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  1. Always stunning .... God's handiwork!
  2. At 123, even with SPF 100 sun screen you might turn out "extra crispy"
  3. I gave $60 for mine with all mounting brackets about 10 years ago at an auction in Waynesburg Ohio. No rust holes or broken/missing glass, but paint not as nice as the one pictured above.
  4. Jeff, Am I correct, ...... red, white, and blue are obvious, does the black represent shadow of someone saluting?
  5. Wow! That bugger looks like it was big enough to be a people eater! Have seen pics of ones that swallowed full size pigs whole.
  6. I remember toads gettin' baled also. (Small squares)
  7. Welcome back Dennis, how's yours coming along?
  8. I'm no help, once I acquire things I like, they become loved members of the family, especially red tractors! My brother has no problems with buying/selling stuff. He has a photo scrapbook of over 200 cars he's bought/sold over his lifetime, just as an individual, not a dealer.
  9. Ya', especially when the 4" hose slips off the dump valve and you're kneeling down to open it. Don't ask how I know!
  10. Zeke looks like he's real unhappy about it too ......... NOT!
  11. I usually find my missing stuff right after returning form the store to replace it.
  12. Please tell the utility pole it needs to move 20 feet to the right!
  13. My dad used to say you catch a bird by putting salt on it's tail! LOL
  14. I ran over a wild mallard nest 30 years ago while brush hogging in the middle of a meadow, not much water in sight, just a very small creek that all but dried up in the summer. Anyhow, 2 eggs perished from the mower, but I took the 4 eggs that survived in to my wife who put them on an electric heating pad laid inside a stainless steel mixing bowl. Must have been pretty close to hatching, as 4-5 days later, wife had 4 ducklings follow her all over the house. when they got big enough to fly, we took them to a wildlife sanctuary nearby.
  15. Oh Finney, please say yes ^
  16. Whatd' you expect ..... from china
  17. Chinese knock off Viagra tabs.
  18. Ya', begins with Wa. Seen it many times, and then I not only have to sh!t, but puke first.
  19. I thought I was gonna' see a pic of Nan..... oh never mind!
  20. + Thanks for the photo clarification Jeff. For a moment, I thought you were one of those wacko patriotic America loving conservatives laying in supplies for the future!
  21. Gee Jeff, You must be talkin' a different C4 than what I'm thinkin' .... Kaboom!
  22. I see the gender wackos are pushing the politically correct term "Happy birthing person's" day. Well in my book, those freaks are all a bunch of birthing persons inseminaters. For me, it's still "Happy Mother's Day, 'Ma'!" (Became a mother at 26 years of age, and us kids posthumously celebrated her 107th birthday last Tuesday). RIP "Ma", we miss you!
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