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  1. Brian S & guys- By following your posts I think you helped me find my 886 problem. I have identical symptoms and when we have room it's going in neighbors shop Big Thanx
  2. iirc owners manual says to pack concave cylinder bearings annually but they look sealed to me. we've owned since new for 10 acres or so each year but decided to try in beans. doing good. little over 71 bu/ac but dusty. only have 20 ac out but was wondering about those bearings. they are running cool but if they can greased I want to do it. thanks
  3. hilarious how we go from my slobbering 358 to the cultural drawbacks of us old farts. lol.i have a good grasp of this slobbering thing, but it's engine oil not fuel. with no blowby out dipstick, and long wait to check oil level was my main question of possible causes.
  4. sorry guys but you're right. it runs baler but never over 1800. i'm guilty as I've got a 1066, 574, n case 870 and run them all easy. if temp gauge even gets near midway I get concerned. I guess I need to change that. I did try straight 30 wt rotella with no change.maybe injector cleaner n run snot out of before anything. I really do baby them. thanks again
  5. thanks. appreciate your knowledge on thesubject. an off season project for sure
  6. no leaks. tractor is very nice condition. tri-stripe. if issue was compression I wouldn't think it would start so well but I have convinced myself this summer it's a little tired. bales hay in summer but a little tillage in spring. thanx
  7. a good quart. looks like an overhaul this winter
  8. no. motor uses oil. have owned it nearly 20 yrs. has always done this but just tired of it. shouldn't have to wait 2 hrs to check the oil. maybe pull head this winter n check it out. has 5200 hrs on it
  9. Question. my 886 w/358 slobbers engine oil out of exhaust manifold roughly 1qt every 10 hrs. pull dipstick with engine running and no blowby. you have to wait hours to get an accurate oil level check on dipstick. any place to look for blocked passages or are valve seals in head? any suggestions? a friend told me to drain most of engine oil and replace with kerosene. he said to run awhile to clean everything out. I use rotella oil. I would think it has enough detergents to keep inside clean. I'm a maintenance stickler.
  10. I checked dump valve . It,s adjusted right & not sticking. Another question maybe it is brake related. Years ago yellow brake lite was on til it burnt out. Would shot brake lining possibly lead to low lube pressure? Will have to check that out. Thanx to all
  11. Got pump from local known for quality parts. problem is symptoms are identical from old pump which also only has 750 hrs on it.
  12. Forgot to mention, I put new sending unit in first. It shifts so fast & tight you can't believe it.
  13. Starting last fall when my 886 warmed up lube tell lite would blink when shifting ta. As it got warmer lite would be dim if engine not revved up, but would come on bright when hitting the brake. HD TA installed 12yrs ago but only about 750 hrs on it. Trans filter & oil always maintained. New mcv pump & springs last fall didn't fix. Probably need to get neighbor to put gauges on it but was looking for you guys input. TA shifts strong. Thanks for your ideas.
  14. Well a/c just went out on the 886. Time to buy ANOTHER York style compressor{3rd in 8yrs or so). Question is there a rotary style kit w/mounting brackets for the 358 german diesel.
  15. Goin to try to drill soybeans w/drill. Question is how to set the little levers at top of seed tube that changes the boot position. I'd like to get as smooth a flow as I can & notice this setting might make beans hang up at top of seed tube. I have the 7 tooth drive sprocket but plan to block off every other run for 15in rows. Thanks
  16. ih886/1066

    New joke

    Two guys come in a bar laughing, happy as all get up. "drinks on the house, we're gonna be in the Guinness Book of World Records. We still can't believe it." The bartender shouted "That's amazing. I never met anybody in the book of records. What'd you do?" One of them proudly stated that they just finished a jig-saw puzzle & it only took them 3 weeks. The bartender then asked them how that was a record. The other one snarled back- "It's right on the box- 2-4 YEARS.
  17. i'm new to this. i have a 1971 1066. just

    looked at plate today & noticed serial # is

    8751. i'm in sw penna.

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