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  1. Not competing for the syrup as I make my own, but my guess is a semen slurpy right from the tap. (Evidence of current cultural rot you know).
  2. Can one of you "savy" members advise me how to post a link to something on the internet? Please be specific, (I grew up in the last century and a lot of the ins and outs of this required modern electronic wizardry easily blow by me).
  3. Just saw this today, prolly' will disappear at the hands of big tech and sure as h3ll will not be picked up by the sewage media. <https:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc7680614/ > is official government source, it's quite long but very well documented, Pretty much destroys the narrative we've had shoved up our a$$es for the past year. But then, most of us, (RPF members), knew it was all bull$hit all along. I want to puke every time I see obedient masked sheeple complying, especially the ones riding solo in their cars with their face diapers on, letting our freedom
  4. I'm sure I'd get no argument out from you Art, and many others on this forum, there's no shortage of stupid sheeple soiling our former great country.
  5. Yup! Until the sports fans quit financially supporting these "woke" corporations, (through ticket sales and TV deals), they're going to continue to abuse you. I wouldn't necessarily blame the TV providers, (although they suck in their own right), as you found out on your own, it's the MLB that's the ultimate offender here.
  6. Right on target, and the fear mongers are going to keep using it because it's working for them to control the sheeple and the sheeple are letting them do it.As the main character, (NOT the extremely liberal actor who played him), in the Forest Gump movie would say, "And just like that, we lost our country".
  7. Yup, they're absolutely the best, but I sure don't like Hershey's ...... POLITICS! Enough so that I don't buy them any more.
  8. Isn't Berwyn where the great drag racer Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins hailed from?
  9. I believe my junior high Ohio history lessons stated that Bellefontaine is considered the highest point above sea level in Ohio?
  10. Northeast Ohio, 25 miles south of Lake Erie, and 12 miles west of the Soviet Union border, (the state where TP from central PA says he's at).
  11. OMG 1586, you've committed a sin, New Englander is going to crucify you, be prepared, just sayin'
  12. I have an IH 582 with aluminum rear axle housings. Will cast iron ones from earlier cadets fit? Thanks!
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