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  1. I replaced the pressure switch to 2nd gear and the tractor worked grest for a couple hours, then it started acting up again. Sometimes when you shift to 2nd the check trans light comes on and tractor comes to a stop. Sometimes when driving in 2nd it will randomly trip the light and stop too. I replaced rubber lines to fuel tank, pulled sender out to find it had no screen on it. I ended up installing an inline filter. Spin on was changed also. Tractor still feels underpowered. Im running it on a 7230 NH discbine and the tractor cant even run it at pto speed. When in neutral i can run the engine to 2250 rpm or so. Once the mower is running its around 2000 rpm and if its heavy hay or a hill it drops to 1900 or so. Is it time for a pump or are there any adjustments to check? Tractor isnt running hot and doesnt smoke, it just seems like it doesnt have the power it should. Its a sweet haying tractor though!
  2. So from what I've read i can cut this crimp off the outside of the rubber hose, and after I pull the hose off there will still be a steel line/barbed fitting underneath that I'll be able to slide a new hose on and clamp to? I was checking it out today and to replace the entire line looks like a bear of a job without dropping the tank. Thinking I can just cut outside crimps and put in new hose to lift pump and put an inline filter in there. Happen to know what size fuel line is needed? I was looking on messicks earlier and it does appear I could buy a short steel line right off the lift pump that I could attach a hose to. Appeared to be off models with the inline filter from the factory.
  3. Yes I've changed all filters. I thought it would out perform my 986 also. I'd really like to put it on a dyno and see where its at.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will look closer for an inline. I've been hauling manure with this tractor until haying time trying to get all the bugs out of it. It just feels like the power isnt there. It feels closer to my 706 power wise than it does my 986. I may have missed the inline filter, unless it has a screen in the tank. My fuel gauge will only read up to 3/4 tank when the tank is full, so maybe its time to lower tank and replace sending unit and remove that screen if it has it. Definitely a work in progress.
  5. I'm also wondering why this tractor has only 1 fuel filter and not 2? All the other ones I've seen have 2. The dealer says I can add the 2nd one. Is it worth doing?
  6. I was going to try to swap the 2 and 3 powershift pressure switches but I found I dont have a wrench that will fit in there, so I have to get a set of crowfoot wrenches. So I decided to ohm all the switches. Top two were 5 and 7 ohms. The bottom two were at 0. My meter will usually read open so I'm assuming the switches arent completely dead. One of them was replaced by the dealer shortly ago. 2nd gear is the only one I've had trouble with but I havent put enough hours on it to find all the bugs. I'm still thinking I have a clutch or shuttle issue. How do you set up the clutch cable on these tractors? Any advice is appreciated.
  7. What disconnect lights? Sorry but I know nothing about these tractors! I think I found a seperate issue. I dont think the trans temp is causing my issues, but let me know what you think. Ive noticed my clutch disengagement light on when tractor isnt in gear, im assuming thats normal. But when I put it in gear and it doesnt move, that light stays on when I'm not even pushing the clutch in. When its driving properly the light stays out until use the clutch. Also i found today that sometimes when i shift into 2nd the tractor quits driving and trans light comes on. I can push the clutch in and shift to any other gear and it works properly. Might try swapping trans pressure switches. I did ohm the trans temp sensor and its within specs, but i havent had time to check the harness. Thoughts on clutch engagement and shift pressure sensor?
  8. You are right, they are. The pins turn and the arms wiggle but i cant get the pins pulled up to pull the arms out.
  9. I checked the code multiple times, only code its flashing. That wire is still tight on the sensor. I might try changing out the sensor. I dont think the 3 point arms are telescopic
  10. Just started the tractor. Of course, everything works right away and am able to drive it. But, i was able to get a code. 3 flashes. Which sounds like temp sensor circuit. Where is temp sensor located?
  11. I will check codes shortly. It does not have neutral in the shuttle shift. Interior needs a little work, has 8000 hours. I see it has a leak coming out of bellhousing area under the tractor, looks like hydraulic oil.
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