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  1. Dunno' if there's an official size designation, but holes are 5/8" diameter. Mine doesn't have the cyclone chamber but does have the piping from fan to where it would attach to cyclone. I just attach a 6" flexible hose to the open end and blow it into manure spreader and spread in field. As stated, works awesome, but makes a he** of a mess. I'm sure if it had a cyclone that would considerably reduce mess but require more handling. Good luck, but more importantly, have fun!!
  2. I use the Farmall M, ( in the family since new in 1949), to run a belt #6 hammer mill as a high volume paper shredder for my old business records. Does an awesome job! Can eat 1" thick stacks staples and all like $hit through a tin horn! And bonus, ain't nobody gonna' piece together any info from powdered paper.
  3. When referencing a difficult task: "That's harder than picking fly $hit out of black pepper while wearing boxing gloves"
  4. Guy I used to work with, whenever he'd see a good looking woman, "I'd crawl a mile on my belly over broken glass just to poke a stick in her $hit" Same guy: "If yarn was a nickel a skein, I'm so poor I couldn't buy enough to knit a hummingbird a pair of leggings" Friend of my son, when talking about a not so good looking woman, "She's so buck toothed she could eat an ear of corn through a knothole in a board fence".
  5. Politifact and other "fact check" sites may well quote their sources with the URLs from the "horses mouth", but who is the arbitrator that gets to determine which "facts" from their horses mouths are "qualified and reliable" and most importantly ....... true. You? The self admitted liar Anthony Fauci? Joe Biden? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? Mitch McConnell? Mitt Romney? CNN? MSNBC? ABC? CBS? NBC? the recently corrupted FOX? The New York Times? The Washington Post? Mark Zuckerberg? Jack Dorsey? Andrew Cuomo? Lori Lightfoot? Gretchen Whitmer? Tom Wolf? Brian Kemp? an
  6. From Politifact? Bwahahahaha!!!! What happened to your Snopes? Not far enough left for you anymore? Most people don't like to be talked down to, which is something you seem to be outstanding at. As all leftists do, you resort to personal attacks when those with viewpoints other than yours express their thoughts,(read: "drink the Kool-Aid" and "put on your tin foil hat", are two that you've pinned on me). C'mon, fess up, you claiming to be conservative is gaslighting.
  7. Mine started 60+ years ago when I was around 10 yrs old. My dad bought an electric hair clipper 'cause he was gonna' save money by eliminating the local barber from the equation. I was his first subject. Well, as it progressed, he'd do some clipping, then stand back and survey his work and then decide "it looks like this side needs a little more off because it's longer than the other". Clip, clip, buzz, and now it's shorter than the other side, so clip, clip, buzz, and you get the picture, by the time he was done "evening up" both sides, I had what's best described as a G
  8. On the underside of my original 5488 Goldie, ( made for the 2002 100 year anniversary of IH), is printed # XX of 100. So, presumably, 100 is your answer. However, the chinks like to flood the market with in essence "clones" which makes legitimate real ones worth less. TNNO
  9. Sounds like an accurate description of DJT to me. Are you blind to his massive rallies? Many rallies had tens of thousands present . He connected with huge amounts of supporters. He also won the election in a landslide and the same "they" referred to earlier in the topic are the ones attempting to steal the election through fraudulent means. Art and Iowa Boy are exactly correct, if this attempt isn't exposed and remedied,(criminally prosecuted), your vote, even if there are elections in the future, won't mean squat. Far more important than re-electing DJT, is to restore faith and integrit
  10. Gee Dennis, thanks for all the pictures, you're obviously in love with the KB-8, and I can see why, it's a real beauty. Lots of other nice stuff there too. Seeing the G1000 Vista Minnie Mo reminded me that Robison used to be a Minnie Mo dealer in the 60s before flipping to IH.
  11. Hey 560 Dennis, did you end up going? How was the show? Any pictures? Inquiring minds want to know!
  12. Saw this yesterday, (Sunday 10-11), at a dealer in Thompson Ohio. Seems like the MFWDs are more often seen on the higher HP 66s? Looks to be in pretty good shape, but looks like it was re-painted, (rear axles are painted red), maybe a few years ago as paint is slightly faded. Meter shows 4049 hours, serial number is 249091 U016984. Whaddya think? TNNO
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