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  1. You would think if we would all just get the stuff and get over it the virus could no longer mutate, instead we keep dragging it out for a couple years. How is sweden doing now days?
  2. Could you guys post some pics of this?
  3. Central Michigan, pretty much everyone wears shorts, too hot and humid around here. On the 5088, is it all wheel drive? If so buy it. The trans is not that hard to work on
  4. Which switch is he using to run flashers, the one on the column or the switch in the overhead?
  5. So how many gold 5488 were made? That is cool.
  6. So how many gold 5488 were made? That is cool.
  7. So how many gold 5488 were made? That is cool.
  8. Best thing is to leave the dust shields off around the spreaders so it can't pack in there.
  9. Not over the road, just for hauling grain out of the field.
  10. Very cool, that is my next project someday to restore a Transtar
  11. Nice dozer, but what's the story with the cabover?
  12. What display is it? I use a Universal Display Plus on my 2388 and really like it, just not as nice as the newer ones, but works really well
  13. It's not a muffler it's an air cleaner, and there is a reason we were born with an immune system instead of an air cleaner! Don't be a sheep!
  14. They were 12" spacing, could be rearranged for I believe 14" also
  15. The radio in my 5488 quit working for a while, could hear the speakers click when turned on but nothing after that, finally figured out the FM/AM slide had been bumped in between, slid back over to FM a wallah, it worked again!
  16. S7 is very hard tool steel
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