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  1. Two of the machines running were McCormick-Deering No. 51 Harvester-Thresher Hillside models, with mechanical leveling systems. Here is my 1939 brochure for that machine. Next are 1944 and 1946 brochures.  In a 1949 magazine ad, IH is calling this harvesting machine a combine.  Not sure exactly when IH started calling them combines. BK





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  2. 11 hours ago, Art From Coleman said:

    When I went through there in 1994, the harvest was pretty much done, but there were fields that had been plowed, so you are most likely correct.

    And, in a rare instance for me, I stopped and talked to a man seeding wheat, and that ground was well tilled.

    Did you go up and see Grand Coulee Dam, and take the tour?

    I was so impressed that I came back and spent the night and watched the light show that they projected onto the face of the dam.


    I would definitely go back, now that they have opened one of the reactor buildings on the Hanford (Manhatten Project) Site to the public.


    You also might have lucked out and saw Boeing's "latest and greatest" at the former Larson AFB, as I understand that Boeing uses it for test flights.

    Art, I've done the damn tour, watched the evening light show several times (a big hit with visiting relatives), and spent several hours in the visitors museum.  We even walked across the damn, back before 9/11, and everything was blocked off.  A great area to visit.  Follow Banks Lake south, and have a burger at the Coulee City Saloon.  BK

  3. On 8/18/2022 at 5:01 AM, ozfarm said:

    just a question

    at the start of the video,            i see black areas ??


    im thinking fallow ??

    You may be correct, I was thinking maybe the winter wheat had been cut, then the ground was worked.  That's a guess.  BK

  4. 51 minutes ago, SDman said:

    So, are you taking in the Murdo Auto Museum while you are there? They used to have a 1908(?) IH Autowagon there years ago. They also had a JI Case car there, too. Think it was roughly WWI vintage when JI Case built cars IIRC. 

    Haven't been there in years, so not 100% sure what all they have anymore. 

    I've toured it before, and by 0800 tomorrow, I'd like to be a 100 miles west. I would like to visit it again sometime, they are always updating it.

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  5. Doug's first tractor was an Allis WC. Rumleys were built in La Porte, Allis bought Rumley, so.....Doug has an affinity for those brands as well.  Doug and Cathy had some of their trucks and tractors out at the county fair. His new 50x96 shop is full already, lol. BK 




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