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  1. After the original Scout body rusted away??? Appears to have a IH 4 cylinder engine.
  2. One airplane picture that made an impression on me is one of a B-17 and a B-52 flying together after I realized this represents only 17 years of aviation progress--first flights 1935 and 1952, yet they are ages apart.
  3. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of those around the plants and offices and I'm sure many went home with people. I've got mine.
  4. If your lineset has a page 2 with it, look at the bottom for the date it was roll tested. But perhaps they didn't show it the same way back in the 60s.
  5. Howard_P


    You specifically said fenders which won't interchange. The basic cabs are the same, but I think I've read there may be some minor differences, but I'm not familiar with what they are.
  6. Howard_P


    Do you mean from a Travelette to a Loadstar? No way, completely different trucks.
  7. Howard_P


    No. The one-ton 1300 models were the largest. But there were Loadstar Crew Cabs which offered 6 passenger capability, but not as a pickup unless you made your own.
  8. Later 150s had an IH RA-20. I'd suspect yours might be that too. You can order a lineset ticket from the Wisconsin Historical Society to know for sure.
  9. Howard_P

    1st post

    Contact Southland International in Lethbridge, AB. The owner is a big-time collector and has a sizeable old parts business. www.oldinternationaltrucks.com
  10. The Navistar dealer at Southland International in Lethbridge, AB is a big time collector and has a sizeable old parts business. Check out www.oldinternationaltrucks.com. If they don't list what you need, ask as they have many sources and they will at least know what you're talking about. And even if they can't help, take a look at his collection on the site.
  11. Get out your Ouija board or something. I'm not sure I could have found that info while the package was still in production. After 50 years, it would be difficult to find out just how many 2070s were made. Most of those records are gone.
  12. That is a 2070 with a Constructor package and is somewhat rare or at least scarce. I don't know that I ever saw one although I saw a lot of 2070s. Here is a photo of one and some details from Crismon's "International Trucks". It could be considered a Paystar Junior. The regular 2070 was quite common as semi tractors in fleets. Engines up the the 335 were optional in either version.
  13. Howard_P


    No connection. IH had each of those first and when Ford wanted a piece of the action, they didn't stray too far from what was similar. Of course, GM's designs are also similar, except they went a different direction with the larger Blazer.
  14. Do you really think government works that way? They'll just spend it elsewhere.
  15. Hey, I went to town and my barn disappeared while I was gone!
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