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  1. IH collection in New Zealand

    Nice collection Thank you for posting Russ
  2. Small gas tank on distillate H.

    Hi I took a gas tank off an MD and put it on my H and bolt right up Cheers Russ
  3. Power steering on a Super WD9

    Hi Very nice looking tractor. If you can get a look at a 600 or 650 parts book it has all the parts pictured for the power steering. If you use that system you may want the use the aux power steering pump as the 600 and 650 have a different hyd. valve. The rest of the parts are a bolt up with no modifications. The might be some jobbers that could supply a power steering unit if you want to go that route. Good Luck
  4. Stu's show IH equipment

    Very Nice. I can see a lot of hard work went into that collection!!!!
  5. Try F.P. Smith 1-707-864-1122 They are in California and have a lot of ihc parts
  6. TD 40 smokey

    Hi First of all nice looking crawler. From the look of the exhaust I would say it is running cold. I don't have one of 40 series engines, but I do have one of my WD 9's that does what you are describing. I have found that if I run it on gas for 4 or 5 minutes in summer temps it won't smoke when I switch to diesel. If don't let warm up good on gas it smoke white and pop black smoke for 20 min. to 30 min before it runs with a clear exhaust. The engine does make good power. I suspect that my injectors are leaking. If you are able I would put in some fresh fuel with your favorite conditioner and try to work the machine a little to get it up to temp. and see what happens. Good Luck Russ
  7. Strange problem with my 350. Trans?

    Hi Sound like you have a bearing failure some where in the transmission and shafts have come out of alinement or a piece of broken bearing has lodged in gear tooth. I am working on a 650 right now that had the similar problems. The front bearing in the top shaft, and bull pinion bearing failed. Sounds to me like you will have to open the transmission up to pin point the exact problem. Good Luck.
  8. Td 6 primary fuel pump

    Hi Try BK diesel in Dubuque IA phone 563 583 9600. I was able to get seals and gaskets from them, about 2 years ago. I thought they have a good product. Good Luck. Russ
  9. MD not starting

    Hi Check your gas. If this problem stared all of sudden could be your gas has some diesel in it. This happen to a friend of mine SWD9. His fuel tank was a two compartment with a single hose. he was getting just enough diesel out of the hose to contaminate his gas. Be fore we found that, when trying to start it on gas it would smoke white and the exhaust smelled of diesel. Good Luck Russ
  10. King of Obsolete????

    He is still working on old iron, check out the construction page on this site, he just put and undercarriage on the TD 18 known as Blaine
  11. Td6 injector pump oil drain?

    Hi. Could be a couple of things. 1. Seal on the primary pump is leaking. 2. If it has a A pump the scavenging valve in the pump is leaking. Both will cause fuel to get in the oil in the pump. Good Luck Russ
  12. Mice

    Hi I have to vote for a cat or 2.One is a house and one is a shop cat. I leave all my out buildings with an opening so they can get in. I have a few paw prints on things but it is better that having stuff chewed up by mice and mouse droppings Cheers Russ
  13. TD6 head gasket

    Hi Kenmcal. On your fuel pump it sounds like the plunger could be stuck. I have had that happen to with pumps that have been sitting for a long time. I have never had one that was damaged from sitting but old fuel will make them stick. A good cleaning in clean diesel fuel usually fixes the problem. I have also had and am having problems getting starters and generators repaired. I find they quality of replacement parts is poor, and some of workmanship is not that great. I am getting like the KoO and doing more myself. If I screw up, I don't have to go that far for warranty work. Cheers Russ

    Hi I don't know the angles. The service manual says they can be serviced with 400 grit grinding compound, and can be lapped by hand. Depending on how bad the mating surfaces are it will work. I have had a fair amount of success using this method.