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  1. 19 Sorento V6 AWD, just hit 50k. So far has been trouble free and have another 50k of warranty in case I do have problems. I didn't plan to keep it this long, but since all the lots are devoid of new vehicles, it looks like I'll be in it a bit longer. With gas headed for the stars and this things 28 mpg, not complaining too much. Yes, Hyundai/Kia have been having engine issues, from what I can tell, it's limited to certain 4 cylinders in the lower model cars. The larger vehicles made in various US plants have been fine. I can confirm 2 people I know with Kia Souls that both got engines around 90k. Kia picked up the bill in both cases. I wanted an Eco-Boom F150 for a while. I'm not sure what I think anymore. Performance is there, but reliability has been 50/50 among guys I know who have them. One guy was going on engine #3 at 120k and he sent it down the road. Back to the Kia, I wanted the Chevy Blazer or Ford Edge. Was looking at $50-55k for either. The Sorento was right there in performance and finish and got it for under $30. So, guess if I did have to put an engine in, I'm still money ahead.
  2. Kudos for a guy to DIY. Always appreciate the acknowledgment.... Used to love this Snap-on poster.
  3. Dirtpoor beat me to it, I was going to point out how all the small farms are getting bought up by BTO. Don't get me wrong, there's no shortage of dealers deserving a bad name. And yes it sucks if your local is one of them. Another thing to consider. If you are getting poor service and ill treatment at every place you go, what kind of customer are you being? I'm the easiest going guy you'll ever deal with, but there's a few people I won't lift a finger to help. If a customer brings a rude or hostile attitude to my office, I'm not inclined to give them any reason to come back.
  4. You know, actually doing the math, I have to question some of the numbers pushed at recent meetings. I don't think we sell $1B in parts, though I do know there are some big customers who do few Mil' a yr themselves. There's numerous metrics corporate pushes on dealers and various incentives for meeting them. The 8 figure number probably includes those. But my point, is so many are harping on their dealers and various charges and fees, but there's another side to the story. We're trying to keep our heads above water and stay in business too.
  5. That's not delivery fees.. that is upcharges for "hot rush" orders... Say I need a part that the dealer doesn't have on the shelf in one of our 30 stores but the manufacturer has it in both the local depot and the central hub. I have to choose a delivery priority. If I order it 3 days out, it will come from the hub and cost X dollars. If I order the part for immediate pick up at the local depot, there will be a 20% upcharge - so X times 1.20.... The 8 figure price tag was for those charges which we absorbed out of profit margin rather than pass on to the customer.
  6. May have told the story before but.... My buddy at work went for a test ride with a customer who was having a repetitive driveability issue on his truck. This guy didn't have a passenger side seat in the truck, so buddy was sitting in the bunk with his laptop hooked up to the truck, customer was driving. They got out on the freeway bob-tail, and the customer gave it the beans.... Matt, sitting in the bunk was paying attention to the computer.... until he had vehicle speed on the screen and seen 124 MPH... thought he found a problem, until he looked out the windshield and realized it was reading correctly.
  7. As a service manager who writes estimates, manages the jobs in the shop, and closes service calls/generates invoices... I find above examples appalling. I use a 10% rule, as in the final invoice needs to be within 10% of quote. If scope of work changes, you dang well talk to the customer before proceeding. I try to make the possible up-charges clear going in, I.E... should cost $____ if we get in and find xyz it will cost $abc. As to parts surcharges, what is to be done? The manufacturers are trying to streamline parts inventory systems and are pushing charges down to dealer levels. I won't say how much my work ate in delivery fees last yr, but it was in excess of 8 figures. That kind of money will sting the biggest of dealerships and has to come from somewhere.
  8. I'm not up on proposed legislation for limiting speed for trucks. But I will point out that virtually every truck with an electronically controlled engine, which is pretty much every truck produced since the late 1990's, already have speed limit settings in the programming. Simply hook up the laptop, go into "configuration" highlight speed limiter, and select change.... enter a number. Someone should point out to the airheads coming up with this stuff... if they want to pick up about 2 MPG on all the new trucks, all they have to do is relax the Tier 4 emissions standards.
