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  1. Being from Remus and Barryton, I'm familiar, do you still love in the area?
  2. superih

    changes in process

    Hurray! Good job, looks great!
  3. superih

    changes in process

    I use my phone, it's all messed up
  4. Why in the world would you ever need to wear a mask outside?
  5. Low volitility parts solvent, same price as mineral spirits any more and doesn't stink
  6. Pretty normal, you can try bleeding them, where the line enters the brakes is a bleeder valve
  7. 1-1/2" stroke, 3-13/16 bore, gas or LP head will get you close to 100 hp.
  8. Why would you ever buy anything besides earth metal, just no comparison
  9. I know at 5.75 no clearancing is needed, at 6 I believe number 2 or 3 rod needs ground.
  10. Please show us a bunch of pics! I love my 5488 but sure wish it had the 18 speed power shift.
  11. ^^^^^^^ this right here, read it 4 or 5 times out loud! If people of this country would mind their owned damned business, people wouldn't be so fired up, leave people alone to live their life and do as they wish, quit trying to control us!
  12. How where Deere hydraulics superior? I just don't understand. I grew up on an 856, worked for the neighbors run their 4020's, the hydraulics where awefull to run, what was I missing?
  13. Crooked as a pan of guts. So ugle she could scare a bulldog off of meat.
  14. 5488 has a heavier differential and I think a different ring and pinion
  15. Crooked as a boards d!ck, Hotter than two rats f$$&in in a wool sock So stupid didn't know baby $h!t from apple butter So stupid couldn't pour sand down a rat hole If brains was leather couldn't saddle a flea. A John Deere 2 cylinder is nothing but a self propelled stationary engine!
  16. ^^^^ nailed it. The input shaft was modified also
  17. Use ours constantly, bacon is great in it
  18. This was a great pic that my neighbor took, almost looks staged but completely random. Yes they get stuck if you don't know when to stop!
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