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  1. novacane

    Battery rebuilders

    1 year ago i had two ryobi 18 volt battery's and 1 Dewalt 18 volt done at Battery's plus, so far so good.
  2. novacane

    IH 720 Plow

    I see nothing on my plow ?? Sticker or metal tag??
  3. novacane

    IH 720 Plow

    Where do you find the serial number on the plow??
  4. novacane

    Battery conversion on 1066

    I have had the same kinda luck, sick of getting 6 volt batteries every other year just as warranty goes off. So i saw the 12 volts same size outer case, I need to buy 2 hook up in parallel ? Also need new cables? Where does a guy get those? Thanks for your help
  5. novacane

    Wanted: Hydro 70 Wiring Harness

    X 2
  6. novacane

    1066 registry

  7. novacane

    1066 registry

    Just added this to the registry this last week . took some pics today i wanted to share with you all. It needs a few things fixed up but not to bad of shape.
  8. novacane

    1066 registry

    Blaine I see its been a while sence this post has been added too . Are you still taking numbers? I sent you a message but though i would add it here also. I just bought a 1066 last weekend a 72 open station, gear, T/A delete, serial number 15487, Fremont Wi owned by David Schucknecht