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  1. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    Easy to say now after the fact. The concept was solid, the tractors are awesome in the field. I'd imagine if IH had been able to use a crystal ball, they'd have changed a lot of things back during the R&D time they started the 2+2 project.
  2. Ag census

    Years ago, we just trashed it and USDA kept calling and calling and I finally got sick of the calls and answered the questions over the phone (none honestly) and hung up. These things are an invasion of privacy and to try to make it a crime to not fill it out does NOT fit in with the principle of a "freedom loving America".
  3. Ag census

    They aren't all mine, just landlords that don't want to fill it out so they throw them at me to do it. I only get one personally.
  4. Ag census

    16 pages and I have four of them. I caught the part also where it said you have to "respond" by law. I'm marking them all "Data N/A" and mailing them back. That's what I did last time and never heard anything about it. I'd pay $50 to avoid the stupid bullcrap. They're grossly invasive and any of the critical info that should be "useful" to ag production is available from RMA and FSA already. This stuff just fries my fritters.
  5. Ag census

    How many of you guys bother with this mess?

    I watch it in bits and pieces, generally enjoy it, something a little different from the usual TV crap. It's about the only TV show I watch. I have managed to keep up with Vikings, Outlander (sort of) and Game of Thrones. Well I watch the episodes online, never actually on TV...I can't stand the darn commercials. If a channel expects me to watch five minutes of episode and ten minutes of commercials, they best not hold their breath.
  7. Ford Air Bag Recall

    Nice, they have so much safety equipment on vehicles now that they are actually more dangerous than they were before all the safety protocols, lol.
  8. I hope this is a hoax---but if it's not------

    Great, now I have to add EMP countermeasures to my tinfoil hat.
  9. Explosion on New Years

    I heard the same thing here on the MO/KS line. It sounded like someone slammed a car door here but right next to my bed. I jumped out of bed and ran outside to see wha tthe heck was going on and didn't see anything going on. Nearest neighbor is a mile away.
  10. March 27th 2010. That may be the longest I've been on any forum.
  11. welp it was nice wile it lasted

    Same here, congrats on finishing up!
  12. Farmers only

    ROFL!!!! Classic vid and so true!
  13. Interesting call from CNH today

    I'm having a hard time understanding why Case IH is having a hard time finding display tractors????? Doesn't the company have any collectables on hand? I'd think someone in the company would have a collection...seems odd. Certainly seems like they could afford to "acquire" a few. I sure wouldn't do it for free if they used my dad's tractor. They sure as heck don't let me borrow any of their equipment without paying through the nose for it.
  14. 5500 Soybean special

  15. 5500 Soybean special

    Good info thanks. What do you pull yours with?