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  1. Where’s all the electricity coming from for this.
  2. The problem is I don’t think most of them can decide on a gender.
  3. I have a few different ones of these multi tools other than this one. This one (other than when I send it back for warranty for broken pliers ) has been in my pocket for over 20 years. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket it usually goes with my Keys in my pocket like reflex every day. I once forgetting it in my pocket going on a trip out of the airport I buried it in the flower pot at the airport thinking they would make me junk it at the gate so I took my chances it would be there when I got back a week later. It was safe and dirty.
  4. I use Thompsons water seal on mine it seems to last pretty good I do it every fall on a nice warm day gives it the winter to soak in good and do it’s thing.
  5. Hope you feeling better soon. Hope for a quick recovery and a smooth ride home.
  6. I made the mold out of steel and have made a bunch of these the last few years for pulling I started making em without the pipe to build stuff at the house if I wanted they are just shy of 1000 pounds. If it’s to stony it will rock up in the corners.
  7. If your going to try to make something decorative don’t go to heavy on the stone in it and vibrate it and make sure you oil your form up good to be able to get it out easy enough without breaking
  8. Ok now to find a couple of the steel Hydraulics lines that go to the 3 point flow control valve there’s 2 probably 3/8” I’d lines that are rusted and leaking they are steel pre bent lines
  9. Went today to look at it will be going to pick it up in the Am it’s far from perfect but good sting hydraulics at an idle warm and it seems to go ok with the torque converter transmission some body has done some wiring on it over the years. But it was a machine from the New Hampshire state road department it has a little rust on it from being in some salt over the years but has nice tight pins no visible blow by and is fairly dry as far as leaks go the steering cylinders are dry it does need some power steering fluid in it. It’s not as pretty as a nice new one but for a cheap price it’s a heavy loader tractor for around out farm.
  10. Most of my pulling I do is on a stone boat on a clay stone dust track so good traction helps I did pull a transfer sled the other night and ran out of power in second gear with one tractor at 214 feet and this one with the road worn tires spun out in first gear after they tightened the sled up some. My other 450 pulled 1st gear a lot further with the sled set the same I had to stop I was pulling out of bounds. If I can recover some of the 3 k I just spent on tires by selling these to someone who wants them that’s what I’m looking for I just don’t want to give them away or try having them for sale for a year. I’m running 2 stock 450 farmalls one tipping the scales at 9950 the other at 8600 both stock motors.
  11. How’s it work for growing corn for Ethanol based gas. How much diesel fuel is used to produce one gallon of a greener for the environment gasoline never mind the fact that it seems like it has less power per gallon than regular gas so you burn more. The same with all the emissions on big trucks yes black smoke looks cool but how about a good running early 2000’s diesel vrs a newer one with DPF and DEF that burn a lot more of the same fuels to do the same job how much more fuel is the greener Diesel burning to do the same job. Ours at work are fuel hogs compared to the older pre emissions trucks.
  12. Good for her great job
  13. I’m not trying to sell these tires just wondering what people would put for a value on them. I have someone interested in them but don’t really know what they are worth I am trying to recoup some of the money back I just paid for the new ones. I also don’t want to give them away and want them for something else 2 years down the road. I was thinking maybe 800-1000 for the pair. Or just storing them for a while till I may need them. I just put new 16.9x38’s on the girls tractor today
  14. Yes it says it has a turbo and 3 point hitch and pto that’s is one of the things I’m interested in that it does have those not that I will be doing much 3 point hitch work or pto work with it but it’s available if needed I want something that’s rugged loader wise.
  15. I’ve heard these are a tank. I ran one last year loading and unloading plows at a plow day. I am thinking of one of these used for around our farm and maybe finding a 3 point hitch backhoe to go on it for the occasional hole or stump or rock. This one looks decent it has 1800 hours on it and is a little over an hour away to go look at
  16. Yup we had a good time about 850 miles in 3 days and didn’t even start the truck Thursday did the tourist thing out walking everywhere from the hotel the boat ride and all. The duramax gets 20-21 mpg on the trip and about 10 hooked to the trailer but with one tractor weighing in at 9950 and the other at 8640 and the tri axle trailer I’m happy.
  17. Took both 450’s to the Heath Ma agricultural fair last night after coming home from a couple days in upstate New York we stayed in Alexandria Bay on the StLawrence river it was nice weather up there raining good when we headed home. Got home it had stopped raining hooked up to the trailer and went pulling. This was my girlfriend’s first time pulling a transfer sled and my Daughters in her 12th birthday. I pulled 214feet my daughter pulled 215 with my tractor my 450 went across the scale at 9950 my girlfriends at 8640 there was only 4 tractors above 7k at the pull so they let us have a free for all
  18. Did t make the show this year was just out there in July for the JD show. I heard this years show was great with the big Oliver show being there too had some friends that went out they spent some time on a gang plow with friends and had a great time. The pictures from the show made me jealous I talked to you guys a few years ago at the show maybe in 2018 or 2019 the last time I got there you guys were set up with your backs to the fence also.
  19. Pull the stone boat keep adding weight till you can’t pull it pulling it down a 100 foot track there’s the point of keeping it moving. So it puts that in the driver trying to pick a line down the track avoiding bad spot that someone else would have spun out and dug some Holes that are never as hard as the track is at the start of the pull. At lot of it is setting the tractor up and reading the track.
  20. The fun part of the day letting the 11 year old drag it down the track I had her pulling the plow this spring
  21. Yes I did a few inches it was a wet load up in the rain that was coming down then as soon as the chains were tight it stopped again
  22. Couple of pics from today I was very happy with how both 450’s ran there was some other nice tractors there too then we pulled in tonight after some rain this afternoon to a nice sunset
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