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  1. Definitely a different sound, not sure I really care for it
  2. Sounds like he has done well, good for him. I've only watched the show once, haven't had a dish in 11 years.
  3. M gears are better for pulling, find a 1939 or 40 M, the chassis are lighter weight.
  4. West of Mt Pleasant by the little town of Beal City. This area has some very productive farm ground. Lee Implement in Mt Pleasant was a very strong IH dealer up into the 1980's. I remember going there with my dad for parts, at this time the dealership had been turned over to the owners son and it was run into the ground. Dad always left there disgusted on how such a great dealer was ran into the ground by an arrogant "kid"! I happen to have graduated high school with Charles, docs son, he was always quite the goof ball. Doc has always been a real good guy.
  5. I did mine when I had the seat and cab floor pulled out. Even with the right wheel slid out it was still very awckward to get to.
  6. The plug under the tank, had to rebuild mine to get the trail lights to work
  7. "it will feel better when it quits hurting"
  8. I can see that but they are putting it in the barn loose.
  9. So why loose, not baled?
  10. Do how do you stay busy down there? lol
  11. superih


    This is the biggest machinest vice Wilton offers, last year they were discounted $1100 so we bought one at work, it's a beast.
  12. superih


    I ponied up the money for a new Wilton last year, wow what a great tool, holds tight and stays tight, amazing what I've been missing all these years!
  13. When I dealt with Midwest he was able to cross the part number no problem, he actually knew which tractor it came off from by just the hand pump IH part number. Did you talk to David? A rebuild of your unit was around $600 last summer.
  14. Okay, thought I was going to learn something new, thanks
  15. Can you explain what you mean by this as the 86s were in a cab and a different setup?
  16. Just remember a 560 is the 6 cylinder descendant of an M, use 560 frame rails and engine plate, I believe a 560 uses a 12" clutch, so you should be good to go, I just can't confirm that the starter will work but pretty sure it will.
  17. Do you have pics of the rest of the tractors to share?
  18. I came across this over on the Combine Forum, a downloadable digital copy of the the complete shop service manual for the 2100 and 2300 combines, over 2800 pages long. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9iGOzMiElunTmlIVTlWbjBDUGM/view
  19. If you figure it out can you post back here for the rest of us?
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