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  1. Just checking my inventory, and found this 1947 magazine ad, referring to the 123-SP, as a combine. BK
  2. Two of the machines running were McCormick-Deering No. 51 Harvester-Thresher Hillside models, with mechanical leveling systems. Here is my 1939 brochure for that machine. Next are 1944 and 1946 brochures. In a 1949 magazine ad, IH is calling this harvesting machine a combine. Not sure exactly when IH started calling them combines. BK
  3. I like the "professional operators.....old guys " line ☺️ BK.
  4. After a 2 year hiatus, the Annual Vintage Harvest was held, just east of Davenport WA. I always enjoy watching the old machines operating in the wheat fields. Enjoy. BK
  5. Was talking to a couple farmers yesterday, and they confirmed that the worked ground, which appears in the video is fallow, as part of crop rotation. BK
  6. Art, I've done the damn tour, watched the evening light show several times (a big hit with visiting relatives), and spent several hours in the visitors museum. We even walked across the damn, back before 9/11, and everything was blocked off. A great area to visit. Follow Banks Lake south, and have a burger at the Coulee City Saloon. BK
  7. You may be correct, I was thinking maybe the winter wheat had been cut, then the ground was worked. That's a guess. BK
  8. A huge change for me, from Brady Township, Michigan. BK
  9. The boys (and I saw a young cutie driving a truck) were out in force today. Hot and dry, perfect. I even stumbled onto an IH 1206 Standard. An early model, with the stenciled 1206. BK
  10. So much to see in South Dakota!!! Guess I better wrap this up and get my butt home. 545 miles tomorrow, then tons of pictures and video to edit. BK
  11. I've toured it before, and by 0800 tomorrow, I'd like to be a 100 miles west. I would like to visit it again sometime, they are always updating it.
  12. 1000 miles to go. In beautiful downtown Murdo SD tonight. BK
  13. I caught Bermudaken in his natural habitat. Nice place too. BK
  14. Doug's first tractor was an Allis WC. Rumleys were built in La Porte, Allis bought Rumley, so.....Doug has an affinity for those brands as well. Doug and Cathy had some of their trucks and tractors out at the county fair. His new 50x96 shop is full already, lol. BK
  15. Doug likes other heavy iron, as well. I especially liked the 1915 Aultman Taylor. BK
  16. Visited the Doug and Cathy Seymour collection, La Porte IN today. Several of these tractors have been displayed at Red Power Shows, over the years. BK
  17. Probably not. I'd like to catch some of the Palouse wheat harvest. BK
  18. Heading to La Porte tomorrow, to check out some older IHC iron. BK
  19. A beautiful string of K Whoppers, Metzger Trucking, across from a great ice cream shop, in Silver Lake. BK
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