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  1. Here is a selection of photos If you want something specific, let me know. What you see is how it arrived, but 10 years on. Dad started snowing the sides thinking I was going to paint it..... Which I never said.... That's my dad!
  2. I am the seller. If you search for "Interesting 5228" in Coffee talk, ( it is an archived post) you will see the discussion from when I bought the tractor.
  3. An 8x10 slab is doable for a pour with some help and a larger enough mixer. I do with it my brother quite often, but we usually have a few people feed the machine, and one or two work the pad. I could see it as a hassle if you had a really small mixer, though.
  4. fff...ffff.fffrozen ground (man, it's cold this morning!)
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