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  1. First tractor my Grandfather ever bought new the 806 that I still have. Picture was taken sometime in the late 60’s harvesting beets. She now has over 19,000 hours and the engine has never been touched. The 3588 is the first tractor my dad bought new. I’m still looking for it. Serial number #14433 originally from Snover, MI.
  2. Only thing we have been able to do so far in the Thumb of Michigan is burn down........almost lost the 1086 in between the tile runs. Lol
  3. Ok guys I need a little more insight. So the injectors will not interchange between the original head (8101DF) and the replacement head I have (260692R4). I ended up with a complete D335 engine serial number 45562, my engine is serial number 16313. I have noticed a lot of part number changes at engine serial number 28500. Included in that is injectors and pistons. At this point what am I going to have to change in order to use the new cylinder head or am I back to looking for another replacement head from the early serial number range??? I would love to hear from anyone who has been down this road before.
  4. Undoubtedly one of the best tractors ever built by IH. I have my grandfathers 806 that he bought new in ‘64. It was the main horse of 400 acres until the 1486 came along in ‘78 and did acres of custom work. Over 19,000 hrs and the D361 has never been apart yet. As everyone else has said get it bought. You won’t be disappointed.
  5. Thanks George. I did end up with the complete parts engine. So I have the whole fuel system. The parts engine is definitely the late D335 as the serial number is 44XXX. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the new head to the machine shop and get going on the valves. Thanks again for the information!
  6. Working on my 1946 TD9. My original cylinder head with a casting number of 8101DF is cracked and not feasibly repairable. I have located a replacement cylinder head from a later serial number D335 engine that has a casting number of 260692R4. I have read some archived post that stated there may be possible interchangeability problems with the starting linkage. Does anyone have any experience or light they would like to share on the subject?
  7. So I have found a 260692R4 (casting #) cylinder head. My head is the old original 8101DG casting. Next question is concerning starting linkage changes between the heads. I have run across some information that claims certain parts need to be changed in order to used the newer cylinder head?
  8. That’s the reason for looking for a good cylinder head. Anything can be repaired but feasibility is the deciding factor. I have a few leads on a good cylinder head that I’m looking into.
  9. An MD would be a D246? or a D264 engine. Either way too small. This would be the same as a WD9 engine as far as the comparable tractors go.
  10. Machine shop called..........yep the head is cracked into the valve seats. Looks like the welding from an earlier failure was pretty sloppy and never completely corrected the problem. So anyone have a good head for a D335 they want to part with???
  11. Good point John. I have to say I have done that before too. I honestly probably would have done just that if you hadn’t mentioned it. Thanks!
  12. Well I have decided to take the cylinder head to the local machine shop and drop it off to have it checked over. Probably end up doing a valve job while it’s off. I had a chance last night after work to clean up the cylinders and attempt to break number one and three pistons loose. A half dozen swats each with a sledgehammer and a block of pine appears to have broken them loose from the sleeves. They both definitely have some water damage from the exhaust being left off at some point. Once I have another chance to work on it I’ll roll the engine over to get the pistons at the bottom of their strokes and then attempt to clean the sleeves up with a hone in order to determine how much damage has been done. See if anyone can guess what is in the #1 port of the exhaust manifold? Lol
  13. Going to pull the cylinder head off tomorrow night.........pictures are coming!
  14. Well my patience didn’t last long, I tried pulling it in attempt to break the engine free with no luck. I had the controls switched to gas operation and let the cylinders soak for about four days. Within about 15-20 minutes of deciding to just pull the head, I had everything ready to lift off. I’ve discovered that the head was cracked and repaired at some point in its lifetime. More interesting is that it appears that someone had tried to get the engine running without any luck. Upon preparing to pull the head I found that the short pushrod for the starting valves was out of position and would not have allowed the starting valves to open. Once the weather here straightens out we will lift the head off and see what the cylinders look like. 🤞
  15. Yes it is an early one with the Bosch injection pump. Surprisingly when I drained all of the oil’s and fluids out of the machine everything seem to be very well-maintained. Unfortunately it has been sitting long enough that the engine is tight. I soaked down the cylinders through the spark plug holes last night with a few cans of breakaway and hopefully that will loosen things up over the next few days.
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