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  1. Until they showed how a bale was dropped and hauled away, I was wondering how you could drop a bale on a hillside like that without all of them ending up at the bottom of the hill.
  2. I've wondered where that name came from. But can you show us in text how it should be pronounced?
  3. I bet that distracted the driver from his texting! Almost looks like the car in the other lane kept on going.
  4. You might have better success if you joined the American Truck Historical Society and asked there, more collectors of that type truck there.
  5. Never seen anything about bed racks in our catalogs. Owner built. I doubt if that wood is 65 years old anyway.
  6. It’s a KB-5, 1947 or later but no automatics in them unless it was swapped long after it was built.
  7. A 1972 Sales Data Book says the 1160 and Cummins V555 engines were options for the 2050. I don't know if the 3208 was an option in 76, but I'm sure it could be ordered if wanted.
  8. Tractordata.com says the 44s and 444s were either Continental or MH 4 cylinders. I see the 101 and 201 models did use some Chrysler 4 cyl. engines, but I suspect that may have been the first ones before their own engines were ready. Some of the larger models such as the 101 Senior and Super and the 203 did use Chrysler 6 cylinders.
  9. Maxx force engines ended production in 2015. The only engine Navistar makes today is their A26 which is 768 ci/12.4L which is not the 10L said to be in that truck.
  10. The Navistar dealer at Southland International does a big business in antique parts, may have the parts you need or have the numbers. https://oldinternationaltrucks.com/
  11. Howard_P


    It's probably good that a proposal in the 1990's to have Mahindra build a new "Scout" for Navistar never got off the ground. Probably would have caused a lot of post traumatic shock or worse.
  12. The shape of those coupes, somewhat resembling the front of a VW Beetle, is very similar to a late 30's Ford coupe.
  13. I've got a question perhaps you can answer Mike. I ran across a video of a transmission swap and installation of an auxiliary in an AR-160 ( The auxiliary was called a Joey. Here they are often called a Brownie because a common aux. in the past was made by Brown-Lipe. Do you know the origin of the Joey name?
  14. Is the noise on pavement or off? One thing to check is the actual rolling diameter of your tires. I've had enough variations in same size tires to cause binding. Put a mark on each and make 10 revolutions across a parking lot to see how much variation there is. Put the largest and smallest together on one axle and the middle two on the other to help minimize the difference between the axles. Binding on a hard surface when turning, even hard dirt, is normal as the front axle has to travel further that the rear.
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