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  1. Templeton rye and water, yum
  2. There is a reason we were born with an immune system and not an air filter!
  3. So who is supplying the matching helmets and gas masks to these bums?
  4. Not a wedge lock wheel without starting with a pair of split weights that have the arched inner edge that fit around the wedge lock. Then you can bolt a whole weight onto the split set.
  5. More people died in car crashes last year, have you parked your car yet? You would have a better chance of dieing from driving. You cannot legislate to people because of what could happen, that is why guns are legal (you could shoot someone with it), but murder isn't (you just did kill someone).
  6. Over 99.7% of the people that have tested positive have survived, in addition to those that survived and weren't tested/reported. Mean death age is 78 years old. Basically if you're under 65 years old and healthy you have very little to worry about Why is everyone so scared? Turn off the news and stay off Facebook and you'll have a much better day.
  7. Is the head auger set high enough to leave a full coverage of corn under it? A lot of corn grain damage happens from the head auger chewing the corn up as its sent to the feed throat.
  8. The studs are available through IH, get the tall heavy nuts and thick washers through McMaster to save a bunch of $$$
  9. Is the main turned in all of the way? Turn it out a couple turns
  10. Because a straight piped turbo 407 is a mechanical symphony to the ears!
  11. I've shot a 270 all my life, the best all around round. That and a 204 is all a guy ever needs besides my 10-22 Sporter model, all Ruger of course!
  12. I've been at the neighbors farm when Doc shows up. Not much scripting, the camera crew has to move fast and hard to keep up with what he is doing.
  13. See him a couple times, awesome man!
  14. My 856 handles 3rd on a damned good track, a 1456 should take 4th no problem
  15. Yup, pullers have had them for years, that price does seem high
  16. My 856 with cab and 18 wheel weights, no fluid in tires is dead on 15000
  17. Sounds like it replaced the bleeder screw, then the line was added to return any oil back to the tractor. I would bet at least $0.26 that's it's on the back side of the tee.
  18. So could the air bleed orifice be plugged on the problem side?
  19. It would have to be a monster fan, you ever stand in front of the tractor at full throttle?
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