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  1. I have not issues with my TD 6. But if they are similar to TD 9 and WD 9, Super 9, 600 and 650, all the head should interchange, The difference in the 9 series engine is the size of the injector body. The big thing is to have the right size of the pre cup and the injector. Good Luck.
  2. If you can contact Pete 1468 he works on M & W dyno's which is the same old company he may be able to help you out, He has a lot of posts on this form.
  3. I am working on at pump that has sat may years, a it is terribly gummed up from the old fuel, aside from the plunger being stuck every other check valve in the plunger was stuck. Where I live we get a lot of bio diesel and it just kill diesels that are not run on a regular basis. I have the plunger clean, now the distribution block is next, then the primary pump.
  4. russ600

    IH 600D

    It should be an easy bolt in. You may need to change the front pulley depending how the UD 370 is set up. You will probably have to use the rear mounting brackets and flywheel off of the 600. Check of the configuration of the oil pan it may be different, and you may have to use some of the throttle linkage, off of the 600, also the front engine mount maybe different. Should be a fun project Cheers Russ
  5. There is a screen on top of the plunger take the cap with a screw driver slot off to access it. There is also a screen in the water trap, make sure that is clean, I have had them give me trouble. Old fuel can cause a lot of grief to a fuel system. Usually all those old pumps need is a good cleaning and they will work ok. Make sure your fuel tank is clean, if it isn't you will have nothing but trouble.
  6. From what you are saying and from the pictures my guess is an overhaul is in order. If it were mine I would get it put on a dyno and see what the blow by is like. There are a range of things that can cause blow by from being worn out(high hour engines) to being over heated. Working it on a dyno with an experienced mechanic may help in trouble shooting the problem. You may want to consider taking an oil sample for testing. Your said you got this tractor at an auction, I would do an oil and filter change just to make sure it has the right oil. As I say before I like to do the cheap stuff
  7. This is just my thoughts, if your doing and lot of tires and the bills costs more than the tire equipment to change the tires., I think you have to consider your time, could be doing something to make more money than changing a tire. The other thing will tire shop come out and change your tires Sunday afternoon when he is at the lake and you are in the field planting and have 3 hired men looking at the same flat tire. I have seen the equipment they use is air powered and does not look hard to operate. If your already doing truck tires and implement tires you probably have and lot of the eq
  8. Hi. I like to check the cheap stuff first. Did the blow by start after you starting blowing snow, fine snow could have got in the air cleaner and any other parts of the engine ventilation system, and in my experience that can make an engine do weird things it normally wouldn't do. If you are able put the tractor in a heated shop and warm it up my sure everything is dry and just use the loader and see what happens.
  9. I worked on my 650 a couple of years ago because of bearing failure. I thought I would buy new bearings and give the old tractor a treat. I found all the bearings in Edmonton but the price was over $2500.00. All of sudden the old bearings I had pulled out of tractors that I had stripped looked pretty good. I have read somewhere that the transmission bearings should be replaced as rustred has said. The oil was also suppose to have been changed in that 1000 hour range or yearly. On most tractors that probably never happened. I think on the Super 9's, 600 and 650 there was a bearing up dat
  10. There is a company in Edmonton called" Fluid Seal" if you have the spec. on the seal they may have it. Russ
  11. I don't they came from the factory with a knob on the throttle, but a lot of people put they on. As far as brakes go I would go to shop that relines brakes and clutches. If your bands are good should be no problem. Nice looking tractor.
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