  9. I'm usually over on the general discussion board, have to remember to come here to add to this one. If anyone is looking for my thoughts, PM me or drop a line over there. On the timing cal, it might be-just fine, if it is running ok and not giving an active fault, then it's obviously within the electronic tolerances. I can't say as to how much effect not being calibrated even has.... because I would never let a customer have his engine back without performing the procedure. It sounds like your boost is on the low side, a few above think it's way low. Truth is, 20-25 PSI can be completely normal for that engine, it all depends on the flash file in the ECM. A timing cal could also cause it to be low. People hear their engine is set for 550hp and 1850 ftlb torque and that's all they think about it.. truth is, there's about 10 different flash file versions of that setting for each and every S/N prefix. Every one gives different torque curves, optimum RPM, etc. It was all spec'd by the original purchaser and the OEM dealer... and probably changed 3-4x over the last 20 yrs. So, without a performance spec p/n and arrangement number, anyone guessing on that boost number is doing just that. As I said above, can't say how much effect timing cal has, just that Cat says the procedure is required when the timing gears have been disturbed. It might be worth a few HP, or some MPG... At $5 a gallon, can you afford to not to make it right? A .5 MPG increase pays off a shop bill pretty fast these days.
  10. Any chance the eroded port can be replaced, or drilled/tapped so you could install a replacement soap siphon from a better pump? If not, how about a replacement pump? Already have a decent engine and a chassis, put a more durable pump on it.... that's my plan when the cheap pump on mine grenades.... https://m.northerntool.com/shop/tools/category_pressure-washers+pressure-washer-accessories+pressure-washer-pumps-pump-oil
  11. Pizza joint I drive by every day has a sign out advertising $22hr to make pizzas. It used to say "up to" now it says "starting at".
  12. Nothing like a little strife to make a guy appreciate what they have. I can't claim to have ever been in a financial pinch or a truly tough economic time in my life. Hopefully never will. I don't necessarily think the younger guys entering the work force are lazy, they just haven't faced any sort of hard time. Maybe you could call covid bad, but a good portion of blue collar trades never shut down, and unemployment benefits have been widespread. Despite the constant bombardment of bad news, in no time over the last 50 plus yrs has there been a time of mass starvation and helplessness. Hard to accept, as I don't feel that old, but the newest generation wasn't old enough to understand the 2008-10 economic crunch, and they were either in diapers or not born for 2001 and following economic slowdown. So, they/we are victims of mass prosperity. I don't think we want another Great Depression just to make a few spoiled kids more appreciative.
  13. That's a big part of the problem these days. A local business is advertising for help on the radio, they're paying a $400 per paycheck bonus rewarding on time, every day attendance.... wonder if it actually works? With some of my younger techs, I don't think they'd care. The instant they see a full day of PTO time banked, you can rest assured a sick call is coming.
  14. The correct fix is a new cam, you'll need it anyways when the cam bearing spins. Next try is only torqueing bolts to low side of spec with red Loctite on threads. Then there's the taillight warranty hand fitting that involves a flapper wheel on a die grinder & making the front bearing "custom".
  15. Telling ya, these work very well.... https://www.amazon.com/Airthereal-MA5000-Commercial-Generator-Deodorizer/dp/B0795P2674/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?crid=U88LVUFYOVD7&keywords=ozone+generator&qid=1650125970&sprefix=ozone+genera%2Caps%2C433&sr=8-6
  16. First, drop all bottom guards, pull floorplate, open everything and thoroughly clean out and wash with hot water pressure washer and liberal amount of degreaser. Then, hose it all down with diesel fuel, let sit a day, wash again. Cab, less easy and depends on how much you want to spend. A new headliner, floor mat, seat cushions will take care of most of it. One of those $50 ozone generators left in the cab for a couple days would knock it back pretty good too. We had a few rental machines that were used to dispose of euthanized poultry flocks back during the last bird flu rounds 10 or so yrs ago. Pulled the interiors out of the cabs and soaked with a cleaner similar to Simple Green, power washed and left to dry in sun. After putting them back together, tossed a couple dryer sheets under the seats.
  17. I guess I don't know any reason why you couldn't. I don't have one apart in the shop to go look at right now to say for certain.
  18. It's actually only a 10 minute job when you've done it before. One other check, hopefully you haven't already put everything together on the top end... very rare occurrence, but check that cam turns freely after torquing gear to camshaft. Have one or two a yr where the end of camshaft swells a couple thousandths once bolts are tight, sticks in front cam bearing. It's best to catch it before spinning the cam bearing and ruining the head.
  19. I've seen our DOT patch beams that had been hit but the damage wasn't as bad and usually only the outer beam. The bottoms of those I beams is under tension, not compression, so if the pre-stressed cables are not damaged, they shouldn't have lost much in integrity. While expensive, for a company of that size, even if they have to replace the whole bridge, the bill probably won't exceed their insurance deductible.
