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  1. Oh man would I love to have that tractor
  2. Just remember that these red square bottoms would have been used on combines, another reason they would have been painted red.
  3. That wasn't a powershift, just the redesigned cab.
  4. Was this on AgTalk a couple of days ago?
  5. I agree. Roscoe was always my favorite character on the original series, very funny character
  6. Couldn't find it are you sure this is the auction house with it?
  7. Have any Republican governor's ordered their state to stay at home?
  8. Love my 5488, but sure wish it was a powershift!
  9. And.............. Which one did you sell?
  10. I find this all very interesting, thanks for all the explanation
  11. superih


    Exactly what I was thinking.
  12. If you work on the farm much: Trash cans are always full and grease gun are always empty.
  13. The main jet is adjustable that is what the needle is for, to adjust the amount of flow needed to keep the fuel at the proper level around the emulsion tube. Remove the bottom of the carb disassemble then run a drill bit through the main jet, you will see it go through the jet by looking down the emulsion well. Start at 1/16 which is 0.062 you could start at 0.070 and be fine. That is what's nice about the needle is you can adjust it down if you get too big, if you go way too big it makes the adjustment real touchy, like a little turn of the jet changes the flow a lot. For instance my puller is 436 cubes and I have the main drilled to 0.140 to get enough fuel. There is also nothing stock about my carb except for the appearance, everything inside is made to properly handle that amount of fuel.
  14. Could not disagree more, Farmall heads flow a lot, plenty for an un-stroked engine, porting them out just ruins the performance.
  15. ^^^^^^this is the best way and a lot of fun to run down the track. Over 250 horses for $25k!
  16. If staying stock cid, then you got to get the compression up. LP head and manifold (sorry but not going to gain you 15 horse), stick with an M/SM carb 400-450 carb are not as good a design. Drill the main get for more fuel, the Venturi is big enough unless running a lot of rpm. Oxygenated fuel helps a bunch. On an accurate Dyno it might hit 65-70 horse.
  17. Wives! Takes some training but worth it!
  18. Are you sure the Count is intersectional enough for the left?
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