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  1. Temp was around 85 with high humidity the other day. So far everything sounds normal. Guessing it was just low on refrigerant. I have had water come into the cab from the vents before, didnt know that was normal! Think i might try to block off above cab filter like mentioned.
  2. I removed the roof lid because i wanted to make sure the evaporator is clean, and I am upgrading the fan assembly to the high efficiency one. Im assuming there is supposed to be a piece of foam underneath the evaporator and heater core to keep air from blowing around them? The one on the roof lid is fine, I replaced that a few years ago. The one underneath everything is sopping wet and I'm wondering if thats normal? I can see where water has been sitting in the bottom around the fan and such. I know my condensation drain isnt plugged because water drains out of that. I guess Im wondering where the drain is at under the roof because I want to make sure its clear and water doesnt pool up. My old fan is 4 wire motor, I'm assuming the high efficiency one will hook up directly to fan switch also?
  3. I was hoping to get it close to 250, its really hot and humid today so I would think that would be ok. And this is a R-134a system with the york compressor i believe. I jist thought I had enough in it by now that the compressor would at least start to cycle. Maybe the system will have leaked out in a few days.
  4. Ran 2 more cans in. These are my readings. Compressor never shut off and high pressure side wont go over 200. I got the temp coming out of the vents down to about 55 degrees. And i do see condensation on the low side line and compressor now. Not sureif i should pick up another can.
  5. Pulled in a whole can of refrigerant. High pressure side is just a hair over 200. Low pressure side seems to hang low, around 10 or so. Compressor clutch isnt cycling yet, just stays engaged. Had it run for a while, air does seem a little cooler, never quit making cold air but it may have to run for a little while longer. Thinking I need to get another can and add a few ounces.
  6. New gauge set and it took a some tweaking on valves but finally got it to pull in some refrigerant. Will mess with itfor a while and let you know.
  7. High side just dropped to 0. Still blowing some cold air. Tried to get it to take some refrigerant but it doesnt seem to be.
  8. I checked the bulb and it does not appear to be burned out. Put gauges on and it appears the low side is at 25 and high side is 150? Am i reading them right? Im thinking its just low on refrigerant. Clutch is running constantly.
  9. Foam in roof lid was replaced a few years ago also. I will try to get gauges on it in next few days.
  10. I've had freeze up issues before which is why I blew out cab filters. Air flow does not decrease at all. Refrigerent light does not come on, and I'm sure the ac clutch is engaged, but I guess I havent watched it enough to see if its actually cycling. I wouldnt doubt the system could be low a few ounces, but it works right off the bat when you start it.
  11. Yup the valves are closed. Hoping the next couple days i can find time to get the gauges on.
  12. The A/C on my 986 works pretty well for 20-30 minutes and then starts blowing warm air. I havent checked pressures yet. Wondering if low refrigerant would cause this or something else? I blew out both cab filters and it didnt make any difference. Anything else I should check? Thanks.
  13. Thats what i was afraid of. Havent air tested it. I will replace seals on jumper tubes and look for someone to do the TA. Anyone know someone in southwest wisconsin that works on them?
  14. Pump is only a year old. It worked when I installed it, but slowly lost lube side
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