  20. Any time the timing gears or head is disturbed, Cat recommends a timing calibration...... SMCS - 1912 i01907628 System Operation Description: Use this procedure under the following situation: Use this procedure if any of the following conditions exist: The ECM has been replaced and the old ECM will not communicate with the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET). 22-13 Check Timing Sensor Calibration is active. Work has been done to the front gear group. The primary engine speed/timing sensor provides an engine speed signal (rpm) to the ECM. The signal is created as the crankshaft gear rotates past the pickup of the primary engine speed/timing sensor. The secondary engine speed/timing sensor provides the timing signal to the ECM. The signal is created as the camshaft gear rotates past the pickup of the secondary engine speed/timing sensor. A unique pattern on the gear allows the ECM to determine the crankshaft position. This unique pattern on the gear allows the ECM to determine the top center position of the piston in the No. 1 cylinder. If the signal is lost from one of the sensors, a diagnostic code is generated. If the signal is lost from one of the sensors, the ECM will use a special type of logic that will allow the engine to start on only one sensor and this special type of logic will allow the engine to run on only one sensor. Timing calibration is accomplished by installing a special magnetic transducer into the side of the engine block. The magnetic transducer senses a special slot on the crankshaft counterweight. The magnetic transducer is connected to the ECM through the P400 Speed/Timing Calibration Connector that is on the engine wiring harness. When the engine rpm is from 1000 to 1200 rpm, the ECM is placed in timing calibration mode with Cat ET. Illustration 1 g00660979 Note: The Timing Calibration will not increase the available engine power or the Timing Calibration will not decrease the available engine power. Do not expect an increase in power due to the performance of the timing calibration. Replacement ECM If a replacement ECM is required, the ECM parameters and the timing calibration can be transferred from the suspect ECM to the replacement ECM. Timing calibration will NOT be necessary. This feature requires Cat ET and this feature is only possible if the existing ECM can communicate with Cat ET. Table 1 Required Special Tools Part Number Description 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer 7X-1695 Cable 7X-1171 Transducer Adapter 9S-9082 Engine Turning Tool Test Step 1. Install the 7X-1171 Transducer Adapter Turn the key switch to the OFF position. Use the 9S-9082 Engine Turning Tool to put either the No. 1 piston or the No. 6 piston at top center. Rotate the engine in the opposite direction of the correct engine rotation by the following amount: 60 Degrees Use the following procedure for a C-10 or C-12 engine: Remove the timing calibration plug from the right side of the cylinder block as the engine is viewed from the flywheel. The timing calibration plug is located on the No. 4 cylinder rod pocket. Install the 7X-1171 Transducer Adapter into the hole for the plug. Use the following procedure for a 3406E, C-15, C-16 or C-18 Engine: Remove the timing calibration plug from the left side of the cylinder block as the engine is viewed from the flywheel. Install the 7X-1171 Transducer Adapter into the hole for the plug. Results: OK - Proceed to Test Step 2. Test Step 2. Install the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer on the Engine NOTICE If the crankshaft is not in the correct position when the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer is installed, the Magnetic Transducer will be damaged when the engine is started. Put a 2D-6392 O-Ring Seal on the end of the magnetic transducer. Note: A small amount of clean engine oil will allow the seal to slide onto the transducer more easily. Push the magnetic transducer through the adapter until the magnetic transducer comes in contact with the outermost portion of the crankshaft counterweight. Move the O-ring seal downward against the adapter. Withdraw the magnetic transducer 1.0 mm (0.04 inch) and hand tighten the nut on the adapter sleeve in order to secure the magnetic transducer in place. Connect the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer to the 7X-1695 Cable . Results: OK - Proceed to Test Step 3. Test Step 3. Start the Engine and Allow the Coolant to Reach Operating Temperature Start the engine and run at low idle until the engine has warmed up enough to exit cold mode operation. The status screen on Cat ET will display "COLD MODE" in the upper corner when cold mode operation exists. The engine will adjust idle rpm from cold mode idle to the programmed low idle rpm when cold mode operation is complete. Check for active diagnostic codes. Use the procedures in this manual to troubleshoot and repair any active diagnostic codes before attempting a calibration check. The engine must not have any diagnostic fault conditions that are present during the timing calibration except the following condition: 22-13 Engine Speed Signal Calibration Not Performed After the engine has warmed up, set the engine speed to 1100 rpm by the use of the cruise control switches or the accelerator pedal. Note: The engine rpm must be steady within the 1000 to 1200 rpm range in order to perform a timing calibration. Results: OK - Proceed to Test Step 4. Test Step 4. Connect Cat ET Connect Cat ET to the data link connector. After the