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  1. I'd say 10:1 is pushing it for pump gas, usually stay under 9:1, but you never know without trying it! Using flat top pistons and removing any sharp points that can get hot and cause preignition will make you more successful. I'm running 8.5 in a farm tractor on pump gas (91-93) running it hard for a couple hours and haven't had problems.
  2. A 400M is a runner with a cam swap, big carb, and MSD
  3. Usually you boil them in water then they slide right on
  4. Oh man I would love to have a high resolution copy of that pic!
  5. How where Deere hydraulics superior? I just don't understand. I grew up on an 856, worked for the neighbors run their 4020's, the hydraulics where awefull to run, what was I missing?
  6. Oh man would I love to have that tractor
  7. That wasn't a powershift, just the redesigned cab.
  8. Was this on AgTalk a couple of days ago?
  9. If you work on the farm much: Trash cans are always full and grease gun are always empty.
  10. "it will feel better when it quits hurting"
  11. I can see that but they are putting it in the barn loose.
  12. superih


    This is the biggest machinest vice Wilton offers, last year they were discounted $1100 so we bought one at work, it's a beast.
  13. superih


    I ponied up the money for a new Wilton last year, wow what a great tool, holds tight and stays tight, amazing what I've been missing all these years!
  14. I came across this over on the Combine Forum, a downloadable digital copy of the the complete shop service manual for the 2100 and 2300 combines, over 2800 pages long. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9iGOzMiElunTmlIVTlWbjBDUGM/view
  15. If you figure it out can you post back here for the rest of us?
  16. Just remembered to post pics of my new to me machine, was a soybean eating monster!
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