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  1. the County I work for buys Navistar trucks on a regular basis for snow plows. Navistar has serious issues, one truck went back to the dealer 4 times before completing its route, another was delivered and parked by the fuel pump to fill up, then was towed back to the dealer, 3 more tows after that. two of them throw exhaust temp warnings every time you slow down, one of the brand new ones made it through its route and went back to the dealer the next day. They eventually get most of the bugs worked out of them but It really makes a guy scratch his head and wonder how they could sell one of t
  2. The hydraulic powerlift was first available on F12 #60834 which would be a February of 36 build and a GREY tractor. Soon after it would have been available for retrofit to earlier tractors.
  3. When I rebuilt my pump it would barely pump, compared my plunger rod with another one I had in my parts stash and it was quite a bit shorter. Put in the longer rod and she pumps and runs so much better
  4. Enginaire Pump, I have the one my Grandfather got new with my 36 F30. It came on rubber tires and since very few farmers had a compressor it was a required piece of equipment. It has a small piston in the part that threads in and DOES NOT put air fuel mixture into the tire. You can still buy these new by the way.
  5. got the gooseneck ball all mounted. decided to add a 2" receiver hitch/ bumper/light bar to the rear. Now it has a 40K gooseneck hitch, 30 ton pintle and a 15 ton receiver hitch that is the same height as the receiver on my pickup for hitch up convenience. The actual bumper is 3/8" thick 4" square tube that I pierced and welded the receiver tube into. The uprights are 1" by 4" bar stock and its bolted with 6- 3/4" grade 8 bolts through the frame and half inch bar stock that is now welded to the 30 ton pintles frame that attaches to the rear spring hangers. 4 1" thick gussets were added
  6. 4 rib fronts seem to wear better than 3, at least for us anyway. Kept 3 ribs on the 1586 to steer better in the dirt, 1086 chore tractor got 4 ribs because it spent a lot of time on the road. still gotta set the toe correctly
  7. If I understand it correctly you have to go to Navistar and tell them what your wanting to do. They have to inspect the truck and make sure the tires are speed rated over 75mph and they want your intended load etc.etc. they then send this to Allison for approval. Both have to approve in writing and then you pay them to reprogram and unlock 6th gear. The MD in my 4700 is locked out of 6th too. Not going to bother till it's the last thing on the list.
  8. wire wheeled the old paint and rust off and then Rustoleum rusty metal primer covered with Rustoleum Industrial Black.
  9. i'm going to keep it, but since it's constant drive with no way to shut it off, i am removing it for now. Don't want to blow a hose on the road and be stranded until i could get a hose made.
  10. Got the box off and about 50 miles of sander and brine control wires removed. Have most of the hydraulic hoses disconnected and cut loose. . Waiting for the trans blockoff plate before removing the live pump and the rest of the system. Removed the air powered tail light cleaning system. Got the 40K gooseneck ball mounted and the fenders in place. I've found a bunch of bolts in the rear that are corroded in two or almost corroded in two so I'm replacing all of them. Stripping off old coal tar paint and rust. May have to eventually get it blasted.
  11. The F12/14 had an entire line of Quick attachable implements that bolted onto the rear axle brackets. That system carried over to the letter series tractors until the introduction of the fast hitch.
  12. So my 300U with loader has 5.50-16 fronts on it. They are old originals with the knobby sidewalls and pretty close to shot, lots of cracking and splits. I would like to put 11L-15's on the front like whats on my 806.They are actually slightly taller. I plan to use the tractor for some yard(turf) work and think 4 rib 11L-15's would be the ticket to minimize turf damage/ sinking. Looking at available rims trying to understand offsets and backspacing. 1-1/8" offset on two of them.... but one says 6-3/4" backspacing ($73) and the other has 8-1/8" backspacing ($140). Anyone out there put wi
  13. I recently purchased this 300U. Fire craters, Power steering, Fast hitch, TA, live pto, converted to 12 volt and electronic ignition, Stan Hoist loader with both buckets, 200 rear 8' blade, rear chains and wheel weights, new rear rubber, extra set of used front rubber, owners manual and Lastly a IH windbreaker. This wind breaker has seen better days and its spent a fair amount of time as a mouse hotel, Is there anyone selling replacement canvas for them?
  14. A "professional applicator" would have told you about it and then applied an activated charcoal spray to neutralize the chemicals, Probably would have still killed the grass but it could have been reseeded a few weeks later. It can still be done to speed up the recovery but the chemicals have leached down in the soil deep by now.
  15. The DOT has already mounted a electric brake controller in it. They pulled trailers with pintle hitches and electric brakes. There are also two different styles of plugs on the back, neither of which fit my trailer but it shouldn't be bad putting the right one back there. might just have all 3 types.
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