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  1. Those standby genset units do live a hard life. When they start, they have to RUN. I'm not in the EPG end of the dealer so I don't see them firsthand, but the above listed heaters and prelube systems are supposed to have greatly increased the life expectancy. Modern electronic controls have done a lot to protect them as well. Battery and inertia backups have helped too.... 5-45 minutes of time for the backup to come on-line rather than go cold to full load.
  2. I work at a Cat dealer and am well aware, but that one truly does have 900k and hasn't been apart. The engine is set around 225 hp and is in a roll back that seldom sees a GVW more than 30k lbs. As I said above, it has to do with application and maintenance. I never paid attention, but I would bet that engine has burnt less fuel than many do by 2-300k.
  3. An '05, I would need the engine serial number to be sure, but isn't bad if all updates are done. The base engine is pretty good, longevity is all about the application and maintenance. I have one customer pushing 900k on a roll off tow truck. In a heavy dump truck it's more likely to be worn out by 3-400k. As stated above, the fuel system is their bane. The pump fails and sends debris downstream to the injectors... scoring them.... gotta replace everything. $6-7000 in a dealer shop. And, if you cut a corner and have a shop that doesn't know the engine do it cheaper, they probably won't get it cleaned out properly, so you get to do it again.
  4. I was just looking at the news on it, I guess they were able to build a fire break through the pile overnight and have pretty good control on it now. They are going through the mess with demo excavators sorting the "cold" and "hot" into separate heaps.
  5. I first seen the smoke at 394/494 interchange on my way back from Bloomington on Tuesday, at first I thought there was something going on at the Xcel Sherco plant. Drove by it last night around 1AM, flames were visible from 3-4 miles away.
  6. This one is impressive, been going for a few days and they figure will go a few more. Ran the town, local paper mill, and power plant water supplies to minimums and are taping irrigation wells to get more. Drove past it last night, biggest fire I've ever seen. https://kstp.com/news/chopper-footage-of-becker-recycling-plant-fire-/5649587/ And for anyone who spent some misguided college days in St. Cloud, a favorite old hang out burned too. The Press went up Monday night. https://knsiradio.com/news/local-news/fire-destroys-press-bar-downtown-st-cloud
  7. Cattech


    Couple weeks ago I had an infection under a wisdom tooth. I was lucky enough that all 4 came in without problems, but figured they would have to get pulled sooner or later. Antibiotics took care of the situation this time so I figured I bought some time.... Not so much, noticed a sharp little thorn poking out this morning, very much painful.... wth.... prodded around and found there is a whole extra wisdom tooth pushing the first one out.... and a lump in the general area on the other side. It now appears that I have to get 6 wisdom teeth pulled!
  8. Mines a '19, So far, so good....knock on wood. I only hit 13k yesterday. And I completely agree on having a close dealer, I have several nearby. When I started looking last spring I wanted a Ford Edge or Chev Blazer, but the Kia was $20k less and rated higher in reviews....
  9. Cattech

    Who did it?

    There were a few f bombs and some scantily clad girl pics with sensitive areas scribbled out that wouldn't have been ignored by the HR dept at my work.
  10. Mine seems to be working OK. I would guess there is some local issue that will get worked out, I have had a couple days in the past as you describe. On the pictures, I would recommend you get them downloaded from Yahoo and save them on some sort of backup drive. I keep all mine on a few USB memory sticks.
  11. Are those still body on frame? And since you're not planning on towing, I have to ask why the Durango? I went to a unibody built crossover SUV and am not looking back. Kia Sorento, 200k warranty, 290 hp v6 that still delivers as good as 30 mpg, AWD system is more capable than any pickup I have ever driven, huge amount of cargo space, been pulling my toy trailer better than my Suburban ever did... and more American built than the big 3.... Under $30k nicely appointed, brand new. Hyundai/Kia are currently holding some of the highest quality ratings in the industry, only beat by Lexus and Porsche.
  12. Cattech

    Who did it?

    I am the last person to be offended by a dirty joke, rough language, or a little political needling, however I can't fault BJ one bit. This board is called the coffee shop, not the truck stop. You may be sitting at the counter with the guys, but there is a family with 3 sets of young ears in the booth right behind you, and they have just as much right to be there as the rest of us. Rant over, good day.
  13. Seen this last week, lucky! The fact no one got hurt is kinda hard to believe when you consider the crowd and their proximity. Surprised there wasn't already a whole load of safety regulations written concerning those driveshafts. Driveshaft loops have been in use for 30+ yrs and as far as I always thought, mandatory.
  14. That Cat 994 loader is double the weight of a D11 and makes it look like a toy. The new 994K is 520,000 lbs. a D11T is "only" 249,000.
  15. Are we talking about actually operating it in the field or just driving? Driving around in the yard, Challenger MT965 for ag equipment, Cat 992G loader for heavy equipment. In the field, I run the 3788 2+2 every spring, and I have spent some time in a Challenger MT865C.
  16. I use nearly all of the usual known sites. I like weather underground for all the personal weather stations tied in it. https://www.wunderground.com/pws/overview This site is pretty neat but not as accurate as it seems for some things. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=39;-96;2&l=temperature-2m I recently started using Tropical Tidbits, it gives you all the official weather models. I admit it is a little over my head, but that's how a person learns. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gem-ens&region=us&pkg=z500a&runtime=2019112100&fh=240
  17. Be glad you get to use the old Cub. If you find a cab to put on it, you'll really be having fun!
  18. I think most of the people who say servicing the trans when it hasn't been taken care of are mis-guided. What happens is they were having some issue or another and finally change the fluid. The fresh oil and filter make it better so they go down the road a couple months or thousand miles and when that previous issue becomes a full failure they blame it on the servicing. Kind of like always finding a full pan of fresh oil on a forklift with a hole in the block. Fastest troubleshooting wiil be to drop the pan and filter, cut filter open, inspect both for debris. Only if it's clean do you bother to go forward.
  19. Cattech

    1460 combine

    Old Axial Flows are the most supported 40 yr old combine out there since so much of it carried into later models. I'd bet you could nearly build one from scratch with the aftermarket and used parts available. Easy to work on and reliable. What to look for... as with any combine, one rock can make a $100,000 machine a $50,000 machine in a couple seconds... or a $2500 combine a parts/scrap heap. I break a combine into 5 systems and inspect them in order; engine and chassis, threshing drives, whole crop flow, clean product flow, operator convenience. This works well because you are addressing the most expensive and critical components first, each subsequent system won't work if the previous one has a deficiency.
  20. And for once I was expecting a picture of a couple birds or something....
  21. Google Maps directions.... turn left NOW!
  22. Machines, location and time redacted to protect... Machine A dropped in a swamp.... Company hired to recover it dropped much larger machines B & C in trying to reach it.... They had to build a corduroy road into swamp to rescue all 3. Then the road had to be removed, no trace could be left. Machine A ended up totalled and could have been scrapped on site, taken out in peices. B & C both required major work to rehab. Recovery cost many times the value of machine A, which was basically brand new.
  23. Know a story about a machine rented from a dealer by an employee that ended up in a septic tank.😶
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