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  1. Cleaning fertilizer spreader and gravity wagon

    pressure wash till all residue gone. then go to farm store n get a sand blaster gun in hardware dept for 20 some bucks. put sand tube into a pail of used motor oil. hook air linde to air n spray oil on like using spray paint gun. easy as sin.
  2. Advertising slogans

  3. Done for now I guess.

    WOW!! And I thought Christy Brinkley was pretty.
  4. Nice dynamometer

    Where's the shifter??
  5. tilt steering

    Nice. For sale?
  6. Western PA awaits winter of 2016/2017

    MTO, we must be close to each other. Yesterday had Bullskin stone bring load gravel & spread on lane with the skid loader. Then put a new chrome stack on the 10 as I got it from Santa & was gonna hear about it if I didn't do it. Probably gonna go deaf now. With the sagina 2 post, new paint, decals & now the stack it really looks sharp. With the 3lm 466 on it sounds nice. Wish I knew how to post photo.
  7. Yes, even I am speechless

    must be a 2 cylinder. I remember them moving so slow they'd put you to sleep
  8. Where did all this stuff come from?

    I wonder the same thing. Never see anybody at these things & hear rent is high. Maybe some kind of tax write off. Probably for internet sales. LOL
  9. 1066 power problem

    They're factory looking as far as size appears. my neighbor does shop work & I've seen a good many 66 series & lines look stock. thanks
  10. 1066 power problem

    Don't know of any local dynos. I thought that'd be good place to start too, but never heard of any locally
  11. 1066 power problem

    went to local pull last nite. pulled 13,500. 5 tractors. came in last again. 3 of these were built up pullers but our pull has hardly any rules & let them in farm instead of hot farm. 2years ago I put on a 3lm 466 & turned fuel up 1 1/2 turns as I read on a previous post. last year not much progress pulling. yesterday though I'd turn it up 1 more turn & no more as I use this tractor everyday & it works great. 7 shank chisel L4 or h1. 15 ft cultimulcher in h2. I;ve owned 10 years & take immaculate care of it. Don't know what pump was set at as it was unpainted when I bought it. at the pull I pulled L4 but had to torque it half way down track. other 2 10's were ihH1 & never torqued. question is could my timing be out a little. I've got case 870 & ih886 & the 10 has way more juice than them, but my neighbor says it's a dog compared to old 10 they had. Don't want to break anything, but i'd at least like to pull ih H1 even w/torque back, or do you think i'm probably where a stock 10 should be. Farming it does everything I want, but it just seems like at the pull you're not even in the game. last nite the other stock tractor was cabbed 1086 & he was back with me. what should timing be set at for general use & a little more zip. Thanks
  12. chisel plows points

    Thanx. I'll have to check
  13. 5250 trans help

    Thanks so much. I'll pass this on to him.
  14. chisel plows points

    I've been chiseling corn stalks last 2 years w/7 shank Kewanee chisel plow. I replaced the 3" twisted shovels w/4" twisted ones. This year I did a burn down & I'm trying them in sod but they won't stay bounce like crazy from shanks springing up & down. The reset springs are double per shank but I think the plow won't handle 4". I'm tempted to put the 3" back one but I wanted more black dirt on top. Is this setup too light for 4" twisted slash points? Thanks for any thoughts. All, by the way, I am at least pulling them w/a nice 1066.
  15. 766 turning over some dirt

    nice pics. I just love driverless tractors. just kidding. is that a sagina machine 2 post? it looks like the one on my 1066 the way it almost reaches the fuel cap. very nice set up