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  1. A video of it with my kid coming in yelling after falling off the rocks she was jumping between. You can see the throw out bearing moving but the pressure plate never releases
  2. Got a question on the TA are these bolts supposed to be out the pressure plate for the TA appears to not be moving
  3. I think we’ve had over 12” in July and average is like 4”. This was the town next door yesterday morning the river came up high enough it was pushing water up through the drains at this store. The treatment plant was almost making shitz creek
  4. I like to say 225-250 for it place would be a good guess I deliver it for around 120-130 for 3000# mix. All this rain the last few weeks is making plenty of mud to deal with
  5. Got the belt pulley off it and the clutch snd flywheel. Good news is the clutch and pressure plate look new and the flywheel looks like it was resurfaced. I’m going to put a rear main seal in it while it’s apart
  6. We still have a few trip plows for plow days. We have a 2,3,4 and 5 bottom trailer plows and a 4and 3 boot I’m fast hitch plows. And we don’t farm with them just plow days I was also lucky enough to find a fast hitch large prong Disc that will go behind the 450 if I need it. Don’t get me wrong I like plowing with one of our big wheat land tractors and that 5 bottom it does a great job
  7. We’ve split tractors before but never anything with a TA it will be a learning curve for sure the rear main seal was leaking any way and the transmission input seal looks wet too so those will be replaced while it’s apart. My thought with this tractor is how nice it would be to take it to plow days with a 2 point IH 311 plow and drive on and off the trailer without having to bring a whole other trailer for a plow. I have the plow and tractor just gotta get them both done.
  8. 30’ deck with 4’ beaver tail. When dad ordered it 11 years ago he wanted to be able to put 2 tractors on it. It could have been 28’deck would have been good
  9. Trailer is nice being long but easy to overload. Also being as long as it is it makes it harder to get in some smaller shows around here
  10. Yup it is working out great Dad in one of the pics wants another project. He has done most of the work. I help him when something is heavy or he can’t do. I think he likes fixing a tractor that someone else pays for the parts. He is currently working on this his W6 and wants to pull the stuck brakes apart on one of his 600’s. He built the brackets and split this all by himself yesterday and today.
  11. After getting it unstuck and running great. Now comes time to split it snd fix rear main seal check out the clutch and dive into the Ta to fix or replace
  12. Nope that’s in august this is the Hinsdale Nh historical society show last year was the first year for it. It’s not far up the road from me snd seems to have some good active people planning this show and a tractor ride around town earlier this year
  13. Loaded up some red power for a show this weekend. I would have preferred to put the M in front as it only weighs 7000 pounds and the 600 weighs 11000 pounds. The 600 and trailer were at Dads 20 min away so I loaded it trying to keep it back a bit. The m was here at my place and the show is about 20 miles up the road from me.
  14. It looked good with the side front.
  15. Yup one of Dads friends has a W400 gas with a loader on it too
  16. I’d like to rebuild the belly pump on my 50 Mdoes any one know of a seal kit or the part numbers to rebuild it
  17. My parents went up it in 68 on their honeymoon. Pretty sure it crashed and killed people like a week later dad said
  18. The Mt Washington auto road is nice I’ve only ever been up and down once in 03. They allowed ATV’s to drive up it so I did it was a great day weather wise. I would like to some time take the Cog railway up I think it starts somewhere near the MT Washington hotel. The only time I’ve been near the hotel was with a snowmobile when we rode from Massachusetts through New Hampshire to the Canadian border then back. Yes northern VT and NH are beautiful but your not going to break any land speed records getting across them.
  19. There’s a guy I know around here that has a W400 and W450 that run I’m kinda waiting till he gets old enough to not do anything with them any more then I’ll ask about them. Until then I know they have a good home they would go goo with my 450 Farmall and our 600 and 650
  20. Yes it is one of my uncles still lives up there not far from the lake.
  21. I will I know nothing sbout it when I got it a few years ago I drove it it around and it didn’t make any difference with the lever forward or back didn’t change anything
  22. I should have traded for it years before
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