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  1. Witch of the three one's are correct for 1940's era. thanks jack
  2. # Pilot Knob Restorations has them.Part # 51485DF PHONE # 815-777-0826
  3. I have a club car cart with a Kawasaki and I am having trouble with it when I stop the engine runs backwads like it is dieseling . What could be causing this? Any body have any idea ? thanks JACK
  4. Thank you Long Farms that is the information I was looking for. My 856 is an early one so not drilled. JACK
  5. I am going to be pulling the rear axles off my 856 and I want to drill the rear end housing so the hy-tran can level between the rear end and final drive. know it was talked here on the fourm but I can't find it. I would l ike to know were you drill the hole and what you hole you drill. If any one has a picture would be great. THANK YOU JACK
  6. I found the same thing on my 1957 cub as the second vido. someone had put the front bearing retainer in backwards alo wing the front shaft to slide ahead. Be sure you check the pin on the shifter for wear. HAMILTOH BOBS or TM TRACTOR PARTS shoud have all the pa rts you will need. they are listed on the Farmall cub web site. FARMALL JACK
  7. I was wondering where you get the sector pin or do you make one? thanks JACK
  8. john cub owner would they have any blades that would work on the KUB CUTTER MOWER? I have been looking for some that would work. also are they supposed to be a swinging blade? thanks JACK
  9. I had the machine shop do. the honing with the correct equipment. I only have the 3 bar spring flex hone my self
  10. Thank you for your replies. I called reliance and Kevin is no longer there.The guy I talked to didn`t seem know anything. I do run non ethanol gas. I,m at .004 guess I better hone a little more. Thanks JACK
  11. I just had my C301 out of my 856 bored and need to know what I need for piston clearance with Reliance Pistons? I know there has been problems with Reliance. I know TonyinCA had a problem and I see Randy hall did one with Reliance Pistons. If someone could tell me what worked it would be appreciated. Thanks Farmall Jack
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