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  1. 42 minutes ago, snoshoe said:

    You can't. He was just putting 200 hp worth of fuel into it.

    On the test stand the pump was putting out that much fuel,  we set the pump around 110 horse of fuel, I haven't dynod the tractor to verify what it is making but it runs much stronger than before. 

  2. Had the pump on my 856 rebuilt,  first time on the test stand it was putting out way over 1456 spec, right around 200 horse worth,  we set it around 110, haven't had it on a dyno to verify though. 

  3. I ran the antenna wire across the cab then under the right hand corner post trim, then up through the hole in the right hand step.

    This is what I built for mounting everything, bolt more RAM mounts to it as needed. The T2 is mounted to this also.


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  4. On 3/9/2023 at 9:14 PM, Dzldenny said:

    Throw a 400 rotating assembly in it while you're at it. I've always liked the M series... Pictures please.

    2nd this

  5. Are those yields on a certain plot size or whole field averages? 

    Had some dry land beans last year running in the 60's then get to the end of the field where the deer thought they needed to graze all summer and watch them drop to about 15!

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  6. 4 hours ago, Gearclash said:


    Rank amateurs . . . so to speak  . . . 20 + years ago when it was affordable to attend an Outlaw tractor pull, the Texas Bullwhip was running a DT466 block with a custom billet head fueled by alcohol and turbocharged to the hilt . . . I was told 4000 + hp . . . the sound was hair raising . . . turbos muted the exhaust crack nearly to nothing but there came a weird rumble that must have been carrying right through the block.

    Well, turbos aren't allowed or they would be running them!

  7. 22 hours ago, supermpuller said:

    There are several  M's through 560's running over 200 HP tractor pulling , some running even more power with V-8. Yes there is some breakage but it isn't a big problem.

    I watched a handful of 560's this weekend pushing 500 horse, pretty sweet to watch!

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