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  1. At least none of them seem to be laughing hilariously!
  2. I was in IH Truck Product Reliability when the V-800 was introduced, but heard little of it after that although I have no numbers. I'm sure the number produced was quite low and it wouldn't surprise me if that was the only surviving one.
  3. You might also need to have your batteries tested under load. As they age, they may show 12V on your Fluke meter, but as soon as a load is applied, they may drop to just a few volts. This may be a bad battery or just not fully charged. Watch your Fluke while someone tries to crank the motor.
  4. Engines are started from batteries. There are multiple batteries to produce 32 or 64 volts usually. Engines are often left idling to avoid startup procedures that are more complicated than just pushing a start button and as temperatures approach freezing, it is necessary as most have only water in the cooling system. Perhaps air was tried, but I've not heard of it.
  5. Calf as in cow and calf is usually associated with EMD yard switchers where both units have prime movers, just no cab on one. I don't think any have been built since the 50s. For road units, the cabless models are referred to a B units. Slugs are units that have had their prime movers replaced with weights and get their power from the other unit. Road slugs are becoming common these days, particularly on CSX. These look like other locomotives except grills are covered over and cooling fans are removed. Their cab and controls are still operational;the slug may be in the lead. There are other slugs that have their body work removed and have only a low hood covering the weights needed for traction.
  6. Navistar supposedly holds the trademark and is fighting this and should win. The only problem I can see is if someone dropped the ball, didn't renew the trademark which has to be done periodically, and Ford's lawyer caught this. Then who knows?
  7. Navistar still holds the Scout trademark, licenses it to Scout Lightline Distributors, and has vigorously defended it in several previous attempts by others to use the name. Anybody can apply for a trademark, getting it is another matter.
  8. The International dealer in Lethbridge, Alberta specializes in old parts. Check out his listings at https://oldinternationaltrucks.com/ or send an inquiry if you don't see what you need.
  9. CO-Loadstars started out in Springfield, but with the removal of automotive tariffs in the late 60s, production was moved to Chatham and this continued with the Cargostars. The heavy Loadstars also moved to Chatham at this time.
  10. CO-Loadstars began production in apx 1963 and received a facelift known as the Cargostar in May, 1970. The cab was widened and the model designation had an A added--CO-1600A. But what he has may be a earlier model titled as a 71 or because the appearances are similar, most people don't distinguish the difference. The VIN would help answer the question.
  11. My guess on the K-8 is that this is a surplus military truck put to civilian use after the war. Note the foreign license plate on the front. I've seen numerous photos of surplus trucks used extensively in Europe. One Dutch truck company got its start converting H-42 trucks for civilian use and went on to build their own designs operating into the 1990s before being bought out by another company.
  12. Not as crazy as some, but I always thought the 5 on the tree that IH used in the early CO-Loadstars was interesting.
  13. On the newer crescent wrenches, you can remove enough of the thread on the top of the wheel with a dremel tool to permit it to open to 9/16 without having to take it apart.
  14. Howard_P

    You go girl!

    Commando. Wrong side window and panel shapes for a Traveler or Scout II.
  15. Bad title on this post. There was no bankruptcy despite what many people think although it was close. I've heard that we were about a week away from filing if the deals with the banks and creditors hadn't come together.
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