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    Randy Sohn

    Thanks for joining the group Laurie. I always looked forward to Randy's posts, but never fully appreciated how vast his experience and knowledge was until I had a chance to read the links you have posted. He will be missed
  2. Same annoying ads in Fort Wayne, IN, all kinds of crazy costumes, looks like the village idiot, "for the people." But I hear he's a millionaire and now has a foreign car dealership too. I suspect there is one agency that specializes in these ads.
  3. Apparently they still hadn't settled on just how to identify the corporation at that time. With the logo there, I guess it does identify Navistar as well. I think it was soon changed.
  4. Navistar International Corp. was the successor to International Harvester Corp. in 1986. Within the sale were some agreements as to the use of the names. Navistar had a limited time to phase out the use of IH on all drawings and literature while Tenneco had the use of International for a time and the tractors carried Case International labeling. At the end of this time, they became Case IH tractors. The trucks always were International Trucks going back to 1914. International Trucks is an operating subsidiary of Navistar International. Others include Navistar Defense, IC Bus, Navistar Financial, and others. For a time International Trucks was called International Truck and Engine, but there was no significant change. Navistar headquarters in Warrenville and Lisle, IL have always carried the Navistar name.
  5. No idea what to do, but you might try Edge or another browser on the same post to see if it repeats. I suspect it's Firefox filtering what it sees.
  6. Don't bet the farm on this. Every 4WD IH built prior to the mid-60s came with an AWD logo on the fender. The distinction between the two types came later after full time systems became available. People often look at an old Scout and think it has a full time system because of the logo.
  7. With a limited slip, it depends on how good the ls is. In some cases you can overpower the limited slip and still have only one wheel pulling. This is particularly bad with the Dana TracLoc or a worn PowerLoc.
  8. Yes, distributor drives the oil pump. Using a drill to pre-oil after a long down time is often done so you can use this to see if there's anything being pumped.
  9. I think you're wrong Rick.
  10. 1500 Goldwing should get nearly 40 unless you are flat out all the time. My 1800 does almost as well. Get that tuneup.
  11. In the late 50s, I saw a B-36 at about a thousand feet fly over our farm--low and slow, large and loud!
  12. The last might be 100% safe from Corona, but might get you a punch in the nose!
  13. From the spam you get from the internet, you've got one in front of you!
  14. You are correct on the wheelbase and GVW. I believe the model code for your truck is 4160704. There are multiple choices for the front axle code. Possibilities in a Loadstar are 02048, 02058, 02068, and 02098, all IH I-beam axles with different weight ratings. Since your RA-39 has a rating of 17,000#, an 02098 with a rating of 7,000# seems likely with your 24,000 GVW. I can't help on the brake code or steering. The missing digits for the cab would be 16. Here is a lineset from a newer truck which may help you visualize what you have.
  15. Howard_P

    new bus engine

    I found they are made by Power Solution International. I never heard of them before, but they have been making industrial type engines since 1985.
  16. DD I've been wondering how much a load of freshly picked cotton in one of those bins mounted on top of an H or M with a picker. Can't be very much or it would seem to be dangerously top heavy. Howard
  17. I misspoke. There was also a tractor plant in Bettendorf, IA that built Hs and Ms that also built armored vehicles during the war and apparently many of the industrial models the military used. I don't know how long Bettendorf survived after the war, have heard little of it and Davenport came to mind first when I wrote that.
  18. Dan Ustian was president of the Navistar Engine Group from 1999 before becoming Navistar President. I don't know where he was before that. Warren Hayford came from the Continental Group (formerly Continental Can).
  19. Have to disagree with you Hillman. I do agree it wasn't any particular product problem or accumulation of them. It was recognized 10 years earlier by Brooks McCormick that IH was headed for financial failure and McArdle was brought in to try to save the sinking ship, but couldn't and I'm not sure his tactics would have done it anyway. But without him, we'd probably have gone under in the 80s anyway. Read "A Corporate Tragedy" for more background on the years of financial mismanagement that led to the downfall.
  20. What they don't tell you is his early spring means 42 more days of winter instead of 6 weeks!
  21. Killed by an ex-CEO who said "I'm in charge, we're using EGR, not DEF" despite most engineers telling him it wouldn't work. He did more harm to the company than Archie McArdle.
  22. Info I have says the column shift trans is a Warner Gear T-98. To know what your truck was built with, you need to get the lineset ticket from which we'd have to figure out what the IH code for it means. You just need your VIN and $20. You can get linesets from Super Scout Specialists or many of the other vendors: https://www.superscoutspecialists.com/store/p-406-line-setting-tickets.aspx Or from the Wisconsin Historical Society where they are actually archived. McCormick-International Harvester 816 State Street Madison, WI 53706 608-264-6484 E-MAIL: askmccormick@wisconsinhistory.org
  23. For us flatlanders, what is the cost of a hillside--double the cost of a regular combine?
  24. As far as I know, the only external differences in a K/KB-6 thru 12 are the model designations that are sometimes on the hood, but not evident here. The bigger tires here do suggest one of the larger models. There is a difference between the K and KB models. The KB has chrome trim that wraps around the front of the hood around the triple diamond and that is about the only difference. Lack of that indicates this is the earlier K-10. The coffee drinkers are driving L-line models, L-190 thru 220 ca 1950.
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