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  1. Ours are the same way they slowed right down this thanksgiving. We even light them to fool them into thinking it’s not winter. Most days our animals go outside today they are locked into the house and hoop house to stay outa the wind the chickens are in there house with a heated pail the hoop house is I the picture. The horse stood outside all night with her blanket on
  2. Thanks guys I got some parts coming from a few different places this morning
  3. I was thinking of a speedy sleeve over the pto shaft where I already tried seals
  4. That may be an option
  5. I may be looking and I think your within a few hours of me
  6. Anyone know of a good source for parts for a 450 pto I put seals on the output shaft it’s pretty worn put 2 instead of one and it still leaked the lever on the side of it was leaking too it appears bent snd looks like someone had a pipe wrench on it
  7. Do you think he got it later on or just didn’t acknowledge you putting your big wood into a large cavity. Or better yet want to think of his daughter handling your big wood
  8. I like the 26” hubs I wish one of our 600’s had them we put them on our 820 Deere with some 23.1x26” field and roads on it it looks great
  9. Yup I’m the same way bought a new one 4 years ago needed a good reliable vehicle I could depend on after my divorce. Had that 1/2 ton for 3.5 years traded in this past spring it was a cab and a half was looking for a bigger back seat for my daughter as she is getting taller. So I went shopping this spring for a crew cab. I ended up upgrading to a 3500 crew cab diesel. That as my girlfriend calls it my weekend truck I still drive my old rusty Chevy to work most every day the 2002 has been paid off since 2005 so I figure it’s ok to have another payment. Yes my new truck lives in the garage most of the time sooner or later the old truck will die and the new one will get used every day but figured keeping it nice snd clean and out of the weather when I can for as long as I can only extends the life of it. I hope the new one makes 20 years like the old one washed em both up lady weekend put mine in the garage she uses her Toyota all week
  10. I work for a local redimix concrete company. Most days I drive a mixer. I use to run their wash and crushing plant. I do plant repairs and still screen some sand at a couple pits if it is slow enough with concrete. With everything being busy this summer I’m stuck trying to make a stockpile of sand in the cold weather it makes it harder to do but the owner figures if we were to busy to have slow time in the summer it’s worth a little more to make what we can now. These are a few pictures from the past week the loader I run has a 6 yard bucket and the mixer is a refurbished 2002 with pre emissions Cat in it. It’s nice the last shot was Friday morning I was in the shop all by myself at the plant it was snowing out so I put my old Chevy in to melt off the mixer snow pictures were that afternoon. The loader view was Thursday I think
  11. A 600 case would be cool
  12. Definitely watching for the great acting and looking for Chevy’s
  13. What no Pamela Anderson baywatch pictures or was that what he was looking for
  14. We ended up with 2 600’s in Massachusetts one fully restored by a former boss of my fathers who was big into IH he bought the tractor in the 90’s brought it back this way went right through everything plowed and pulled it for a few years then parked it in his shop. My father was talking to him and he mentioned selling it my father knew what he has in it was well over 16k and knew he couldn’t afford it a year or so later he called up my father and told him if he came down with 4k cash he could have the tractor because he wasn’t using it and us kids would use it plowing kinda hard to walk away from that deal like I said then the other was supposed to be parts. It’s funny you take one of those big old IH’s to a show and someone always knows where one is sitting or wants to sell you one. That’s probably why we have Like 7 of that style now. The 600 goes good to bring plowing with dads 820 Deere they are great tractors to plow with at plow days when everyone else shows up with Cubs and A’s and super C’s. They usually just let us loose on part of the field the other tractors are not on
  15. We have one 600 we were looking at guy hadn’t run it in 15 years. We were looking at it for parts. He told us it was stuck he couldn’t turn it over by hand. So he sold it to us for scrap price. We got up there to pick it up and tow it out of his shed it was in gear. Dragged it on the trailer got it home cleaned the carb it fired up freed up the injection pump it runs great had to send the pump to central with a nice check but that is the nicest starting gas start we have
  16. Exactly I see tractors for sale out west all the time for dirt cheap money. Every tractor here in the northeast seems to be a rare low production number tractor.4 years ago I paid 2k for my running worn out 450 wide front. Then I see them all done nice paint good tire working TA for 2-3k online. There’s something about the northeast that make tractors expensive. We have a few wheat land style tractors that all came from out west on someone else’s dime and we’re too much of a project for them or to heavy to haul around. It seems like a nice cub or Super A bring as much if not more money than a 400 or m or H
  17. I was going to say how much side to side wiggle does it have I just put a new shaft and not so worn clutch pedal on a tractor to tighten it up
  18. I’ve seen this on marketplace in CT it’s a beautiful tractor and if I had the money I’d probably have it If the work was done that it says was done I’m sure it’s had way more spent on it. Our 600d that’s restored has over 16k in it in receipts and that was 15 years ago. We also have a running non restored 600 we only paid 800$ for then rebuilt the injection pump to get it running. I am working on a 450 I bought 4 years ago and I’ll probably have over 10k in it when I’m done with it I know it’s not worth it but I like the tractor it was my first solo purchased tractor as a divorce present to myself
  19. I have a few aerosol cans of fluid film I will go under mine in the garage when it’s dry snd check the coverage and spay some more if needed I did that with my last new one
  20. This ones only about 10 miles away from me
  21. I’ve seen one MF skidder it sits a few towns away on the side of the road in an old wood lot landing the guy said it needs a front planetary but he can’t find parts that was 5 years ago I think it’s still sitting. I remember going snowmobiling up northern NH in the early 2000’s and there used to be two big IH skidders sitting on the side of the road for sale for years then one year they were gone. Those were the only two IH skidders I’ve seen other than pictures
  22. My new truck i fluid filmed in September before it saw any winter. I washed it off Sunday and put it in the garage for the week. My old truck when I first got it I worked loading salt and sand trucks in the winter it was hard to wash it off at the end of a 24-36 hour shift. And when I would leave the DPW yard the roads were always black and wet.I work for a concrete company so I would rinse it off all the time at work it’s nice having a truck with 200 gallons of hot water and 85-90psi on the hose but it still gets to it. I swear on a quiet night I can hear it rusting. I have tried some oil underneath it but to little to late. That’s why the new one gets undercoated and washed now whenever possible and I try not to run it in the snow and salt if possible but I still have to on occasion. We are supposed to have a storm here Friday and Saturday supposed to go meet another couple out for dinner im going to see if we take my girlfriends Toyota she trades every 3-4 years anyway I just have to squeeze in it
  23. My old truck bought this brand new 20 years ago this month. New England winters haven’t been nice to it rust wise. I run it back and forth to work most days and it plows the snow in the driveway. It’s got 125000 miles on it now. Every year it gets its safety inspection I say good one more year. I have my other truck weekend truck as my girlfriend calls it sitting home washed up in the garage I try not to drive it as much as I can in the winter trying to keep it out of the salt
  24. Yup carparts dot com is good too I watch the shipping prices on both
  25. I have a couple 211,251,036,461I’m missing 2 of mine in this picture028 , 056
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