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  1. Birdman

    Guess I’m not completely worthless at 44

    Boy, it catches up to us fast don't it. I'm 42 and spent today installing some pipe in a big pond I just finished. 102F here this afternoon and I thought I was gonna have a heart attack by the time I got that pipe glued together. I was sure happy to be back on the machine with the ac on high. I didn't realize I was in such bad shape.
  2. Birdman

    Liver & Onions

    **** must have frozen over...I agree with Tilla of my favorite dishs is liver and onions. Thin cut, thick cut...I don't care but no I hadn't noticed it being thinner.
  3. Birdman

    Is global warming for real?

    Sure it's real, the media and millions of liberal professors agree. Duh, game over...end of should be ashamed you ever had a doubt. The sky is falling, asteroids are in bound, we'll probably freeze in a new ice age before the rising water and killer temperatures get us but it'll happen. Why the eff is everything always a catastrophe? When was the last time you heard someone proclaim good tidings and all is well? Yeah I can't recall sex...impending doom sells and grabs attention. The bleeding heart liberals are always excited to hear the next new impending disaster because it's gives them a new "cause" to justify their meaningless existence. They have no God, no hope of salvation, no faith in humanity because man is destroying Gaia every single day he's been also fits their manic depressive nature. Nah it's not real...liberals are all just nuckin futz.
  4. Birdman

    Black Jaguar

    People report seeing them around here all the time. Conservation agents deny they exist and say people are seeing house cats and dogs and misidentifying them. I've never gotten a cat on camera and I run anywhere from 10-25 cameras all the time.
  5. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    I'm not sure why anyone would want to listen to the left, they are socialists. That's like someone saying we should listen to someone telling us to commit suicide. Sorry, I cannot agree with a political party that is always on the wrong side of every issue...there is no room for compromise as far as I can tell.
  6. Birdman

    Tried Spraying some Corn Tonight A little Muddy

    Don't complain, we're about to burn up here. I had a lot of trouble just getting beans up. Stayed super wet all spring, finally got beans in and up and now we've had two inches total out of four rains since May 26th. I'd gladly take some of that excess moisture to help you out, lol. Good luck guys.
  7. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Wasn't derailed, it's at least partially political based issue due to trade and the tariffs?
  8. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Really? One thread and it was based on grain prices so it is about W**? Never fails, one discussion in a thousand about something that touches the political arena and there's always a guy or two that says something like that...It's a coffee shop thread, there are literally pages of posts about those things so it should be a minor challenge to avoid this one.
  9. Birdman

    Kidney stones

    I've had them since my late 20's, I'm 42 now. I've lost count of how many I've had. I've been in the hospital ER three times with them. Pass one once in a while without knowing it's going to happen until it goes. As far as diet, I think it depends on what they're made of, some are acid based and some are calcium based. I drink a lot of fluids, water mostly. That helped cut down on them a lot. First one I had was too big to pass, they had to break it up first...that sucked. After that they usually give me something like flomax and pain killers and I drink a lot of water until they flush out. I've not had one that caused much pain in like five years or so. I always keep some kind of hard pain killer on hand though, I told my Dr. I'd only use it if I had a stone but if he refused to let me keep something and I had a stone again without pain meds I was going to kick his a**, lol. He's been my Dr. since I was 20. I feel for ya bud, they SUCK!
  10. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    "Pre-November 2016 were you more concerned about the national deficit than you are today?" It was a clear question, it was a question asking if we were more concerned about the deficit pre-November 2016 than we are today. What insight do you think you gained from my answer?
  11. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Not really, you didn't really ask where anyone stood on the deficit. You asked if we were more concerned about it in 2016 than today...not necessarily the same thing.
  12. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Nope My main concern was a democrat president(read that as batsh*t crazy old witch) possibly making supreme court appointments.
  13. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    It sure will, always's the one constant that doesn't lie, misinterpret or claim to know what the future holds based on a bias.
  14. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Socialism is a scheme that is meant to set the stage for the "haves" to rule the "have nots" and to keep that status quo unchangable....that's why it always fails. It's a scheme created by the "haves" to convince the "have nots" that they'll never have anything unless the "haves" take it from the "have somes" and pass it out to the "have nots". So the have nots begin to believe it because they have everything to gain...the have somes partially believe it because they mostly consider themselves "have nots" while the haves sit back and protect each other, rape and pillage the have nots and have somes and let the game play out until they rule the have nots and have somes in a totalitarian form. Socialism, Communism are actually just twisted terms for an Aristocracy which is an advanced form of Feudalism and basically the same as an Oligarchy and a Plutocracy. Basically the aristocratic wannabes use the same principle as all the weight loss companies running ads on TV and Publishers clearing house and every state's lottery system....human nature's basic desire for a shortcoming that grants easy personal improvement for those that are lazy or impatient or both.
  15. Birdman

    7.97 beans 2.97 corn and 14.00 milk!

    Great...more trash from trash media. The war that needs to be waged is against garbage tier bu****it artists like this author.