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  1. Dad always told my sister she couldn’t have a horse or a pony. Because any animals we had had to go in the freezer before their water buckets froze in the winter. So we had a lot of pigs with names over the years
  2. Those 28l tires for 45$ for the pair with rims I could fit them on something for that price
  3. Don’t know if it’s been on here before just heard this song and though some of the guys on here may relate
  4. I told her tonight if any one says her backside is looking a little wide tell ‘em thanks I put on the weight to make sure the power gets to the ground and just walk away
  5. Yup just told her her rear end is looking heavy I’m sure I’m shut off for a while
  6. Pulling a couple weights off my daughters M tonight and took it out to go to a show Saturday afternoon. And putting some weights on the 450’s for a upcoming pull. I will put 12 on the rear axle of my wide front 450 and putting 8 on the back of my girlfriends 450 how should I answer if she asks do these make my backside look big
  7. Nice looking tractor I don’t think I’d ever think to pull a M on a trailer with a jeep
  8. Yes she does we are getting it to her that was so awesome what Susie snd her friends did for her. Like I have told everyone this is such a great group of people
  9. Ha ha ha that would be funny to see how are you and the Mrs doing tell her we said hello and thank you again
  10. That 650 looks nice and you left it there we have one it’s a nice tractor. That one looks like you should have brought it home they pull good weighted up to about 10000 pounds plus
  11. Now that’s a guy who takes pride in his firewood pile
  12. I was wondering the same thing Seth. Please let us know if any benefits get going for the family. We are heading up to Bennington next Saturday morning won’t be to far from you
  13. If second then Starrett stuff we have a bunch of it for my brothers machine shop. But they are based in Athol Mass. I grew up one town away so a lot of people we know worked there over the years. My older brother and uncle did at one time my brother was in the office with computers and my uncle worked in the Hacksaw division before they moved it down south. They have a employee tool sale every year or at least they used to and employees could buy stuff cheap I have a nice vise from there it weighs 125# Startett tools bought out the Athol Vise company years ago and made there own vises we also have an Athol vise at dads. I know some of their quality has gone down some over the years but they still make good measuring tools
  14. She didn’t look ke the idea of a tractor show on her birthday but we had a nice party for her at the campground at night with a big Whoopi pie with candles in it for her to blow out and we all had some mini ones we picked up at the farmers market. We spread out giving her gifts to one every day of the trip. It’s funny because when we got home we all wondered what some of the separation is with the Amish we saw some with a cell phone some driving the tractors hauling people from the show parking some farms with 3-4 modern 4wd tractors with steel wheels and some pulling a round bailer with horses some pulling a small square bailer with horses bailing green small square bales. Not sure where the line is what they can do and what they can’t as far as their beliefs
  15. Yup that was in the campground we had a cabin at we had friends that had a camper in the opposite corner from our cabin in the campground so we would go down by it on our way to visit
  16. I think it had a kubota diesel in it I walked by it and didn’t pay much attention till I was standing near it watching the steam tractor powering the sawmill then I noticed it
  17. Went to Hoobers bought some paint for the 450 we did the Turkey Hill ice cream thing for my daughter. Stopped at a few Amish run places for meals went to shady maple for supper one night. Saw some cool stuff at the show. Can’t figure out the separation from what the Amish or Mennonite’s are able to do saw a team of 6 miles pulling a round bailer kinda neat s bunch of steel wheeled Deere’s on a few farms my teeth rattled just looking at them. The WD9 on steel was behind hoobers
  18. Yes at the campground we may have to look that up
  19. Yup we came 84 into PA then took 209 down to 80 then 80 to 81 it wasn’t a bad ride left our house at 3 this morning and were having breakfast at 7 on 209
  20. We went by Messicks on the way in to the campground we’re at and came by the New Hollland plant tonight on the way back from shady maple
  21. We found it tonight for supper prime rib was good I had a few we met up with friend that came down for the show they showed us it
  22. We are heading to Hershey Pa today from western Ma then to kinzer Pa to rough and tumble. Going to be heading out 84 from Hartford towards 81 then making our way toward Dutch Wonderland we’re we are staying I’m wondering if there are any more scenic routes off 84 towards Hershey worth driving. Or who I may be passing nearby this morning
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