engine has exited cold mode operation, access the "Timing Calibration Screen" on Cat ET. Access the following display screens in order: "Service" "Calibrations" "Timing Calibration" Note: To perform a timing calibration, the engine rpm must remain as steady as possible at approximately 1100 rpm. This can be performed by the use of the cruise control switches or a steady foot on the accelerator pedal. Any changes to engine rpm that are more than 100 rpm will slow down the procedure. These changes will also reduce the accuracy of the procedure. Connect the 7X-1695 Cable for the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer to the P400 Speed/Timing Calibration Connector. Ensure that all of the connections are made correctly. Results: OK - Proceed to Test Step 5. Test Step 5. Calibrate the Speed/Timing Sensor To calibrate the timing to the correct setting, select "Continue" on Cat ET. Wait until Cat ET indicates that the timing is "CALIBRATED". Note: If Cat ET displays "CALIBRATION UNSUCCESSFUL", the electronic injection timing has not been set. Recheck the tool installation and tool operation and try again to calibrate electronic injection timing. If the crankshaft and camshaft gears have been reassembled incorrectly, the engine will not calibrate. If the timing calibration has been successfully completed, do not exit the timing calibration screen on Cat ET until you have disconnected the 7X-1695 Cable for the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer from the P400 Speed/Timing Calibration Connector. Expected Result: The timing calibration procedure was completed successfully. Results: OK - The timing calibration procedure was completed successfully. Proceed to Test Step 6. Not OK - Repair: Perform the following procedure: Verify that the engine rpm was stable during the testing (± 50 rpm). If the engine rpm was unstable or the engine rpm could not be controlled within ± 50 rpm because of mechanical factors or electrical factors, refer to Troubleshooting, "Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or Is Unstable". If all of the problems have been corrected but the timing can not be calibrated, check the cable of the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer and check the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer in order to verify that the Magnetic Transducer is not bent. If the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer is not bent, restart this procedure. STOP Test Step 6. Disconnect the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer Before Exiting the "Monitor/Calibrate Timing" Screen Disconnect the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer from the P400 Speed/Timing Calibration Connector. Exit the timing calibration screen on Cat ET. Note: Exiting the timing calibration screen on Cat ET will drop the engine rpm to the programmed low idle if the cruise control switches were used to maintain engine rpm during calibration. This is normal. Expected Result: The magnetic transducer was disconnected before exiting the timing calibration screen on Cat ET. Results: OK - STOP Not OK - If the magnetic transducer is still installed after exiting the timing calibration screen on Cat ET, vehicle speed diagnostic codes may be generated. Repair: If vehicle speed diagnostic codes are generated, the vehicle speed diagnostic codes should be cleared. STOP 1MM1-UP, 2KS1-UP, 2WS1-UP, 3CS1-
  21. Don't forget to check/adjust cam gear backlash.... (.015"). You will need to have the timing calibrated afterwards as well. (hook up a probe that reads crankshaft and calibrate with Cat E.T.) Calibration will not take if cam backlash is too tight or too loose.
  22. Experiment I'd like to see, someone charge their EV using a good quality gas generator. Figure out the gas mileage that way once. I'm sure it has been done, just haven't seen it. That's where I see the 50% efficiency I mentioned above. Charging a battery basically is converting electrical energy into chemical energy. Roughly 75-85% efficiency... Then using a battery is converting chemical energy back into electrical energy. Once again roughly 75-85% efficiency. Add the 2 together and you get 30-50% loss. They always talk about the usable amperage a battery holds, but you never hear how much power is being used to charge them.... But I guess it doesn't matter if the electrical power is abundant and cheaper.
  23. I can understand, even if I live alone. Missing a leg or not, Kiki is a good looking cat. I'll probably get an orange tabby in the future. Bengals have gotten way too expensive and you don't normally find them at a shelter.
  24. If I ever have a 3 legged cat I'm not gonna waste the opportunity to name it Tripod.
  25. I could be wrong on 80 acres, it's just something I recall reading at one point or another. Maybe you can put them up right next to one another. But I haven't seen a modern wind farm where they have done so. Why we picking on wind turbines or solar when this thread started about electric cars.... not intending to be pol'l but same folks who want us in EVs think we can charge them using above pure sources. Another interesting thing I read. When you charge a battery, how much of the power you take out of the wall actually becomes power you can get back out of the battery? Again, second hand info, but for every 2KW used charging, think you get to use 1KW power. Think if you had to buy 20 gallons of gas to put 10 in your tank.... wait... gas prices are....
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