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  1. Red Power, Springfield OH, 2022. BK
  2. Brrr. Cold enough here in Spokane, tonight. BK
  3. They look a little quicker than the old Evenrude, I use to ride, lol. BK
  4. Winter has arrived in Spokane, I ran the snowblower twice today. BK
  5. Another similar picture from a different brochure. I like it. BK
  6. 1977, the code to look for is AD-31849-E. Probably tough to find, and getting pricey. BK
  7. Now that my 401K is a 201K, maybe I can sell my collection for a million!! LOL. BK
  8. If I stumbled into them, in the dark, I'd be tempted to shoot now and ask questions later. BK
  9. Never heard of anyone that won, although I was in the wrong country, at the time. BK
  10. This may be a rare one. First time I bid on this brochure, AD-2502-P2, at an IHCC Winter Convention, I dropped out at $400. I can't tell how much I paid for this one. 🙄BK
  11. I love IH literature. I have toooooo much of it, LOL. Often the Canadian editions are a little different than the U.S. version. Great find. BK
  12. My father use to joke, that we had more relatives fighting for Hitler than we did for Roosevelt. He was on a bomber crew in England.
  13. I'm pleased that I got the grass mowed and as many leaves sucked up/mulched, as I did, before the snow hit. Now I need to dig out my 1995 $312 Eagle Hardware Special snow thrower. LOL BK
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