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  1. Gee Dennis, thanks for all the pictures, you're obviously in love with the KB-8, and I can see why, it's a real beauty. Lots of other nice stuff there too. Seeing the G1000 Vista Minnie Mo reminded me that Robison used to be a Minnie Mo dealer in the 60s before flipping to IH.
  2. Hey 560 Dennis, did you end up going? How was the show? Any pictures? Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Saw this yesterday, (Sunday 10-11), at a dealer in Thompson Ohio. Seems like the MFWDs are more often seen on the higher HP 66s? Looks to be in pretty good shape, but looks like it was re-painted, (rear axles are painted red), maybe a few years ago as paint is slightly faded. Meter shows 4049 hours, serial number is 249091 U016984. Whaddya think? TNNO
  4. Saw this and instantly thought of MTO. I'd claim it for my own, but I'm not famous like MTO!
  5. Oh my! Looks like shock waves going through "Butt"listic gelatin to me!
  6. This is the only forum I "do", so I'm fairly sure I saw a post and discussion on here, maybe 2-3 years ago, about a commercially available product that helped "bring back" older paint jobs on tractors and trucks. Can anyone on here point me in the right direction or give me the name of a or the particular product? I'm pretty sure it wasn't just rubbing compound.
  7. Wife and I usually grocery shop on Thursday afternoon to avoid the Friday night, (payday), crowd or the Saturday morning rush. Wife hasn't much problem with mask wearing, but I sure as he** do! I've used the above mask exempt card, (which sandhiller so graciously posted here last week, thanks again!), a couple of times with success! But yesterday the mask Gestapo heifer at the grocery store entrance wouldn't buy it. Not wanting to get in a major altercation with her, (she outweighed me by at least 100 lbs.), I instantly went to plan B. I raised my baseball style cap and yanked the
  8. Sure hope they weren't used for their intended purpose before they were re-purposed as shown. Although the popular term for masks is face diapers.
  9. "but it looked good to Charlene", won't say the rest! RIP Joe D
  10. Doesn't do much good on his chin, it should at least cover his mouth so as to keep all the bulls**t flowing out on his side of the mask.
  11. You reference snopes implying they're the ultimate source of fact and truth. "If that's where you want to get your news, fine", but better take it with the whole salt mine. They're well known by anyone with common sense as a far left advocacy site used by liberal socialists to "prove" their viewpoint.
  12. I pray you're right, except of course for impeachment. Just imagine how well off we'd be if Pelosi and her gang hadn't got in in 2018.
  13. Friend of my wife's said the walmart she uses in Portage county Ohio is NOT giving change. They give you two choices, plastic card or they will donate the equivalent of the change they should've given you back to the charity of THEIR choice. Prolly BLM, hmmmmm? So sad to see, after walmart ran all their competition out of business by selling chink junk, now they're trying to dictate all aspects daily life, (forced face diapers as of 7-20-20, and now this no change s**t. Way to much power over the willing sheeple. I fear we've all but lost our country.
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