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  1. I recently purchased this 300U. Fire craters, Power steering, Fast hitch, TA, live pto, converted to 12 volt and electronic ignition, Stan Hoist loader with both buckets, 200 rear 8' blade, rear chains and wheel weights, new rear rubber, extra set of used front rubber, owners manual and Lastly a IH windbreaker. This wind breaker has seen better days and its spent a fair amount of time as a mouse hotel, Is there anyone selling replacement canvas for them?
  2. A "professional applicator" would have told you about it and then applied an activated charcoal spray to neutralize the chemicals, Probably would have still killed the grass but it could have been reseeded a few weeks later. It can still be done to speed up the recovery but the chemicals have leached down in the soil deep by now.
  3. The DOT has already mounted a electric brake controller in it. They pulled trailers with pintle hitches and electric brakes. There are also two different styles of plugs on the back, neither of which fit my trailer but it shouldn't be bad putting the right one back there. might just have all 3 types.
  4. I just bought this 2000 4700, DT466E, Allisson 5 speed OD auto, air brakes, AC, dual air seats, 22.5's, 35,000 lb rated truck from the Iowa DOT auction. Bed had a brine set up in it and is totally shot, rusted so bad the tailgate fell off and the left rear corner is sagging. Nobody would bid on it because of the bed, everyone there wanted dump trucks they could use, I got her with one bid. I want to pull my gooseneck trailer with this. Anyone have a gooseneck set up on a 4700, looking for options and opinions. thanks
  5. Grandpa bought My 36 F30 in 37 with a dealer red paint job, used on the farm, then on my uncles acreage until he pushed it in the weeds, it was sold to a neighbor who wanted the Heisler OD and rear wheels but he never got around to getting the heisler off. I got it back from his son for what his dad paid my uncle for it. My son and I restored it. It was never more than 10 miles from home or the original dealer until i started hauling it around.
  6. My father in law did that to every battery, wether it was his or a customers, Finally had to put a new battery in his old truck and it was 13 years old.
  7. Golf greens are mown between .125 and .095 with a 13 blade 4.5" reel mower, you have blades made for a high suction deep deck with short spindles, if I were to guess probably for a Toro Groundsmaster.
  8. Start with rebuilding the Mag, the carb, and the fuel pump. If those three are perfect the rest is pretty easy. If one of them is a bit off you will have headaches and nightmares.
  9. New Century FS sells a transmission fluid that meets HY-tran specs. Used it for years without issue. https://www.gofurthergofs.com/Portals/0/Assets/Resources/SpecSheets/FS-Power-Fluid-Hydraulic,-Transmission,-&-Wet-Brake.pdf
  10. I posted my 806 info on the general forum with your handle as a title, didn't know if you seen it.  it's a few pages back now

    thanks Brian

    1. 1967806


      Ok, Im not sure how to search for it.

    2. Grampas30


      1966 806D number 23293SY, wide front, 3 point, Year a Round Cab. Don't know when dad bought it but he's done with it and now I have it. List it as Brian and Lyle Eldridge, Boone iowa

    3. 1967806


      Got it. Thanks.

  11. Tisco has International Harvester off white, it's the cream color your looking for
  12. 1966 806D number 23293SY Don't know when dad bought it but he's done with it and now I have it. List it as Brian and Lyle Eldridge, Boone iowa
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