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  1. The New Number One

    Dana Loesch

    Scarier yet is that they will eventually be the majority and in charge.
  2. The New Number One

    Gold 5488s

    I'm confused ...... I don't see any plastic wrap or a cardboard box around it??? Obviously you took it out of the box!! I keep mine in the machinery shed too. It hasn't set out overnight once in the 14 years it's been mine. Isn't freshly painted eye candy like yours, but still looks pretty decent for a user. Gotta' get batteries for my camera and post photo.
  3. The New Number One

    Gold 5488s

    It's on the underside of what is the range transmission on a real 5488, just below what is represented as the rear hydraulic filter cover on the toy. The digits are only about 1/8" high and look almost like purple ink dots, (i.e.., not cast on or imprinted like with a steel stamp). I doubt you could see it without removing it from the box. because you have to look pretty hard to see it even when it's out of box and holding tractor upside down. Just my personal opinion, farm toys are made to be displayed and look like s--t when left in the box. I don't keep my real 54 in the shed nestled in plastic wrap in a cardboard box! Just save the box so your wife can get more for it at your estate auction. LOL
  4. The New Number One

    Gold 5488s

    My wife bought mine in June of 2005. Paid $795 then. Stamped on the underside is # XX of 100, so obviously only 100 made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Harvester. Saw one on eBay shortly after for $595, and a couple 2 or 3 years ago in the $1200 range from the place mine came from, (Red Wagon Antiques). Saw Outback Toys add in July/August 2016 RPM has one for $1350. Being low production, probably not many chances to get a real one, better suck it up, it's only money! Be a good investment unless the Chinks flood the market with knock offs like they did with 856 pedal tractors. I was "The New Number 1" until the forum changed their program a while back and changed my moniker.
  5. The New Number One


    Can't resist this temptation ............ is Atila the author of the referenced Facebook post? LOL