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  1. Anyone want a W30?

    Need to make shop room. Cylinder walls rusted below the pistons. Pulled head and raised one piston. Lost interest. Has new front tires and head gasket set.
  2. td25c saved

    If you can't/don't want to get it going I would love to have the Engine side panels. Farmalldr is a great resource. I have been in the planet drive and the torque converter on mine so I might be of some limited value. I Don't stop by here very often so if you need something PM me. Dirt
  3. Debris screens for TD25C engine

    Thanks Dennis for the reply. I will call those places. I covered the front with 1/4" hail screen and ran the fan pulling. Ran all afternoon without heating. Sure was hot in the operator set though. 80 degree ambient. Dirt
  4. TD-15C Tq. Conv. cooling issue

    A common problem with wet converter housing setups. Make sure the scavenge pump is keeping the oil level down in the converter housing. I would bet that the converter seal is out and filling the housing with oil. If it pushes good your converter body is probably fine. Dirt
  5. Debris screens for TD25C engine

    Thanks Tom, The ones I need are aftermarket. The OEM ones are heavy steel with louvers. There is a 74 25c in Canada on Machinery Trader that has what I am looking for. Dirt
  6. Anyone have any ideas where a set are? I want the type with expanded metal so I can fasten hail screen to them. Called Browns, Blue Ridge, and Thill. Doing a lot of waterway/crop field work with lots of residue and the Rad needs cleaned out every hr. Thanks Dirt