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  1. Rust is generally what kills trailers. If this thing has corroded to the point of needing weld repair in one place, there's probably a whole lot of other places waiting to happen. If I was thinking about driving 4 hours to buy a trailer, it would have to be one heck of a smoking deal and be something that was road ready with the pictures to prove it.
  2. now was that because of the local population, or because the camera crews liked the weather during filming season? Your choice in January..... film Ice Road Truckers in North Alaska or Cops in South Florida. hmm.
  3. Cat spec is a 30wt TDTO. (Transmission and Drive Train Oil) A Hytran style oil will work fine if in general duty use and is Cat approved as an alternative. That old of a machine, any oil with enough viscosity to lubricate, but not too thick to pump will work. Back in the day, lots of contractors just filled everything with the same oil as what was used in the engine.
  4. I was a fan of the Technic Legos. Some of this guys videos popped up in my suggestions on YouTube, interesting stuff.
  5. It will be interesting to find out how humidity affects things.. The skin grafts no longer have sweat ducts and cannot produce skin oils, thus needing to apply lotion for life. So IDK how comfortable I'm going to find heat. After this next summer, I may be considering moving next door to AKwelder or doing a tour of duty in Antarctica. They basically told me I will sunburn easily in any place that burnt but can also attain frostbite faster than I will know what hit me. Areas that were burned and just healed will get back to normal in 2-5 yrs, grafts are not so fortunate.... If only there w
  6. Doing good. When I look back at the pictures and realize they were taken only two months ago it's quite remarkable really. Only real bummer is that the skin graft areas will need lotion and extra sun precautions for life.
  7. I hear ya on working with the dealer. For this type of electrical equipment I use Rick's Stator. I have been ordering from them through Amazon. The regulator for the Widetrak was about $40. I hate to say it, but I wouldn't be surprised if you got a bad regulator out of the box. My buddy at work received a bad one from Kimpex. You would think OEM Polaris parts would be good. But they wouldn't be the first company to sell a cheaper aftermarket part to support what they consider obsolete models. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion as yet. In fact, the symptoms do not match up to that bei
  8. Southwest would be ok, but where? California is mega taxes. Anyplace that has water or scenery has rich liberal snobs. 1/2 the states are water poor and you don't own the well you use. Tennessee is nice and supposed to be the most tax friendly state. Beautiful scenery but a little chilly, they get shutdown for a week when an ice storm hits. It's all a long ways in the future anyway. Still have living family in my area & my house is in need of a lot of work to be ready to sell.
  9. That's a good one, I will have to think about it. Only load that goes up with RPM is the CDI. I wonder what kind of amperage the lighting coil is putting out? Ohm test the lighting coil. I can look up the spec when I get home from work.
  10. My recent injuries have zapped my tolerance for cold weather. Last yr, while I was bundled up plowing my driveway for the 3rd time in a week, I was thinking it was a job I could just as well do without. Over the last decade my interest in riding snowmobile has shifted somewhat to ATVs and I find myself looking more & more at boats. So, as I sit here staring out the window at the blanket of snow, I find myself wondering why I stay in this forsaken state as it slowly slides into communism. With my skillset and experience, I can get a job at a Cat dealer anywhere. FL is r
  11. Not a seasoned hay guy here anymore, so mostly Greek to me. But one thing I remember from youth... My old man decided to build a couple hay wagons... Hand stackers for behind the 14T. He worked for a company that was building the sound attenuation walls along I494 around the Twin Cities. They had miles of board ft of extra and waste T&G green treat 2x6 plus nice 8x8 GT posts. All of this wood was rock hard and had a slick varnish like coating. Good Plan Dad! Then he messed up. Most hay wagons I've ever stacked on have their deck boards running side to side. Dad so
  12. Farm crunch of the '80's & 70's interest rates... HP wars of tractors beginning in the 60's & still going. Urbanization around metro areas..... 1721, one farmer cleared 2 acres and fed his family. 1821, one farmer worked hard to cover 20 acres and maybe fed part of a local town. 1921, one farmer considered 200 acres doable and probably put in less physical labor than the above, sells crops that reach the large cities of the US. 2021, one farmer covers 2000 acres without hired help and produces 5x more crop per acre than above, sells crops to the whole world.
  13. Agreed, swapping juice to air brakes is a losing proposition. When you add up the logistics, price to labor to little unsuspected details to legalities, a person is better off getting a different truck. As mentioned above though, there are several options for engaging a PTO that don't have to be so complicated. Small 12v compressor and tank, manual cables, electric clutches... stuff that is ready made and easily installed.
  14. Funny thing, the emissions equipment used on diesels that have taken them out of favor.... primarily focuses on elimination of NOX gasses..... In the effort to be green, most gasoline contains ethanol. When you get to a certain level of ethanol content (not sure on the percentage but it isn't real high)... gas engines produce just as much NOX as a diesel.
  15. Cattech

