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  1. Interesting copyright story:The Fate-Root-Heath company in Plymouth, Ohio built Plymouth locomotives for industrial and mining uses. During the depression, they diversified by building a Plymouth tractor. Of course, Chrysler Corp. took exception to this and the dispute ended up in court. At the trial, F-R-H produced blueprints for the one Plymouth automobile they built in the teens, which preceeded Chrysler's Plymouth by 10 years. Chrysler then purchased the name from F-R-H and the tractors became the Silver King.
  2. Tractordata.com says the IH 272 was built by Komatsu from 1973 to 76, had a Komatsu 79 ci 2 cylinder diesel engine.
  3. There are still 10 operating ferries in Kentucky, none crossing anything like the Mississippi.
  4. Check with www.oldinternationaltrucks.com
  5. There is a web site dedicated to the US Automotive Industry production for the War. There is one section dedicated to IH with a lot of numbers and photos. https://www.usautoindustryworldwartwo.com/
  6. If it's a 1200A, it's actually a 66 model no matter what it's titled as. 1200A=66, B=67, C=68, D=69 redesigned model.
  7. T-34, 35, 36 definitely built by IH in the Axle & Transmission Plant in Fort Wayne. I've heard of Clark 5 speeds in Loadstars, but not with those codes.
  8. The US discovered disc brakes for the 1949 Crosley, but it took 20 years for others to start adopting them.
  9. Without seeing it, I would have said the chances were slim as most IH's went overseas thru Lend-Lease and were never seen again so most we see here are Whites. Looking at the photos, it is a White (or similar one built by several others). An IH would have a flat front fender vs. a formed one here, IH had rounded rear corners vs. square, and the sliding covers over the peepholes in the window covers are on the inside on an IH vs. outside here. Howard
  10. Howard_P

    69 1200 A

    But it well may be titled as a 69 as IH didn't specify model years until the 70s.
  11. Need to make yourself a starter wrench like this
  12. It somewhat depends upon what you are using. With a computer, search for image resizer, there are many online. With my Iphone, emailing a photo offers several options for downsizing the photo to save space.
  13. I thought tennis was a summer sport! That's football! But I was on the track team and remember high jumping into snow.
  14. Obviously you’ve never read the First Amendment.
  15. Check with www.oldinternationaltrucks.com
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