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  1. Always stunning .... God's handiwork!
  2. At 123, even with SPF 100 sun screen you might turn out "extra crispy"
  3. I gave $60 for mine with all mounting brackets about 10 years ago at an auction in Waynesburg Ohio. No rust holes or broken/missing glass, but paint not as nice as the one pictured above.
  4. Jeff, Am I correct, ...... red, white, and blue are obvious, does the black represent shadow of someone saluting?
  5. Wow! That bugger looks like it was big enough to be a people eater! Have seen pics of ones that swallowed full size pigs whole.
  6. I remember toads gettin' baled also. (Small squares)
  7. Welcome back Dennis, how's yours coming along?
  8. I'm no help, once I acquire things I like, they become loved members of the family, especially red tractors! My brother has no problems with buying/selling stuff. He has a photo scrapbook of over 200 cars he's bought/sold over his lifetime, just as an individual, not a dealer.
  9. Ya', especially when the 4" hose slips off the dump valve and you're kneeling down to open it. Don't ask how I know!
  10. Snake, Lord KIA is my acronym for a certain person, (unnamed), who posts regularly on this forum. The acronym is not vulgar, hateful, or obscene. However, in my opinion, it fits said person to a "T". Concentrate on what the acronym stands for, (shouldn't be hard to figure out), then their identity will be easy. If you need help, PM me and I'll reveal.
  11. Steve, I doubt Lord KIA will let this stand.
  12. I've spoken with two PHD's that I personally know, and after several years post graduation they reluctantly admit that to be admitted to their elite club, you must cast off any common sense and conform to what your "PHD superiors" tell you, no matter what your eyes and lived experience tell you. This earns you the "right" to feel/act superior to lesser educated individuals. Also, what helps a lot is to have dirty knees.
  13. Zeke looks like he's real unhappy about it too ......... NOT!
  14. I usually find my missing stuff right after returning form the store to replace it.
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