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  1. Here's a couple of McCormick hayloaders I saw at an Amish Harvest Festival in Shipshewana, IN last year. They were loading hay with another one and cutting wheat with a Daisy reaper and a McCormick binder.
  2. The Waterloo Boy was introduced by the Waterloo Gas Engine Company in 1913. In 1918, Deere, looking for a successful tractor they could sell after their first failures, purchased the Waterloo Gas Engine Company and continued to build the Waterloo Boy until 1923 when it was replaced by the Model D.
  3. M-H merged with Ferguson in 1953. Tractordata.com shows the Ferguson TO-30 being built thru 1954 and the TO-35 1954 thru 1960. Tractordata also says "The separate brands were retained until 1958, when the lines were merged and renamed Massey-Ferguson." This is when the M-F 65 appeared, but that doesn't explain the TO-35 thru 1960. Yes, that looks like an AC, perhaps a D-17?
  4. When Massey and Ferguson first merged, didn't they continue both lines for a couple years before they finally decided that was too expensive and merged them. I don't know the years, but that could be the reason for for M-H-F advertising M-H (and Ferguson) machines.
  5. Spent several of my growing up years riding the twine box of a Model 45 tying knots in bales that weren't properly tied.
  6. Yes, change to the flat top pistons was to reduce emissions. They reduced the surface area in the combustion chambers. Because the metal surfaces are relatively cool, they result in incomplete combustion at the edges which increases the bad products produced and the less the area, the fewer bad products to eliminate in other ways.
  7. I can't say he was the first after Ornas, but he was there for a short time--6 months or so I think. Ted didn't have too much good to say about it either. Howard
  8. Iacocca started at Ford in 1946, moving up through the ranks to VP in 1960, then President in 1970. Fired by Henry Ford in 1978, he then went to Chrysler, no time at IH. There were several Ford people at IH during the 1980s. Donald Lennox, who was the President after McArdell came from Ford. I think one of the Truck Div. Presidents during this time also came from Ford, but I can't remember his name. Larry Shinoda who was at Ford, spent a short time as head of IH Truck Division Styling in 1980 after the the departure of Ted Ornas. Howard
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