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  1. I see the gender wackos are pushing the politically correct term "Happy birthing person's" day. Well in my book, those freaks are all a bunch of birthing persons inseminaters. For me, it's still "Happy Mother's Day, 'Ma'!" (Became a mother at 26 years of age, and us kids posthumously celebrated her 107th birthday last Tuesday). RIP "Ma", we miss you!
  2. Me skeptical? Absolutely, unabashedly and extremely, are words that fit here. Trustworthy sources? Not in my book. Google: A year ago, if you wanted to know something about Donald Trump and typed his name for a google search, guess what their very first result produced? That's right, Joe Biden. Steering? Nooo, they wouldn't do that, would they? BBC: England has been a socialist country since basically the WW2, prolly' won't find much unbiased info about current events there. Al Jazeera: For God's sake, that was a very liberal site, (that failed by the way), started by Al Go
  3. Sorry to disappoint NE, I have never done, nor will I ever partake in the filth that is facebook. The only social media I do, or have ever done is this Red Power Forum.
  4. Google? BBC? Al Jazeera? BWahahahahahaha! They're further left than you would claim Gateway Pundit and Breitbart are far right. So are Politifact and your old friends Snopes.
  5. Gee NE, would that be the same Johns Hopkins that "tracks and reports" the daily china virus numbers? Today's "official" numbers show 575,000 US deaths of which 6%,(35,000) are covid only, with no other factors like gunshot wounds, motorcycle accidents, heart or lung conditions, etc.
  6. As several Red Power Forum members,(MTO, Cdfarabaugh, TP from Central PA, yellowrosefarm, among others), have pointed out, one cannot deny that there are some very serious events happening in our country now that will affect us all, that need to be discussed, not just bury our heads in the sand and pretend they don't exist. I've never been a participant in any social media sites other than this forum, but I understand that at least for the big ones, (google, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.), that it's commonplace for them to censor, delete, shadow ban, and outright ban anyone who disagrees wi
  7. That's great. Thank you!!
  8. Sorry 660, Horror yes! That's as bad as getting a demotion/cut in pay!
  9. Who was the member from I believe North Carolina that used to post masterfully done "homemade?" videos? Some that featured "Red Bibs Bill", and his 2+2.
  10. C'mon DT, You post about a "new" plow, then show a photo of an orange tractor? One can barely see parts of the plow? Disclaimer: before you get your undies in a wad, don't tell anybody I said this, but I like Allis' and Olivers right behind Red Power.
  11. Don't think you'd want Eric Nelson, (Derek Chauvin's attorney)
  12. Are you sure they weren't saying "I can't breathe"?
  13. Drove by there this afternoon, both vans are gone now, and if it was a Firebird, it's gone too, but there's a red late gen 3, Camaro sitting about where the one you asked about was. Looks like it hasn't moved in a long time. Photo was actually taken summer of 2020.
  14. If I saw a cat do that here, it'd be dead before it had a chance to torture it to death. (Bird would probable collateral victim though).
  15. C'mon Lorenzo, ease off, you're hurtin' my feelings! Snif😪 P.S.: The third one is out of the frame!
  16. Your statement is absolutely untrue. The original poster stated "as it is reported" it came right from the horse's mouth
  17. You're right Jake, I'll bet it's "darn", lol
  18. I believe that's the globalist's plan. That's what Chairman Mao did in the 60's
  19. Maybe the last thing they see in their mirror before "oops"
  20. Is this true? I bet it is! LOL
  21. I have seen several articles about the global climate summit held Thursday at which it was announced by the highest government official that a part of his plan to combat the "climate emergency" is to limit citizen's intake of red meat by 90% to 4, (yes, four), lbs per year , by 2030. The articles state that's the equivalent of 1 hamburger per month. Further, they will limit all animal sourced foods and products by 50% also by 2030. It appears that the current Secretary of Agriculture is in line with this scheme who is reported to have said that farmers and ranchers would be given "incentives"
  22. Not competing for the syrup as I make my own, but my guess is a semen slurpy right from the tap. (Evidence of current cultural rot you know).
  23. Can one of you "savy" members advise me how to post a link to something on the internet? Please be specific, (I grew up in the last century and a lot of the ins and outs of this required modern electronic wizardry easily blow by me).
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