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  1. RPRU pics from today

    Great pix, love the 706 with cat
  2. A few of them made it to Holland, it was nice talking to you in Spalding Alex
  3. Caption this!

    It was the only way to get the guy with the JD hat out of the seat of this fine machine.
  4. Tractor Museum in Iowa

    Here are a few i have seen. Jackson Minnesota
  5. 66 series toys 1/16 scale

    The toy tractor times 1066 is not mfd, there are two variations of that model, the rare one has a Kholman farms decal on the cab door. This is mine, i have all the 1/16 toy tractor times tractors made exept the Kholman farms 1066.
  6. 7288 due out in June

    Very happy with mine, got a nice line up now 72 65 35
  7. An Unusual Square Baler

    ^ The Deutz Fahr power press,the worlds first self propelled big baler, intoduced at Agritechnica in 1993, sold between 94 and 98, about 100 build, not very many survived, they burnt easy.
  8. RPRU 2016 pictures

    Thank you so much for all those great pictures
  9. Kubota & Great Plains at the Alter

    Kubota has come a long way, went to a field demo in Germany early spring, here are a few pix. Great Plains bought Simba from England in 2010, they had all orange equipment, looks like they can switch back to orange now
  10. Spring fieldwork Holland more pix 05-05-16

    And i will stop this spring series of pix with some RED power A 956xl coming down the road And a CVX 140 with Kuhn mowers
  11. Spring fieldwork Holland more pix 05-05-16

    Corn planting started 8630 making dust
  12. Spring fieldwork Holland more pix 05-05-16

    Few i made today