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  1. Sounds like it worked out really good from what the story says.
  2. superih


    I thought most of the parts you could still get through IH
  3. This morning, central Michigan
  4. Good point, I've had the rubber dust cover tear and interfere with the male coupler going in far enough.
  5. Use the orings, they are 90 durometer so the cartridges go in really hard, I used a block of wood and a hammer to get them in, it won't cut the orings, use oil for lube
  6. I think a lot of it has to do with the age of the oil, fresh oil has viscous drag on the gears your trying to stop by the gears that are always turning.
  7. No they didn't, there are aftermarket heads available now, it almost looks like the top of that head was decked which would have removed the numbers?
  8. Easier to handle, store, more accurate application, I can mix any formula I want at my farm with a pump and a couple tanks, equipment doesn't rust out. Potash is more expensive though.
  9. The 2388 starting in 2005 (maybe 2004) came with a muffler installed as well as all 2588
  10. Great ratios are different
  11. Factory that plug faces down, didn't know you could rotate the back half, thanks for the tip!
  12. You can also put slotted grates in to lower the damage to the straw
  13. I believe it then should me moved to the hot side of the solenoid
  14. Pretty sure the sentry gets its power directly from a battery though, the solenoid shouldn't have anything to do with it.
  15. Wrong spelling, Sonoco, 120 years old!
  16. Oh man would I love to have that tractor
  17. Just remember that these red square bottoms would have been used on combines, another reason they would have been painted red.
  18. That wasn't a powershift, just the redesigned cab.
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