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  1. Not since i changed the filter and fluid probably 20ish hours ago. I'll pull that tomorrow and see how it looks.
  2. Finally had time to work on it. Pulled outer cover off and checked lube valve. Everything seemed fine but I put the old spring back in just to see if there was a change. I also installed supercharge line eliminator. Unfortunately I still have the same results. Next to 0 lube pressure. Thinking it's in the TA. Can it hurt anything running it this way until it quits working?
  3. Damn that sucks. Any other way to tell if theres a blown gasket in the mcv besides tearing it apart?
  4. Thanks for the advice, that's what i was hoping to try. Wouldnt surprise me if the TA had some leakage. Hoping I can find what's wrong without having to completely disassemble the mcv.
  5. Any ideas what would cause low pressure on lube side? I read somewhere the supercharge line can cause this condition.
  6. I was wondering if its possible to remove the outer cover of the mcv (pump bolts included) to get a better look at that valve? That way i can remove the pin a pull the valve out.
  7. Finally got around to checking lube pressure. Its only about 3 or 4 psi in direct drive and ta back, and 5 or so with ta in center position. Is my valve stuck or something?
  8. I will also add the light goes out when i rev it up. I suspect once it warms up the light will come on and stay on.
  9. Mcv pressure is 240 in direct drive and TA, center position is 220. Havent checked lube side, probably wont have time until tonight. Light was out for the first few minutes tractor ran this morning but then it cameback on. No change in pressures though when its lit.
  10. This spring I decided to rebuild the mcv because it had a bunch of leaks, and since its been 15 years and 3500 hours on it I replaced the pump too. Also replaced the lube sensor because why not? I did a complete drain and refill on hydraulic system and new hydraulic filter. Checked pressures when done and everything checked out fine. Disced 80 acres with it, no problems. Started chopping hay today and the hydraulic light came on. Running at pto speed it will flicker and act like it wants to go out. I readjusted the dump valve to see if that was the problem but it didnt change anything. I know I'm probably going to end up hooking up the gauges but is there anything I overlooked? Bad pressure sensor? Fluid level is good, tractor drives and operates good, and the light does shut off when unplugged at lube sensor. Thoughts?
  11. tmarch

    986 clutch issue

    Thanks for the help guys! A little disappointed in parts quality these days, especially when they're case ih parts!
  12. tmarch

    986 clutch issue

    Its about the size of nail on pinky finger. So smaller than a dime. More than likely dealer wont stand behind this since work was done a year and a half ago. Time to find a different mechanic.
  13. tmarch

    986 clutch issue

    3 out of 4 cab mounts are loose/settled. What is the best source for cab mounts? I also found this when i removed the inspection plate. Is it off of the pressure plate?
  14. We got them through the case ih dealer.. Cant remember the cost, less than 500 im thinking. I couldnt find any aftermarket or used ones. The directions reccomend using a 4" smaller blade on them. We went only 2". Probably change it out come spring. Its for the rear only. I put a 2" smaller blade on the outside of the front gangs and they still throw a pile of dirt! Ive been thinking about tapering the the outside 2 blades to 18", 20" and leave the rest at 22". The furrow fillers certainly help though!
  15. Thats what we run is a 19ft 496. We installed furrow fillers so its closer to 21 ft now. Ours has the 9" spacing and 22" blades. Not a finishing disc by any means, but we were able to get away from using our soil saver. It sinks damn near as deep and leaves more trash on the surface to help fight erosion.
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