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  1. Bingo!! Lost in Illinois. BK
  2. Another great Roundup! BK
  3. I really enjoyed the tour. BK
  4. A little haze here in Spokane too. Two seasons here, winter and smoke. BK
  5. Got new tires on, and fresh fluids in "Red", taking off Friday. Spokane, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, 1300+ miles,...... but it's mostly down hill. šŸ˜ BK
  6. I got an email from Sportsman's Warehouse, offering them for sale, for about $260. BK
  7. But does it keep beer cold??????????????? šŸ˜† BK
  8. The IH fridge my folks bought, the year I was born, 1952, is still going strong. The one in our kitchen just died, after only 10 years. Seems the newer they are the shorter time they last. Very frustrating and expensive. We just bought a new washer/dryer, last week. We were told the life expectancy of an appliance is about 5 to 8 years. Sheesh. BK
  9. Chris, have a great birthday!! BK
  10. Is that a Tonka?!?! šŸ˜† BK
  11. Happy belated birthday, Marty!!!! BK
  12. 1972, hope it isn't a duplicate of another post. BK
  13. I have a scanner, but I take the big magazine ads to Staples. I get a "special" perfered customer rate, I've made friends with a couple workers there. Sometimes I scan things in sections and "knit" them together on a program called "paint" on my laptop. BK PS: I just picked up a few more brochures at the Winter Convention. I've vowed to stop collecting, and I know I can do it, I've stopped several times,lol.
  14. Wish I Knew. BKšŸ˜§
  15. Recently discovered that, while my father was roaming around the world, in a B-17, my grandfather, Robert (Bob) Karis, was buying a Farmall A, from the Chesaning Sales Company, 6 June 1945. Thank you Sarah Tomac. BK
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