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  1. 14 hours ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    A couple of my Favorite pics, and tractor stories. Farmall 856 bought new here in Ridgetown, Ontario in 1969. It was traded off in 1980 on a White 2-135 in Thamesville Ontario, and was shipped to the US. Thanks to sharing serial numbers on this forum, it has been found again! another member now has it in New York State and is in good hands!




    Did this 856 come new with white front wheels?

  2. 1 hour ago, cjf711 said:

    Work does not have time in the equation.

    Power is where time comes in.

    Horsepower is Work/time 

    Okay that makes sense

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  3. 3 hours ago, cjf711 said:

    how much Torque is foot pounds (distance vector x mass vector).   

    how much Work is pound feet  (Force x distance)


    I just googled this as i have never really used pound feet,  anything for calculation for design is foot pounds from what ive done.   But i almost always am using torques not calculating "work"   You would torque a bolt to foot pounds,  but an engine providing work would be stated in pound feet.

    I learned something today! 

    Work is a measure of force over time, such as horse power, lb feet is just the force so I don't know how anyone could call that work?

  4. 20 hours ago, bitty said:

    The 5488 showed up on the farm today. Was the first time I remember driving an 88 series ( know that I moved an 88 with a loader to load a hay saver feeder we got 25 years ago but I don't remember if it was a 5x or 3x88 series, probably was 3x88 as I don't remember if it had a 4 post or not.....)  . It has tilt wheel. Runs nice and it had lots of potential.. I'll look at the clearance once it's in the shop which might be a while 


  5. On 12/27/2022 at 2:58 PM, dannyredfan said:

     increasing your soil health should increase you brix numbers (sugar) would that increase you wildlife pressure?

      Anyone have any experience?

    I've been building the one farm for the past several years with the goal to get all levels including micros high and balanced.  About 4 years ago  black bird damage in the corn appeared and had been terrible, like 25% loss when the corn is at milk stage.  Haven't figured out how to get rid of them except for finding corn varieties that carry a tight extended husk.

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