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  1. It is true https://www.marketwatch.com/story/briggs-stratton-files-for-chapter-11-bankruptcy-as-pandemic-weighs-on-business-2020-07-20
  2. hard to beat when drilling AL, never tried on steel
  3. sad, it used to be very interesting ... about 40 yrs ago anyway
  4. I saved these picts from a previous posting
  5. I watched the sale online using Proxibid, seemed like a decent service. But if there was something I really wanted, I would probably be at the sale in person.
  6. DON & LYNN KRAMPE farm sale today in St John area, near Great Bend & Larned. Some very clean equipment. Selling prices: 656 gas - $3600 1979 K20 farm truck looked like it had been in town its whole life, ~40k miles - $15,800 986 w loader - $11,250 3688 - $15,200 MX140 w loader - $82,000 8920 - $53,000 2188, approx 4k engine hrs - $41,000 1688, also about 4k eng hrs - $8900 If interested, pictures and more info: https://carrauction.com/auction/farm-equipment-8/
  7. pretty good picture, and as someone else said pretty interesting view
  8. FYI if you're in or near Kansas, the 2020 National Auction will be October 23 & 24 in Larned, Kansas. Carr Auction will be the auctioneers, a business started by Larry Carr, who was president of Kansas Chapter 3 of the IH Collectors Club until his recent passing. His son in law and grandson have been running the business for about 20 yrs now (I think, but don't quote me). T Thanks, Andy
  9. If you get a chance, check him out in the series The Ranch on netflix, plays a crotchety ole rancher.
  10. As long as its just random "art" and not a tagging by a local gang, it is pretty cool. I don't know the odds either way for your area. I'd consider consulting with the local lawmen for a opinion.
  11. For making long shots its ultimately about consistency... same cartridge load, same aim, same rifle, windage, chamber and barrel expansion ... and it can be performed with many different rounds. In a wartime situation there's a lot to be said for commonality: a great round does no good if you have none. Personally i prefer the heavy barrels. But there is a company that builds great lightweight barrels: https://christensenarms.com/ They make some mighty nice rifles. I'd be wary if i did a lot of target shooting since the kick must be like a mule (physics: mass times acceleration, so the less weight = bigger force, for the same bullet acceleration) but if i were carrying a rifle on a long trek into the mountains, I'd probably want the lightest rifle available. At the end of the day its a compromise for your specific use. Andy
  12. This www.gunwerks.com ballistics chart between a 6.5 Creedmoor and a 308 Win is pretty interesting... https://www.gunwerks.com/blogs/long-range-magazine/the-6-5-creedmoor details: 308: 178 grain, muzzle velocity 2600 ft/sec, ballistic coeff of 0.53 6.5: 140 grain, muzzle velocity 2710 ft/sec, ballistic coeff of 0.585 with the added weight and the larger diameter, the 308 round gets pulled to the earth more than the 6.5 Creedmoor roughly 10 inches at 500 yds, nearly 50 inches at 1000 yds.
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