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  1. Birdman

    Tuff decision

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I've had to have a dog and a cat put down last year and it's one of the hardest things to take there is. I was blessed with a new pup last year that I bought (Weimaraner) and a stray cat showed up about three days after I lost my old one and she's about as sweet a cat as you've ever seen, she had a pink collar on or she'd probably have gotten whacked. I don't tolerate stray cats because of quail predation, unless they are super friendly and have a collar or something. I tried to find her owner but no one claimed her so I kept her here.
  2. Birdman

    1992 Ruby Ridge

    If any of you goofs holding up for law enforcement in the RR case think any of the members here would not hold the same opinions had Weaver been a black man...I think you're sick in the head. There is no case where a black man is defying the law where the law would be justified in killing his teenage son and his wife and infant and family dog. The only scenario I can imagine is if those individuals were stomping around shooting at law enforcement as a real and obvious threat. A wife holding an infant out in a yard is a **** of a long ways from that hypothetical scenario. I can't believe the utter ridiculousness I've read in this thread even knowing Attila as I do I'm still surprised (even though in hindsight I'm a little surprised at my surprise...😒 )
  3. It was a John Deere, it probably had a dishonorable discharge anyway so who cares.
  4. I think it is just the wider version. I bought mine well used and abused years ago and since then I have overhauled the gear boxes, new blades, shafts, clutches. Today I ordered a new main drive line for it $1200.... It has been a good mower though and it was wore out when I bought it cheap nearly ten years ago.
  5. What is everyone's preferred brand of large mower (brush hog). I have a Bush Hog 2615 legend 15' cutter and I have plenty of power thinking of going to a 20' mower to speed things up. We have pasture and CRP to mow and I find myself cutting a lot of woody crap, some probably larger than should be mowed but I do it anyway. The tougher and larger the cutting capacity the better. I don't know very much about all the brands, I just want something that's tough as **** and doesn't care if I hit a pretty large sprout with it. I think mine is rated to 3" cutting dia. I have cut bigger stuff with it by backing into it and cutting it slowly, mostly cedar trees (like 4-5" size). We get a lot of locust/hedge, cedar, plum, dogwood woody invasives, a lot of blackberry and a lot of serecia lespadeeza. CRP is all native warm season grasses.
  6. Ouch, boy that hurts....so sorry for your loss, prayers to you and your family. I lost my dad this past weekend at 78 years old. I know what a nearly lethal gut punch feels like now. Life sure is rough.
  7. Yes that's the one I have. No idea on the antennas. I don't have autosteer so I really have no way of verifying accuracy for sure, I probably couldn't claim better accuracy than 12-18" while driving manually through the field and steering by the lightbar to be honest. I only use a three section boom and most of my fields are pretty square, I just don't seem to have many issues to warrant a more expensive system for no more than I farm. We have a Trimble Ez guide 250 on one of the little ranch tractors for spraying and I wouldn't give a wooden nickel for it. It's constantly losing signal and it's overly complicated for what it is imo but I've not tried to run it very much. I can spray several acres with my lightbar while that damn Trimble is setting up. I liked my outback s-lite better than that trimble 250 but of course mine don't have any autoboom control either.
  8. I just use a T-jet lightbar and it's good enough for everything I do. It was fairly cheap in comparison and it's been far more reliable than either of the two trash outback lightbars I had and that quit.
  9. Our low prices currently have more to do with market speculators and the recent reports of new US record bean and corn yields. We had really rough weather early here in MO/KS. Some crops look really good now that the weather is better but some still look pretty poor, there was no rescuing the corn crop from the August rains we got. Corn here was already hurt from the early hot drought we had.
  10. Oh man, sorry to hear it...one of the roughest things I can think of. Always makes me feel better to think about how long we had with them and the quality of life I've been able to give mine vs what they could have had in this rough world. Nothing helps a lot though, it just hurts. I lost my 13 year old Weim in 2016 and this year I've had to have a 15 year old cat and a 15 year old husky put down. I hate that but sometimes it just has to be done. It took me two years to gain the courage to get a new weim. They are my favorite breed of dog, they just seem to fit me better than anything else. I have not smiled or laughed as much in three years as I have since I got her three weeks ago. I know at some point I'll have to go through it all again but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it I guess. I'll enjoy every second with her for as long as I can and be happy for it, living in the moment. They are a blessing, I think there's a reason DOG is GOD spelled backwards, their unconditional love is a blessing.
  11. Thanks, she's been fantastic. 13 weeks and she's retrieving like a champ. I lost my last Weim in 2016 after having her for 13 fantastic years. I just couldn't bear to replace her until recently. Weims are such an incredible breed.
  12. So true! I bought a new Weimaraner puppy last Saturday and this holds true with her for sure.
  13. So sorry to hear it man, that's sooo hard to deal with. I've had to have a cat and a dog put down this year. The cat was 15 and the dog was about that old. They make us better versions of ourselves.The hardest one to lose for me was my Weimaraner in 2016, she was 13. Smartest, sweetest dog I've ever owned. I'm still not sure I'll ever get another dog just because they are so hard to lose.
  14. Yup, that there is a BFH if I ever seen one.
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