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  1. I love IH literature. I have toooooo much of it, LOL. Often the Canadian editions are a little different than the U.S. version. Great find. BK
  2. My father use to joke, that we had more relatives fighting for Hitler than we did for Roosevelt. He was on a bomber crew in England.
  3. I'm pleased that I got the grass mowed and as many leaves sucked up/mulched, as I did, before the snow hit. Now I need to dig out my 1995 $312 Eagle Hardware Special snow thrower. LOL BK
  4. Wish I had enough yard to justify them. BK
  5. Done some of that already!! BK
  6. I guess the leaves will still be there in April. BK
  7. Actually, mine has that feature, just rotate the handle.
  8. Hmmm, now that's an idea 💡
  9. About 2 weeks behind in my yardwork. Rough going in the back 40, this afternoon, couple times a T/A would have been nice, a Hydro would have been great. BK 😆
  10. Love this type of pulling, and the horses. Use to watch the heavy weight, light weight, and pony pulls in Central Michigan. BK
  11. I never saw crawlers used on the farms, back in Michigan, they fasinate me. BK
  12. Enjoy, BJ, have a great one!! BK
  13. Stop by, I'll give you the 50 cent tour. BK
  14. Rode to breakfast, this morning, and decided to ride out to the Harley Shop. Took a loop around the south end of town, and stumbled into this 1470 working a field. She was doing great. BK
  15. Stumbled onto this early video of Palouse farming. Enjoy. BK
  16. Harvesting the hard way, near Colfax WA. BK
  17. 1946 IHC was still selling threshing machines. BK
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