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  1. I'm an old goat who can't hear worth a hoot either, and was checking out hearing aids in general just today. Found this web site on duckduckgo.com. Typed in hearingassist.com, then scrolled down to Hearing Assist Reviews - Too Good to be True? <https://tvstuffreviews.com/hearing-assist>. They didn't have a very good review, with 14% positive and 86% negative customer reviews. Disclaimer: I am not familiar with the tvstuff reviews.com site,if they are accurate or not? Just passing along what I saw today, but In my life I've found you usually get what you pay for, Ain't ready to pay $3000-$6000 for good ones, so I've decided to just keep on sayin' HUH? to the wife until she gets angry enough to yell loud enough at me until I can hear her! Good luck! TNNO
  2. 560 Dennis ....... Cherry Valley Twp, we PM'd each other a couple times a few years ago.
  3. Thanks fellas, it was a cub cadet 100 + hundreds of hours of work. Since I built mine, mostly at RPRUs I have seen some real nice looking ones, (a lot of '66 series style mini's), that were real well done using, ( I believe), the first generation of wide frame cadets with their similar grill styling to the full size '66s. However I've also seen some that were just stock cadets painted red with mailbox stickers for the model number, but hey, at least they were trying. Not knockin' anyone's effort! You have to be mentally disturbed to waste as much time and $ on a friggin' toy, but I must admit I'm quite proud of it! Thanks again for your nice comments. Keep watchin', I will be posting more in days to come. Later, TNNO
  4. Today's photo posting My 706's, big and little. Built the mini in 1998, then upgraded dash to more closely resemble big brother in 2006 to take to RPRU in Mansfield Ohio. Next two are my next door neighbor to the east beans in 2016. And last is, (different combine and owner), the guy who l rent my cropland to, beans again in 2017. More to come tomorrow. Later, TNNO
  5. Here's the next installment. More to come over next few days. First two are planting oats for Bozo and his girlfriends with 464 gas and McCormick 13 X 7 MF DRF drill, April 2016. Next is '41 A I've had for 26 years, bought rebuilt motor from Valu-bilt in 2005 and finally got it installed in Jan 2017. Last one is, (cover your eyes), Bozo havin' fun with his girlfriends. He shoots blanks, (gelded), but he doesn't know it. Anyway, over past them are the oats starting to emerge. Later, TNNO
  6. Thanks for the nice comment Bullwinkle!
  7. Punisher, I just used masking tape and rattle can spray paint and some careful art work for the tractor and IH logo. It's about 6-7 years old, used pretty much daily and still looks like new. Don't have a man cave, therefore the bedroom wall.
  8. Thanks guys! Been pretty much a read only member since 2010. Took me this long to figger out how to do photos. Duhhhh! Check out my reply to the "New sign for shop started by Bullwinkle last Saturday.
  9. I have personally viewed Jeff Foreman's lighted signs and talked with him at the Half Century show in Rantoul and I believe at the Lima Ohio Round Up also. They are first quality, and as mentioned above, large and heavy. For what you're getting, the price of north of $3000 is probably a fair deal. However, they are pretty much limited to an outside display, or if indoors, a fairly tall ceiling. Here's what I came up with. It's made from a 4 T8 bulb florescent fixture with a snap fit plastic lens, bought at Lowes, It's 4' tall X 14"wide mounted vertically on our bedroom wall with just drywall anchors now. Wife calls it my "happy light ". Obviously for indoor use only. Shows both lighted and unlighted versions.
  10. Wow, I've tried sooooo many things to try to post this today, I don't know if I can repeat the process. Photo is my cropland renter's either 7140 or 7250 in May of 2016, (camera date on photo is erroneous), in Ashtabula county Ohio. Got a lot of photos of my stuff to share once I get posting method down pat.
  11. Scarier yet is that they will eventually be the majority and in charge.
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