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  1. I do the same with our 1480 every year. I need to replace the keystock grates and large wire concaves soon. Anyone have any suggestions for large wire concaves primarily running soybeans in Michigan?
  2. I pulled my IH 6500 conser-till 7 shank with 4” twisted shovels behind my 1086. It handled it with no problems in heavy clay but it didn’t run away with it either. All the chisel plowing now is done with the 8960 and the 25’ chisel plow.
  3. I just bought new cylinders for mine this spring from Bailey. I just went with standard tie bolt rephasing cylinders. They would have parts to repair yours. baileyhydraulics.com
  4. I’m working on finding someone who is bringing a good 8101D_ cylinder head to the show for my TD9. 🤞
  5. Got to love all of the comparisons. All depends on comparing competitive models from the same time era, while performing the same duties. I’m just waiting for someone to say that they use to have an IH 460 and it was a piece of junk because their JD 8400 would start better and out pull the 460 everyday of the week. 🤣
  6. Yeah this project has been a learning experience for me on the D335 engine and the different variations of it. Lol
  7. Love the pictures! Helps me find a little more motivation to press on with my TD9 when I get frustrated. 😉
  8. Correct rustred, the are the same engine (D335). The difference between the 8101DG head that I have (cracked) and the 260692R4 head that I have for sale is the fuel systems. The 8101DF head is for the Bosch fuel system and the 260692R4 head is for the IH fuel system. The injectors are different sizes between the fuel systems.
  9. Anyone have any suggestions where I can advertise this head? I found out after I had it redone that it will not work on my TD9. Need to sell it or swap it for a 8101D_ casting. Thanks PS- I did review the forum rules and I don’t see where this violates them, however if Admin sees a problem, please pm me and let me know.
  10. I have used Fleetguard Coolant Restore coolant system cleaner with good results. Granted it won’t be as extensive of a cleaning like removing the core but a lot less downtime. My JD 8960 had a lot of deposits in its core from 12k hours of run time and I was very pleased with the results. I can get the part number for the cleaner if you want.
  11. mmi, I was hoping to find someone that has done this conversation so I gain a little insight before I decide to go this route. I have found other threads mentioning the idea but none with the details I’m looking for. .... and as far as saving the old parts, ask my wife, I don’t get rid of anything! 😆
  12. Has anyone ever performed this conversion that I am pondering.......... I have an early D335 with the Bosch fuel system and a junk cylinder head. I have a reconditioned cylinder head from a later D335 that has an IH fuel system. My question is, has anyone personally had fuel injector lines made to connect the Bosch injection pump to the IH injectors? Cost of course will be a big factor. Thanks in advance!
  13. As bitty mentioned look into the oil pressure switch at the rear right hand corner of the engine. That is what sends power to the digital dash. I had the switch fail on my 1086 in the same manor.
  14. First tractor my Grandfather ever bought new the 806 that I still have. Picture was taken sometime in the late 60’s harvesting beets. She now has over 19,000 hours and the engine has never been touched. The 3588 is the first tractor my dad bought new. I’m still looking for it. Serial number #14433 originally from Snover, MI.
  15. Only thing we have been able to do so far in the Thumb of Michigan is burn down........almost lost the 1086 in between the tile runs. Lol
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