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  1. Does the carb have the idle jet in it, the small brass tube that threads into the top of the fuel bowl, lots of times people forget to install, this would make the idle circuit very rich like you are saying.

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  2. On 4/8/2022 at 7:49 PM, 2+2love said:

    Thank you sledgehammer. Ohh one more thing it's set at 225 pto horsepower with inline pump. I wanted to put a new turbo on it but couldn't find a 3lm. Still up in the air on s2e and 3lm. So I guess the air research t04 will do for now till I can find a new one. 

    Get the S2E, you will love it

  3. 5 minutes ago, bitty said:

    I have a 450 set up with a 450 LP head, 4 1/4" power domes , stock crankshaft and I am running 110. Pings like crazy on high test .. needs a good starter also

    Does it have too much timing?

    Too hot of plugs?

  4. I'd say 10:1 is pushing it for pump gas, usually stay under 9:1, but you never know without trying it!

    Using flat top pistons and removing any sharp points that can get hot and cause preignition will make you more successful.

    I'm running 8.5 in a farm tractor on pump gas (91-93) running it hard for a couple hours and haven't had problems.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Art From Coleman said:

    Was that a requirement to getting an education?

    Watching a bunch of NO IQ, drug addicted, criminally inclined buffoons in their silk pantaloons, chasing each other around, playing grab azz with each other is NOT my cup of tea..

    Weird, I graduated with 10 varsity letters and never did any of your above mentioned BS, graduated with one year of college paid for with Academic scholarships.

    Why do you rip on something you have never experienced, just an opinion formed from the sidelines, an opinion based on nothing but negativity.

  6. 8 hours ago, Art From Coleman said:

    As IF multi-thousand seat stadiums, special athletic indoor training facilities, special buses used to take the team joy-riding to out of town GAMES, special treatment of the sports 'stars' has anything to do with "life and discipline", really builds character, doesn't it?

    If these schools want athletic programs, let the parents of their budding sports star and the attendees to these events PAY for all those 'needed' facilities, BUT let the TAXPAYER pay for the educational part of education.

    As it stands now, any bond issue that involves sports, will NEVER get my vote.

    But, DON'T let me get started on college and professional sports "heroes" and the fans of the Kneelers. (Especially the Cocaine Cowboys, which seem have earned the right to be at the top of the dung heap)


    6 hours ago, mmi said:

    2x          here $3500 + per yr per student for the "EXTRAS" our "govt" mandate bill is currently $1200 + every month + inflation

    I'm guessing you fellas didn't play sports in school?

    Special high dollar facilities are certainly in the minority of high schools across the countryside.

  7. 9 hours ago, Art From Coleman said:

    And the largest contributor to the stupidity are sports, which are nothing but pabulum for the masses.  When schools put a higher priority on sports, instead of "EDUMACATION", something IS seriously wrong with the system.  (Of course, the root cause may be that the 'teachers' cannot adequately 'teach' the subject matter, given the courses they had available to choose from in university).

    Karl Marx once said that "Religion is the opiate of the masses", in today's world, it is sports that takes that 'honor'.


    As Dean Wormer told Flounder :



    Sports?  Really?  High school sports teach today's kids more about life and discipline than any other area in their life.  What winning feels like and the taste of defeat.  No classroom is going to teach that, no app on their phone will replace it!

  8. Grew up on this one, Dad bought it in the 1980's, clutch and T/A, then painted it.  Many hours used to pull dry beans, cultivate beans and corn, loader tractor, planter tractor, doesn't do much anymore, plow snow, pick rocks.  Tractor will never leave this farm for at least a couple more generations.IMG_20200425_181629333_HDR.thumb.jpg.4db3ba71986ca51d9e2db033f5a9a934.jpgIMG_20130428_022700.thumb.jpg.d92e905c363340a9a093868a6fb283d2.jpgResizedImage951367159659665.thumb.jpg.d3679043eb69c94958f955f76211771e.jpgIMG_20171227_165042928.thumb.jpg.d9a796597c52f9cc65a706f9d0d424df.jpgIMG_20171001_154950463.thumb.jpg.0cf211b4a9df5d41b03b891dde9e78fe.jpgIMG_20190101_210250502.thumb.jpg.8906fe89160ee99e28eb31c3c8965064.jpg

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  9. You can access inside by pulling PTO and belt pulley.  With PTO out you can see if any other bearings are bad.

    The pinion should pull out just as you have it, probably in a bind, maybe raise rear wheel to rock pinion back and forth to help pull it out.

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  10. 1 hour ago, m.c.farmerboy said:

    I got this from Dragoons in up state New York about 10 years ago only had 3200 hours on it I will pull the cab and restore it next winter and it will go on hay rake duty for the rest of my life has been plowing snow for the10 years and works super Hydro is like new and motor starts and runs nice


    More pics please, what cab?

  11. 10 hours ago, DirtBoyz07 said:

    This is the very last new 5488 built , hope you guys enjoy it . It is sitting in my customers shop and they run it a couple times a year , change out fuel , they had me put this all together in memory of there dad . He never got to finish it before he got sick and I was honored to finish it for them .

    When I took it back it had 4.4 hrs on it and today it has under 20 hrs last I talked to him . I had to promise him I would never tell anyone where he is located and I will always honor that , it is a great piece of history 👍😎






































    Is that a windshield washer nozzle on the top of the hood?

  12. 2 hours ago, Art From Coleman said:

    Minor correction, SOUTH Omaha Stockyards.

    I've got a picture of the sign , which spans the entire width of the street at the east end of the "L" street viaduct over the rail yard which says "World's Largest Livestock Market and Meat Packing Center".

    I've seen trucks, which included a lot of straight trucks, backed up onto that bridge, waiting to unload, but my cousin says he had seen trucks backed up almost the west end of the South Omaha bridge across the Missouri River.

    The unloading chutes at 33rd and L probably 50-60 (probably more) chutes for trucks to back into.

    Along "Q" (IIRC) was the Armour packing house, and Swift, Wilson, and I believe Cudahy (sp), and the smaller ones were also in the same area, some behind the horse and mule barns on the north side of "L" street.

    What I remember most about the stockyards and exchange building was, the walkways above the pens, the water dispensers, which went 'glug' and released a huge air bubble as you filled your paper cup, in the offices of the commission companies (My Dad used Maly), the cafeteria in the exchange building (although we usually ate at "Johnny's" (not the steakhouse, which is still in business), but the bar-restaurant on the north side of 'L', by the above mentioned horse and mule barns, and, lastly the "trough" urinals in the bathroom and the hoses where you could wash the manure off your bootsl.

    Now the former exchange building has been turned into a Latin Cultural Center, even though they really had fk all to do with the stockyards and its history.

    John Skarda, one of the buyers at Maly's, upon retirement went to Coldwater, KS, where him and his wife bought a  motel, and my Dad would then use him as an order buyer for his feeder calves.

    Do not feel bad about calling it Omaha, as it also ****** me off when they refer to Offut, AFB as being in Omaha, when it really is in Bellevue, which is in Sarpy County.

    Why was it shut down?

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