    dumb tv

    One click, one channel is either fed by an antenna, or a traditional cable provider. As I mentioned above, your TV may or may not have a tuner built in to hook to an antenna. Hooking to the cable provider to get that function is going to cost you a monthly fee. Just because you're not using their "box" doesn't mean they give their programming to you for free. "Smart" TV is basically like surfing the internet with your TV. You go to a website, that becomes your cable company for the time being, then you pick your shows or channels within their site. There are lots of "free" websites, selec
  16. Cattech

    dumb tv

    I would love to help you more, I know quite a bit about this stuff. But I will need a lot more specific info about your current or prior cable/satellite connection, internet service - and the current structure of what they are charging you, what you want to watch and how you expect the thing to operate. From what you described, the TV is already hooked up on wifi and working. Leave the Comcast app alone and find other services IE, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Newsmax, Weathernation. There are 100s, many are free, some you have to sign up with. If you want the TV to work like the old cable
  17. Yes, you can do so.... but... the voltage being sent to the headlight is delivered as AC voltage. All the LED conversion bulbs are rated for DC voltage supply and are fixed polarity. Most of them will take the AC input and work, but for how long? The internal diodes will probably burn out prematurely. This is where my above recommendation of using an electric start regulator with the built in rectifier comes in. You have to rewire the headlight circuit off the rectified voltage wire, but will then be using DC current.
  18. ↑↑ Just a note, the Polaris machines without electric start just have a regulator, the electric start machines have a rectifier built into the regulator - thus the extra wire coming out, this provides DC voltage to charge the battery. You can install the electric start style regulator in a non-electric start machine and use that output to supply DC voltage to various accessories that don't take well to AC.
  19. Those voltages are too low, the headlight would be pretty dim with 5-9 volts. The orange glow coming out of the voltage regulator doesn't sound so good and is probably your problem. These systems can be a little goofy, I'm going to guess the regulator first send too much voltage and then after the bulbs burnt it fried to ground - thus the low voltage reading now. And as I mentioned in the other thread, the regulator is a known issue on that vintage Polaris sled.
  20. Cattech

    dumb tv

    I am going to assume you are trying to watch broadcast TV off an antenna or cable / satellite? First, many new TV's do not have a VHF/UHF tuner built into them anymore, you will have to look at your TV specs to see if yours does. It sounds crazy, but there are many people these days who don't even realize local TV stations still broadcast over the airwaves. If the TV doesn't have an internal tuner you will need an external antenna converter box to do what old TVs all had built in. Much like when the digital TV replaced analog and we all had to buy a new tv or a converter to keep the old o
  21. Old boss liked this one. Cross arms are down, lights are flashing, bells are dinging... but his train just ain't a-coming. In proving to everyone you are not a wuss, you sure secured the title of ass.
  22. Back when calories didn't matter.... Cat factory training I went to took the class out for a nice dinner at a rather well to do establishment on their dime. Place was known for their prime rib, and the big portion is around 28 oz. Of course, most of the guys looked for the most expensive meal on the menu and order it because it's free. I just really like prime rib. Meal comes, I chewed through everything before 1/2 the class finished their sides.... young & dumb, no manners! Instructor seen how I put it down and asked how I liked the meal. Cocky kid I was, "I could eat
  23. Those are the factory Polaris skis for a newer Widetrak. They are reasonably priced compared to aftermarket units and use the same wear bars as the originals. IIRC, the only modification required to install them was to run a drill bit through the spindle bushing to go from 3/8" to 10mm bolts.
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