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  1. Great pics always enjoy pics of your tractors
  2. The stone boat we use is 3’ wide by 10’ long weighs rite around 1000 pounds
  3. We have a case model S it’s a nice little tractor pulled it outs the woods 15 years ago Tim work on it is great shape except rear fenders are getting rotten at the braces it runs great it was used in a small orchard is kinda like an orchard tractor we have a W4 that was bought by an orchard brand new and used until the 70’s. I have never seen another model S around here
  4. I skip over that one all the time. I watch some of the Alaska shows just to look at the land. Godrush they never make enough money to cover expenses but come back every year with new stuff. I like watching the equipment
  5. We pull 80’ it’s one thing to move it a few feet. But it’s also got to do with the person pulling it down the track avoiding spots whet others have spun out we don’t roll it between every tractor. There gets to be some soft spots in the track even after rolling it we use a 20000 pound vibratory roller on it and a dozer to flatten it out during the day.
  6. They didn’t it was put on with custom adapter plates. It makes it hard to get on but nice plowing setup with a fast hitch 4-16 plow behind it
  7. That standard 620 pulls real good he found it at Umass. Amherst college and went through it he has all of the 20 series 2cylinders he’s a good friend. I was helping his nephew on his 720 Stsndard Diesel a few trips up the track that was him on the 820 at the end and the guy with the 720 standard with glasses used to own the local Deere dealerships till he sold out to United last year I think real nice guy. He’s putting on a stone boat pull this Saturday that I’m taking our 600 to I’ll probably be one of 2-3 not green tractors there
  8. Lightweight bolster check low first gear check electric fan on the radiator check yup he’s pretty serious about pulling with it I’ve pulled out 600 with him and he’s usually about 1000# lighter than me on the sled when he goes out
  9. We have a few of them in our fleet at work. We are weeding out the M11’s I hear parts are no longer available computers too that if you need a ECM for one you need to find a used one. I have a Cat C12 in my newly refurbished 2002 I got this summer it runs good pulls hard the last truck I had for 11 years had a C12 cat too I was hesitant about the new one hoping would go as good as the last one. It does even better but it’s fresh not with 27000 hours on it. You friend is right from what I hear all the new stuff is always broke that’s why as long as we can we are trying to stay pre emissions
  10. Had a good time yesterday the little Ferguson pulled good wasn’t that impressed with the 650 it was running outa power the tires are on the tall side. The last tractor pulling pulled 27000 he has pulled more but the last tractor standing only pulled one less block This was a good friend of mine that has a good tractor collection teaching a friends son The last run of the night
  11. Yes it is his 400 with the two electrals is in New Hampshire still last I knew. The fast hitch on the back of this makes it hard to climb up on the back of it l. It has a couple of big steps up over the seat
  12. Yes the pull is tomorrow I’ll be dragging this and my girlfriends Ferguson home on Sunday. This 650 will be put away till plow day in the spring
  13. Truck is good pull my 10000# trailer behind it barley know it’s there power wise. This is my fathers trailer and it pulls nice just a little long 28’ deck with a 4’ beaver tail it’s nice to put 2 tractors on it but very easy to be way over weight. This was a load I pulled this summer and it handled it just fine my fuel mileage is the only thing that doesn’t like the load
  14. Loaded up this 650 the other night for tomorrow’s fun pull. I brought my girlfriends TO 30 to a friend’s house near the pulls last weekend so she could practice she asked about a month ago about wanting to try pulling said she needed some seat time on the tractor first. Last Sunday we went over his house and pulled the boat up and down his driveway to about 7000# that’s all the little Ferguson wanted. I have wanted to pull this tractor on this track for a few years I’ve pulled my daughters M and our 600 so this year I’m trying this one. The pull is all for fun it’s a fundraiser for the local church
  15. Ha ha that is funny but I’ve heard it before with my father. He has rebuilt everything on his 820 Deere rear ended transmission and motor being the big things and he won’t pull it I don’t think he likes it coming outa the garage anymore. But I am bringing his IH 650 this Saturday to a stone boat pull. Another positive not on this about a month ago I went to a stone boat pull and on the way home my girlfriend asked me if she could pull her Ferguson TO 30 so last week I welded up a pulling hitch with the hook at 20” and Sunday afternoon we went to a friend’s house for her to practice. That little Ferguson will pull almost 7k on the boat. We had my daughter and his daughter taking turns on his H as the pull back tractor. Here’s a pic of my 10 year old on the H pulling the sled
  16. That’s funny I live in the northeast and do notice Quite a few old red tractors around the area. They had a good dealership network it seems like in my area there used to be one in every town it sounds like.
  17. It’s not bad looking got some rust on it
  18. Got a chance to buy a used 2012 kubota RTV diesel with a plow and doors on it. It has some rust on the doors it was bought from a guy that plowed with it. I’m wondering what to look for worn out or that goes bad figured I’d take it for a ride see how it goes try to get oil warm in hydrostatic transmission. It won’t get used much plowing some snow maybe and carrying Dad around shows and a little use around the farm. Does anybody have any experience with them. Thanks
  19. I took these yesterday the trees are turning here slowly
  20. That’s all we want to do is have fun anybody can pull if they sign up. They had the guy that works the fair pull the fairs hydro 186 the day before just to do it
  21. Right in Northampton mass next to 91. We will have a fun pull Saturday of Labor Day weekend the same tractors will be there plus many more we pull all day till we run outa tractors or weights. It in Leyden Mass one town below Vt
  22. This kid was so happy the first time he ever pulled his H he was the one to pull the 820 at the end of the day
  23. this 820 pulls good this is owned by the guy in the green shirt he was using the crane putting the final block on the boat we had with us I asked the kid in the red to back it up to the sled for him so he didn’t have to run around as much. He hooked it up and told the kid put it in second and go 25000 pounds behind it th most he’s ever pulled is 34000 with it. We kept taking weights off it to put on the Oliver to keep him going as it was just a fun pull. The guy with the Oliver said until yesterday he hadn’t run it it 4 years he got there and first tried he had a stuck valve he freed it up then ran it the rest of the day that’s why no hood
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