research is slowly fixing that too. And you might have to buy a service manual to figure out how it goes together. Today, youtube has a video that lays it out step by step. Another interesting thought, despite the nearly unlimited knowledge at our fingertips, funny how people are less likely to fix things themselves than ever before.
  5. I was going to respond in Perry's thread on his Gehl skid steer but didn't want to hijack.... There are many parts by all makes and in all types of machinery where you can save huge amounts of money by doing a little research into who supplied the oem and buying direct. Many times there are several layers in the supply chain who all have added their 30% mark-up as the part passed through them, before you know it a $25 item is over $100. Sometimes you find a part is used in something else and is sold much cheaper. I found the front brake shoes and wheel cylinders in my Suzuki ATV are the same as the rear brakes in a Geo Metro, went from $100 a wheel to $24 to do both. My neighbor and I were talking about this a while back. How imprisoned the average person was before the internet.... If you needed an auto part, there were 4 places to go; the cheap aftermarket store, the expensive aftermarket store, the dealer, or a mail order catalog. I'm just old enough to remember those days and I can't even say I know when it changed. But now, before I go to a store, I have the part numbers, the price, and I know how many they have in stock. If I don't like their price, I find it for a price I can live with and it ships to my door in a couple days. Just an interesting thought, figured I'd share and see what others have found. And, do you think this is an improvement or a problem, anyone have a business negatively, or positively affected?
  6. Thought I seen one of the guys on here was in Eagle River, Alaska. Was going to ask if they'd run into that Youtube guy Corey Williams yet. I've been watching his channel since he started this current adventure, he's on day 73 or so of moving to AK from California. He'd never seen snow in his whole life Right now, it's still all kinda a joke to him, can't wait to see how him & his lady take -40F. Lot's of awesome scenery up there, hope to come up & get some riding in someday. You want to check out the youtube guy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqEZdtqi4IlzmASqAjHGiHg Another question, I've always wanted to drive the Al-Can highway. But unfortunately, I have one of those whiskey tickets & heard you don't get across the border with one of those on your record, does anyone know the particulars to that law?
  7. I love hydraulics, electronics are pretty fun too

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      *** I know Eric and his wife Brittany Vacko, not by choice though.*** They are crooked all the way. Eric and Brittany have been charged with stalking, hacking into the DMV and now as of December Eric's wife is being charged for Felony theft by swindle. She was charged in my cases and now for this current case where she and eric bought a car, eric altered the odometer and listed it on Craigslist. Eric taking the call saying he would send is "sister" (who actually is his wife Brit...

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